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  1. splitting community (euro zone has not so much customizers) is worst idea ever. giving rights to local companies (like, gamenet, 101xp) to publicate and support projects is even worst idea (travian for eu already was) for me this news is become n1 in list of all CF bad news right before performance issue sell game constantly from self, host on NA, spit/ignore on the laws. out territory already without laws for 20 years, relax, you get no issue with this. local cif localisators do not work in the legal field
  2. 5.7 Myrm Fixes / Nerfs

    the main question is still there - do they plan to fix old bugs (berserker UI, root in place after rush etc) and useless basic kit except net and LMB+class passive. overall for me this looks like expected and needed changes
  3. since last update got this error on every login 1) get started launcher 2) auth inside launcher 3) push play button 4) get this error the rumor is what it can be related to "telegram" wars (million IP addresses blocked in my country, inc some amazon) but test server working correctly
  4. 2 possible things what related to this: 1) servers are disabled while patching (login server inc) 2) vitrual box connection should be disabled. sometimes this will helps also
  5. confirmed. now it is working correctly. I sure it wasnt this morming (EU morning on EU server today) sad i did not record it. can be lag related
  6. game lags still there. performance (fps, freezes) still there. I would like to say this is main fail you get at soft launch which can put a fatty point to the project at start. source - my friends who have not high end pc and tried CF - all are not satisfied. the reason was short - performance. the project ideas is cool, realisation is terrible. and they are even did not goes deeper in "mechanics" which we all know from patch to patch ()
  7. did I miss remake coz I can't find it in patch notes... this skill does not have immun effect while casting anymore. it does not protect from crash dmg and even from any source of attacks while casting. animation time and stick to place is not worth to even take this race anymore. this makes this race also close to useless for myrmidon now. ok, now I should think about mino for myrmi... ok, what about champion which race choice is obvivously not half giant also and have more options (horse is a best choice, mino is also ok). clerics choice for extra 2 immuns also not the choice now. overall I disappointed in race options for myrmidon (look at other classes like assassin, ranger etc). will wait to see stoneborns but have not so big hope here. ^^ looks like morning lags related second, whirlwind still broken. activation combo failed on second stage sometimes, damage is still bad compared to time. in 5.6 you still not fix bersererk UI. it is overlayed after death, it is still not working correctly with cooldown refreshers and such skills. in 5.6 still whole basic myrmidon kit useless except lmb spam. well at least it looks like colossus smash combo was fixed and most of the hits landed to target. you fix this gamebreaking mechanic which restricted me from testing: by...temporary removing champ skill tree with cooldown reduction. I still does not understand myrmidon role if ranger and champion can tank better....and damage better. with almost no cd for berserker this class is NOT fun but broken about skill tree. new UI is perfect. but whole skill tree is copy-paste as usually, now even more, especially weapon tree. you have million of stats but no unique mechanics via skill tree. this mean I need to pay and wait to get stronger OR(!and!) farm and craft disciplines. not use my brain to build unique monster inside some class choice. combine this stats so we can build unique character - not overtime copy-paste clones. learn to path of exile.
  8. Myrmidon 5.5 statement

    UI bug is global and triggered on every real berserker cooldown bypass. Yes, top right is accurate but I even tried to macro scan this icon to monitor duration and have no success. The mess in top right is uncontrolled
  9. Myrmidon 5.5 statement

    myrmidon main 5.5 issue: ontop of current broken skills
  10. did not login in life since 5.5 deployed. just checked out broken in 5.4 skill tree (barbarian short cooldown -10%) + furious smash combo from axe mastery and noticed some weird in my being opinion result - god mode. I can macro 2 skills and forget about alot of problems but huge focus. only right CC can kill this monster. dunno is it was reported or not (pretty sure it is abused already by multiple players, it should), but this is not what I expecting from this class overall. if it is working as intended, so this is wrong. do you fight already such lvled myrmidons? not sure it was fun.. ontop of this same broken skills, UI, useless whole basic kit (LMB spam) I do not want to see such futures in soft launch.... and the best and fast way dev fix it - in my standard tradition:
  11. Myrmidon 5.5 statement

    the champion was designed as glass cannon melee which are simply connected to your first sentence: ACE told it multiple times early. With access to new disciplines, new CC break system, race skills and some reworks on core mechanics (armor for example), champion can be very very tanky (over 70% mitigation with some discs). put ontop of it huge self heal, double C and best melee mobility and here we go - burst mobility tank. hit -> kite 'n' heal -> get dominion -> hit myrmidon designed as offence tank. atm he can't tank starting from small scale fights. de facto. right after 2-3+ enemy around -> he is not a tank. so, who is myrmidon? LMB uncontrollable burst dealer? burst is champion, ranger. even duelist and confessor, not a myrmidon. so which role for this class? imo offence should be stackable (berserker) over time right after he did some hits on enemy. stack in fight, raise in fight else default effect. and not 6 seconds. yes. tank or berserker. core utility should be reworked with some core basic mechanics.
  12. 4. this way you can put more con in vessel and put on x2 armored bra
  13. What happened to the Fae?

    fae should fly....well not fly but soar or double jump. atm you are able to jump from walls without any damage but can instant death in almost smooth surface from fall damage. not close to release fae until they fix this
  14. Distance VS Damage?

    Good idea. Can fix current balance issues if they wont introduce real aiming to the game. Also I think range should be 30 base, 40-45 max based on current movement speed and skill system. All LMB attacks capped at 40-45 no matter if you get elken + skill tree + anything else. BUT for skills it can be maxed at 50-60 depended on skill. I like to see some sniping skills ingame. And this is a problem number two - alot of skills close to useless and ppl prefers LMB instead of skill
  15. new map is kind of joke. run down to check out and noticed what there was no exit from there. 1-th april is not close I think still I able to get out of pit but how do I ress? =)