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  1. Fort are more for guild resources really its not meant for PPT structure though you do get points for holding them. They should add another structure like a how GW have towers and destructible after every 10mins after it's been capped.
  2. There is a lack of core components that that would have made this game fun... they should have made it so that shrines tick points regularly. Perhaps even add towers to accumulate points and are always destructible after its invincibility grace period. Towers would be like keep but only comprised of walls/guardhouse/outpost tower similar to that of GW2.
  3. can all classes have meta skills please like a finisher dmg buff/mit buffs/cleanse/heal. thanks~
  4. LOTRO is one of them even then this issue was fixed people were still killing their alts on a regular basis coz the the points were reset every hour. Same with LOL people will dual boxing with alts to get higher elo. GW1 and GW2 arena have ranking systems base on victory counts.
  5. PvP ranks wont work on this game because a lot of people can just manipulate the score by killing alts or working with their allies. It is simply an obsolete system that just doesn't work in MMO. What they need is an arena that gives rewards base on win/lose ratio
  6. would be nice they have a summoner discipline rune as well like there was back in shadowbane
  7. Can we have chaos based mages please??? there's just lack of versatility vs too many melee classes. If there's multi stun, multi bleeds, then we need a multi blind mage with strip buffs ability with exception to guild building buffs.
  8. pigs spawned elsewhere from original location and not only that they spawned underneath the ground Original location also the rain falls down through the roofs
  9. they are supposed to spawn here
  10. checked the sector and couldn't find the pigs... they are supposed to spawn at T23 but since someone dumped them at U23 in the previous pickup the pigs spawned underneath this hill again
  11. I have the same issues... it keeps shutting down for me even when live/infected is up
  12. anyone else able to craft Philosopher's Solution on Test server?
  13. A lot of people are not happy with the crafting already... I don't understand why you'd add garbage quality as common is already the basic quality. Not to mention there's just not enough room already in vault/bank/inventory.
  14. this problem only happened when I run the game on high settings. anything below works fine.
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