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  1. most (not sure about all) alpha 2 groups are in 5.3 access entitle from today night. was ninja invite wave without any news.
  2. here we go another my interactive video reporting... 1) Kingdom bug. Also I unable to create kingdom and change server location. If I press multiple times - I got connection lost. Creating server sheduling and timeout. Sometimes I able to get it UP and look at video what happaned next 2) Myrmidon + berserker + some skills big report bug. PS. Looks like lite version of punch drunk is back here. I able to get 2 almost in a row CD refresh. Can't get another coz specific of berserker - I die about 15 times yday to get this video out:
  3. absolutely sign with new iteration of ui even less usable than it was. 0) all UI elements should be movable, closeable, opened by hotkey. optionally size scaling would be nice also. previous 5.2 UI was nice. 0.1) all UI elements should remember position. on logout, on crash, on died, on change vessel. this also applies to UI meter elements like pips UI, berserker UI, essence UI 1) HP, STA, resource bars should be movable. 2) HP, STA, resource bars should have option to change orientation to vertical 3) BUFFS and DEBUFFS should be splitted and their position also movable. In addition, option to disable titles will be also nice 4) some BUFFS and DEBUFFS are very exclusive. For example, duraton of CC from juggernaut. If I can drag and drop some icons and CF remember which effects it was and show next activation in the place I move - this will hels alot. 5) Character sheet with inventory was bad idea. overall stats UI is ok, but it is overlay everything (buffs, meteres, half screen) and there is no way to make it smaller or close it.... split inventory and character sheet like it was with 5.2 6) Skills menu is better than it was in 5.2. keep it. imo instead or full remaking again and again UI, some tweaks and mix of 5.3 with 5.2 would be ok.
  4. yes, can confirm. if I aggro stack of 4+ mobs on me and start berserking, at the end of duration my damage meter barely noticeably filled this mean I will get instant killed if do not mitigate crash damage. @thomasblair we have a question regarding to berserker: 1) does it accumulates all damage ppl did to you (10x more of max HP) or this should scale from max HP and capped at this point? 2) why tooltip say there is no fury regen if is has some? 3) does it provide some damage bonus. if so, how many? with this video you can see it. I have around 3900 HP while crash damage triggered and my berserker meter shows it filled only on 10%. I got 5-6k damage from mobs and crashed with ~3900 (right how many HP left). pretty strange. I sure if I get 8k hp left, I will crash with 8k hp
  5. - taste for blood does not provide any reducing to crash damage. here is my test. not working for a long time - berserker UI widget still not working counted amount of damage. so, it is pretty much russian roulette to play this character atm - after killing npc you stucked inside corpse. only dodge roll safe from this state - how any +attack power even working? I tested rally banner, armor profiency and alot of other +100 to attack power and noticed close to zero changes. again some damn decimals? - from where is it? current 5.3 has no any - some strange back slip effect after activating gore combo and berserker. noticed only with last patch after die as myrmidon - half giant, there are body of minotaur since 5.3
  6. - new ui way too big. scaling option would be nice - new ui character sheet overlay movable ui elemets like berserker meter so I can't move it to better place - bloodline disc and below runes tooltip unreadable - bloodline passive in K UI wont show up tooltip - still unable to create kingdom
  7. HoA/UDL/LoD/TB vs. Sugoi

    circles should be. you all suggested to it for massive pvp coz do not see what effect burn you during fight. option for disable it would be nice instead
  8. @Anhrez 1) which picks you use? 2) how many dmg you produced? 3) how many ppl you need (minimum) to start doing some damage on mothernodes?
  9. I am unable to start up my kingdom. option is set to EU location also I unable to change location. if I try to select location I got connection lost
  10. State of the knight 5.3.0

    /signed. but for me lags is more nerfing knight than anything. at least PCM now not so stupid and we can use spells...if they activated intime ofc =) since 5.3 knight and myrmidon get access to bow, I think this can be enough for now from the dev side (they think so). but hey, @devs, best range dps is... duelist!!! not ranger or confessor. I think knight and myrmidon should get later some really unique mechanic (like champion get heal, get guaranted crit and unique rage based disciplines + synergy disciplines ) or overall buff on the current basement. knight should be mobility __tank__ for harrasment with constant dps above average. tank = shield, unique mechanics around shield. working, grounded, demand
  11. looks like server crashed? or it was shut down for the next patch?
  12. I know your soul like it =) added some berserker issues and more current game breaking bugs around myrmidon
  13. my overall critical bug list for this weekend
  14. 1. First of all thx. You make this class close to playable if remove lags and fix bugs. Here is my video What to expect: - Some pure LMB damage test - Some pure skills damage test - Some PCM test on LMB and skills - Some bugs - Some nice bonus at the end 2. Feedbacks Overall about myrmidon race. - Berserker should get more duration or give additional effects so it will worth to even fill 2 slots. Myrmidon have no access to decent heal now, so berserker (like regen + block or heals templar/knight/champion have) - It would be nice if you add some unique mechanic (or update berserker) like you did with Champion - Minotaur << Half giant. Why? Coz 2 additional free berserker. Berserker give us fury regen Overall about CF - Backhand skill from HG race cooldown way too long as well as most of race skills. Why? It is eating skill slot. - Advanced armor should give us minimum +5 to all protection. IMO. - Binding Arrows not working on buildings (goes underground). Also range is way to high. Probably the same with player courpses/graves, they goes underground - Burning hartred goes underground sometimes also 3. Bugs (related to myrmidon or not) - Taste for blood proc chance close to zero. It works but very veeeeery rare. - Berserker Strength from Master of axes not working. In 5.2 it was working but shield not show up as border to HP bar - Berserker tooltip (hearth) never show consumed damage for ages. Also it is overlapped sometimes or even disappeared from screen - Mental fortitude passive have no icon on top right screen - Dodge roll no sound - Berserker has no sound - Alot of HG animation issues, especially with bow - All "increase size" effects not working- Hunter hunted - Skills sometimes disappear from top left screen even if they are active - Hunter hunted passive for HG stackable 11 times, for mino only 5-6 - Armored myrm spring speed is the same as normal ofc I do not find all and forget to list something. will try to add it from time to time Why new topic? Coz video. For some ppl it should be interesting
  15. I know this. but I think overall advanced weapon damage on LMB and skills (especially on skills) should be more than basic in average. my test hits show what basic weapon produce more damage.