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  1. catapults (or whatever they called, those one's which are longest shot distance) not working on EU siege today. accessory are still huge durability lost whirlwind still blocking other skills and unable to stop and everything was listed 1 week ago
  2. I use other rotation: alt + tab open_interface MouseMove, 0, 300
  3. revert back accessory durability lost on death. with current statement 300 durability on accessory/mounts can be broken in 1 siege. crafting reciepts also can be broken on death. not sure it is working as intended
  4. improve respawn system! current system is zerg based and also based on unwanted fort capturing windows. I wanna suggest 2 ways to fix it. core ideas: 1) death shroud + new respawn mechanic are interchangeable and incompatible atm 2) increased timers on new death if you have any kind of closest to you death place temples makes you able to back to the battle almost immediately. 3) death shroud unpersistent to be viable 1-th way: 1) remove death shroud 2) make respawn cooldown depend on distance and amount of respawn points. https://imgur.com/XxgYnuU if you have keep and fort in the zone and you get killed inside the keep, you can chose - wait here and be safe or travel to closest temple and respawn there but faster. numbers can be adjusted. 3) keep grave on the map until next death. this way ppl think where they want to respawn 2-th way: 1) keep death shroud. but make it persistent already (unable to remove via teleport/gate jump or relog) 2) keep current system but increase also death shroud timer on death. like on the 1-th way: a) respawn on the grave immediately +5m to death shroud b) respawn X parcels from grave minus X*30second to death shroud this way ppl also think about place they want to respawn.
  5. 1) duelist. press down left mouse, you will start doing cycle of LMB hits. press hotkey on any (impale is the best example) skills immediately. you will get... no reaction until you did not stop LMB and stay on the place. 2) myrmidon. press W under berserker and try out to activate pulverize before 0.5 seconds. no reaction on the button -> crash as result. rip in peace. you even do not need to pvp to reproduce it. wartribes in 5 seconds will help. there are also alot of delays in skills which are noticeble after 5.9. best example - LMB hit + neck slash. there are noticeably much more issues but 5.9 kill all reason to login.
  6. this patch is a bullsht. I strongly recommend end current campaign and do not start new one until you fix it. 1 week to fix? good. 4 weeks? ok. but not this plz. as reminder game breaking things: 1) fully desynced all the time. I hit target? nope, it was the air. 2) did not see ally and party members as well as they are me - impossible to coordinate. 3) huge freezes right in time. check this out. healer got dc, I got freeze during berserker and then like this. 4) unable to login, unable to switch zone. 5) disconnecting in the battle... 6) impossible collection of resources (dobes are stay on the ground) 7) stupidest respawn mechanic I've even seen which kill any fun on the siege. ppl keep respawning while you need to fly all the map to get...yeah death shroud. no map markers to get back your stuff hints about quality of this mechanic also. capture respawn you can say? yeah, read 8. 8 ) EU night/day scheduling on the forts make it impossible to catch it in prime time or get decent fight while all who not working do this without any of the problems. 9) broken CC which register 0.5-1 seconds later on my client... 10) broken antiCC which makes CC useless 11) broken OP healers, broken damage on some classes, broken unbalanced runes. you sure you can fix it until 6.0? this patch more ppl will come and they will not be such patient and tolerant like your testers we really want to test sieges (not doing any killboard score), sorry - waste of time to test it. as well as waste of durability on decent gear (which mean also time lose coz you made this game gear aka grind based) to die from bugs and new "broken futures". I really do not remember the patch worse than this one since 2016. /regards,
  7. we are also looking for support/healer. pm me 🤣 nice fight through. sad we have not the best setup vs kiters. btw this fight was full of issues: 1) some of our party members did not see each others 😃 2) some of opponent guyz also dont see ours 3) freezes after siege 4) gear more than anything else. this is why our 2 guyz die and Vanguard knight also. 5) support power overtuned
  8. On the eu siege like a terminator my legs get under texture on the tree spawn. Then, I slowly began to tie in the floor until I fall on the first floor. Was fun. Unable to do anything while this. Today we got alot of disconnect problems if we go inside portal. Today we got alot of issue when our teammates did not see someone (enemy or group members are invisible to someone). Also some strange desyncs chech this out 03h:37m:01s New respawn mechanic is terrible. I do not want even complain why. I sure you will get more feedbacks later with better language After 1-2 dies and 3-4 location change freezes are becoming terrible.
  9. nah. it looks like animation lock bring back again. try out with 100+ ping
  10. I am sad to say but compared to 5.8 new patch bring "mechanic changes" which are not fix, not improve but make more bugs. I mean 5.8 myrm was excellent except retaliate bug and some old unpolished skills. now there are at least 3 game breaking mechanic around this class and 2 "core 5.9 futures" which will not be fixed for sure for a long time ontop of old broken things... for example, whirlwind which is impossible to stop and which are prevent other skills activating until 8 seconds left. net was broken and now it is the same plus chance to failed increased by collisions. global cooldowns + broken skills/delays/desyncs make it impossible to pulverise sometimes. overall I did not like new hit register and other changes which was bring to us with 5.9. this hurt any channeling melee skill and overall feeling what you hit target (animation, sound etc). instant skills are not instant actually. so I dunno. mb some more reports will help to bring some attention to devs. I really bored to see parabola progress with the game mechanics.
  11. nah. I did remember coz I suggested it the same as topic starter. about 2 years ago. may be later someone did more suggestions and devs even answer with agree, I did not live on forum so dunno... by community I mean active testers and active forum members. the answer like: "we do not plan to do something like this in near future" was pretty much clear for me . and yeah, I understand why they answer like this. there are alot of uncomplete mechanics atm. those ones which are "working" are made not high quality and looks uncomplete/raw. and there is alot more to do before implementing and even stutter about new game modes like arena. for example, duel mechanic for me is much more priority
  12. our local publisher launched the news that 5.9 will be deployed somehow today. no better info so far. I bet in 3-4h servers will get closed to maintenance which can last for a half day 😃
  13. was suggested multiple times was disliked by community was rejected by devs anyway I like this idea coz I think at the end this game will be something like any other games - multigaming inside one. but before CF should get stable and big community else this is a huge split
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