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  1. cap is 50% but CON can increase it as well as some promo skills/passives and majors. you can decrease it by some ways for example requiem or needlin' haystack but still, 500 and less cost ultimates makes some classes very tanky while they should not. this does not mean they are unkillable (I think you can clearly destroy any class with any class) anyway whole 6.X make me feels like devs need alot of fixing in effectivity of some skills coz armor is almost no matter atm (only epic+ can be viable vs some classes). this mean you are naked vs meta. at the same time you most met
  2. easy. dont activate berserker. this way you are just a simple melee class without any utility with average dps. no DM, no tank option but without surprices for 8k self damage instantly. still able to generate titan stacks. but still useless coz you do nothing while out of stamina or cced 😃 conq at the same time more squishy, less burst damage but more stable and can stick to target permanently coz CC immunity. can be a replacement for a debuffer/pressure role. but who cares. no1 need both - conq and especially titans in their team. as well as motivation to participate in this
  3. build is simple, default actually. it works... 1v1. overall titan choise for a potential 5v5+ fights mean this guy will crash all the way no matter how good you can play it. tags: out of stamina, big self hits, no CC, no mobility, not a damage dealer. 17 views and 0 comments clearly show current meta 😃 replace this camicaze by conqueror. more stable and usefull for a group
  4. mr. Bob: I need money for a buiding space machine (moonwalker) bakers: shut up and take our money! 5 years later... mr. Bob: mr Bob: btw guyz, you can get only if you live in listed countries 😃
  5. new Retaliate mechanic is very unsuccessful decision. Retaliate should work so what was created. but atm: 1) 1s is useless for a most of classes compared to CC 2) no stamina regen mean some fight for some classes will be staying under CC. 3) effects on some R skills (barriers, speed, 100% crit, 50% crit for 3 attacks) too powerfull to even ignore the real role of this skill what I suggest: if you use it without being CC: 1) just 1s CC immunity - all other effects (damage, barriers, crits, etc) not working if you use it under CC: 1) full eff
  6. overall myrmidon become from a "hard to play but strong if play correct" to under average class. you cut off most of the unique options from this - huge single target dps and multiple berserker mechanics. more game design changes later hurt this class even more. whole myrmidon required ultimate remake: ult was designed million years ago for a vanilla berserker. core ideas: it should not root you in place but it should gives crashing dmg imminity buff (br and titan) and damage reduction to keep fight (not to stay and watch how holy dmg burn you). I would say the best option her
  7. <QUESTION> are you going to balance crafting and dropped gear? <QUESTION> what are you going to do with holy damage? radicals and vindicators seems have too overtuned dps and all people roll those promos to faceroll. <QUESTION> are you plaining to do something with an obviously OP aoe combos which are around this game? (warden + dots + blackmantle + trap master for example OR mana shield + LMB + punchable + radical)? <QUESTION> executing too strong now. are you have any plans to nerf some of em? <QUESTION> how are yo
  8. devs: ppl should go out of gods reach to get to lvl 30 - done. devs: ppl should go dregs to lvlup above lvl 30 and get better gear - big fail. blue dropped gear from wartribes in a save zone farming without any issues if you have million of free hours can gives you anything. all you need to do - hours. and then abit of math gathering for a vessel and boom - lvl 32 with full bank and blue minors. fail devs. btw crafting viable from a blue which required alot of grind which most of the ppl not interested. ps. necromancy OP right now. crafting balance is als
  9. NA prime - zergball like a GW yes EU prime - death and empty aoe circles will help alot for this. but crowfall is not about infected I suppose.
  10. you could load aoe from a bow and switch to melee back. but the problem is mostly coz trap master and aoe + blackmantle. especially earlygame. blackmantle mean you just cutt of healing from opponents while press 2 buttons. melee is ur problem 😃 warden works well with a bow also.
  11. I don't know is it was suggested/reported or not but warden is also broken as well as radical. bow + barrage + soul steal + trap master + ultimate = unkillable tank with top dps. plus blackmantle aoe debuff from a traps as an unexpected bonus. all of this can be putted from the range. heavy armor. what else? pdm ofc. this is a tank at the end, right? tank with top dps in a group fight. also all kind of dots included - bleeding, burning, poison, etc. 1 press on ultimate = full HP with insane lifesteal. I dont know are you focused on polishing powers but believe me, this is a brok
  12. BR is ok until you can spread bleeding as fast as you can. you can't do this coz of amount of random CC around. and yes, I would agree with coolster50 - whole myrmidon can do nice only 2 things - dps and survive. dps part was unreached for a conq and br previously, but available now for all promos (conq, br). at the same time - myrms have single target melee dps only while surviving very depend on some situations, factors and conditions. comparing to the champions (pitfighter for example) who can produce almost the same amount of single target dps and heal self with 1 button pressing
  13. main argument is ^. and yeah I have the same feeling about "from niche to bad". I was suppose at the end we will get something like a synergy of MMORPG and MOBA with those dying worlds. MMORPG will bring RPG elements, clanwars and long-term elements to the game and MOBA will bring the best - dynamic campaignts and unique builds/classes/characters or balanced classes at least with roles. the core of any MOBA games - do not eat time for useless repeatable steps and content (heroes). what we get? - mediocre graphics - terrible performance - copy-paste n
  14. first of all, I am do not try to complain but: - 1v1 is not an option, isnt it? - in 6.1 we have pretty decent knights which was almost mandatory for siege and viable in a scale fights. both - dps and tanks specs works well. - 6.2 and 6.3 is a big mistake and a joke with current statement - dmg is poor for all melee non dps promos just coz almost no viable options to buff dmg. - pdm buff from some skills (75% pdm for 5s) wins over the block now which mean you does not need to hold block but just press 1 button (some races, classes like a pitfighter can abuse it) -
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