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  1. Assassins need the basic toxin potions back. Otherwise, we can't use our main damaging power.
  2. I would like to propose that mobs that drop disciplines drop a crafting item instead. This way we can grind a component that can allow us to craft the discipline of our choice. Also, give that component a frequent drop rate.
  3. This isn't specific to 5.8.5; however, it is relevant to it. We need communication from developers so we know what's going on. No one knows anything until it happens. Information on what's happening after the current campaign ends should be made available with in 24 hours of the campaign beginning. We don't know what's going on with anything in the pipes. We know what's on test, and we know that it'll be pushed to live with little to know improvement at an unspecified time. We also now know that we will get no import campaigns at bad times and with no warning when grinding new content for low drop rate items that are crucial to gameplay. We are also subject to uncertainty about wipes which only kills interest in the game after grinding for items that we need that we can't use.
  4. My guild's knight was getting annoyed at the satyr knights zooming around nearly constantly. The satyrs charge way too often. The aracoix assassins seem to be using their ultimate a lot. Also, the aracoix gang bang players with their clawed charges. Furthermore, the mobs will attack a random target, but have a tendency to stick to one random target which makes the situation more infuriating than if they swapped targets at random. There needs to be an explanation of what's going on there so that we can adapt to the situation.
  5. Guinecean stealth is also buggy. It typically stealths the guinecean but it'll have improper displays. The most obvious one is that as soon as the guinecean burrows, it unburrows and runs around like normal, except it's stealthed. There are also numerous possible display issues beyond that that typically occur upon unstealthing.
  6. On test, the auroch only had one pair per valley. On live, the elk only have one pair per valley. I'm noticing a theme of low level mobs being sparsely scattered about for no purpose other than to make logistics more difficult.
  7. This is horrendous. You have us grind warbands for our items, then we have no imports on a campaign that is only a week long when we're supposed to be crafting. This is more of a harvesting campaign than a crafting or combat campaign because that's all anyone can do in one week. We're left with only one world to fiddle with and a dud of a campaign that can't be played. We never even got any high ranked wolves, elk, auroch, or pigs to farm at all at any point since the last wipe. Are we ever going to see even R8 strong, tough, and/or soft mobs ever? Is it going to be perpetually impossible to craft leather? Is rank 5 supposed to be the new endgame, and will greens be of any significant value for resist all when the armor changes come or will we be left with nothing to make blues and epics with while we're left with just bad greens and commons to work with? This game has taken giant leaps backward. You seem to be removing things more than you are adding things.
  8. We need better bandages. All qualities should have different values. Blue should not be giving the same as common.
  9. It seems to me like we need something to do with our excess resources. Lower quality resources have a tendency to pile up. If there was a way to put them to good use, like having an NPC that will buy them off of us for a decent price, that would be nice. Maybe add an NPC that converts items dropped into a slot into gold based off of their sacrifice value (based off of the sacrifice value the item has on a default vessel at level 1). This would help regulate the selling prices for higher quality items by giving a default amount to anchor the prices.
  10. 5 pip diffusions only do roughly double the damage of an auto attack. 1 pip diffusions do half of the damage of an auto attack. 2 pip diffusions do roughly the damage of an auto attack. Interestingly, 4 pip diffusions do about the same damage as a 5 pip diffusion.
  11. Blank slate, here. I'm looking to learn the ins-and-outs and fill whatever roles are needed. I'm primarily combat-oriented, but I like to harvest. I'm interested in helping however I can. I have a half-giant myrmidon and I'm looking forward to frostweaver. If someone's willing to work with me, I can fill whatever niche is needed.
  12. Blaze Shadowblade, lvl 80 conjurer In retrospect, I would never have chosen Myth if I had known that minions were a false promise. How many people actually make use of minions in Mooshu and beyond? Myth doesn't even get many good spells. I had to rely on gargantuan humongofrog to get through Avalon.
  13. megalus


    I, too, have been playing since closed beta. I'm an Ao Kukulkuang fan, myself. Dat dragon be swag, yo. Seriously, I've played hundreds of games on him. I'm working on mastery level 60. I'm at 54. My username is MEGALUS (go figure).
  14. Seeing Shadowbane players flocking to this thread like ravens waiting to manifest a revenant seems a lot like harassing a player base. Are you harassing a player base, sir?
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