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  1. I definitely want the Shade back... I want to revive my Shade mage assassin... also maybe the should add the lizard race that would be nice
  2. do you guys have plans to implement Fury class as well? That's what made SB so good then.
  3. mysticque

    Mage Assassin

    so there is no way you can build up the game the way it originally was? A lot of us wanting our mage assassins back
  4. no need of mount but thank you
  5. can we have more skills bars pls one skill bar seems boring and not enough for seige
  6. I think they all have the same movement speed but I do not think there will be mounts. I am opposed to have mounts in this game.
  7. Greetings, I'm one of the old Shadowbane player and only tested the game couple of times. Not impressed yet but hopefully when its out my old characters are available. I'd love to play my ShadeAss and Sexi again
  8. why would you use spear for? mage assassin is only good for range ... just max out orthanatos as much as possible
  9. please give me back my Shade race for blind immunity
  10. I'm not convince if frostweaver is the mage assassin comparison. it doesn't have the stealth and blind skill and I hope they make her ice skills stuns including self stun immunity. either way if she's not implemented I probably will not play this crap. seems boring already
  11. noob everything is OP at early stage
  12. How hard is it to just revive shadowbane? do they really need to change so much? Shadowbane just need graphics update everything else was amazing. Now Im having hard time building stuff in my own Eternal Kingdom. This is awful. I wonder if I made a terrible investment in this game.
  13. Is there going to be a different archetype for assassin? Like the original SB has Mage and Rogue Archetype.
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