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  1. 5 pip diffusions only do roughly double the damage of an auto attack. 1 pip diffusions do half of the damage of an auto attack. 2 pip diffusions do roughly the damage of an auto attack. Interestingly, 4 pip diffusions do about the same damage as a 5 pip diffusion.
  2. Blank slate, here. I'm looking to learn the ins-and-outs and fill whatever roles are needed. I'm primarily combat-oriented, but I like to harvest. I'm interested in helping however I can. I have a half-giant myrmidon and I'm looking forward to frostweaver. If someone's willing to work with me, I can fill whatever niche is needed.
  3. Blaze Shadowblade, lvl 80 conjurer In retrospect, I would never have chosen Myth if I had known that minions were a false promise. How many people actually make use of minions in Mooshu and beyond? Myth doesn't even get many good spells. I had to rely on gargantuan humongofrog to get through Avalon.
  4. megalus


    I, too, have been playing since closed beta. I'm an Ao Kukulkuang fan, myself. Dat dragon be swag, yo. Seriously, I've played hundreds of games on him. I'm working on mastery level 60. I'm at 54. My username is MEGALUS (go figure).
  5. Seeing Shadowbane players flocking to this thread like ravens waiting to manifest a revenant seems a lot like harassing a player base. Are you harassing a player base, sir?
  6. I can't wait to tear SB players a new one. I don't know which is better, facing off against them in-game or lobbying the devs for "carebear" features by using the SB qq as evidence for the need for "carebear" features. Essentially, we could spite them and use their lobbying against them. After all, Icywiz needs something to wash down her popcorn with. Why not the tears of the fallen? We must use the SB players as our tribute to her so that she won't visit her icy wrath upon us in their stead. I live for the rivalry. Assuming we get the bigger alliance, we won't have to parlay with their sort. Some of them are entertaining, but we don't want them getting their SB in our CF.
  7. Assuming Crowfall will be a cutthroat game, I'm looking to establish the biggest alliance possible. My hopes are to get the KI community on board as well as anyone else interested in a grand alliance ready to kick butt and take names from day 1. I'm looking to dominate the arena and sustain an empire of the most awesome people I can find. However, I don't want to feed the hype machine so I'll just get to the point: I want people; I want alliances; I want to dominate. Let's make that happen. If this game turns out not to be about controlling the game world through bloody pvp, then we'll fall back on being kick butt PvE champions. The goal is to experience what this game has to offer and figure out how to rock it. If you want to join the Legion of Chaos or ally with us, post below. I'll be keeping an eye on this game and I'll see what kind of content it'll have and I'll adjust the battle plan accordingly.
  8. "jet"? Please tell me you didn't mix up German and English phonetics. As long as this won't be a nationalistic guild, I'd be interested in an alliance. It would be fun to brush up on my limited German skills.
  9. If I manage to get my prospective members on board, I'll reply later.
  10. No this is not Wizard101. XP
  11. megalus

    The Gods

    So... interested in an alliance? I'd like to see the whole KI community kicking some butt from day one in this game. It'll be great to see a horde of rabid Coleman fans zerging the battlefield.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, I spy Steve and that means KI's biggest fanboy (fanman I guess?) has arrived. Now to see who else will be popping their heads into this thread. If it's going to be the kind of game I anticipate, we'll need all the allies we can get. That means having the biggest alliance in the game. It looks like I'll be heading my own guild with my guildmates from my current gaming guild which means I'll be allying myself with the rest of the KI crowd. I'm in group 2 and my friends ended up in group 3 so I'll be piecing the guild together little by little. I'll stay in touch if anyone wants to build an alliance.
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