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  1. Darkfall: New Dawn

    I almost back to DFND coz they change this project to almost playable stage. but the main problem is what there will be no good politics war which is core in darkfall. only small gank squads and also ppl report some cheaters in beta. not worth to return if you spent 2-4 years there already =)
  2. Guards in Keeps?

    nah. I will w8 fixes instead ( linear vision and textures matter for both - NPC and player skills). anyway I got +80% to small cooldown skills from school so I am kinda nerfed
  3. Guards in Keeps?

    I hate guards coz I can't capture this forts in my prime time solo anymore with myrmidon coz no1 around and all captured by chaos =)
  4. Myrmidon big boom?

    @PopeUrban I did not like oneshots (in 5.4 myrmidon able to get 5k+ damage from crash even under taste for blood buff which decrease crash damage) If ACE decided to remove oneshots from game - I would like to see hard cap of this to 2k damage up to 3 targets if ACE wont remove or limit on oneshots - it can be 50% of crash damage up to 5-6 targets I reaaly does not understand why this future is druid based. myrmidon is much better suited to this skill. this is about passive basic kit mechanic on death. but I better would like to see real myrmidon based discipline which add something to basic kit. for example, passive, which are auto activated 1 times per 45 seconds and did 7m range aoe damage which are splitted between 3 max targets and did 75% of crash damage if myrmidon failed to avoid it.
  5. Guards in Keeps?

    most of "gankers" abusing current bugs (through textures jumps and through textures hits) so guard wont help you much. so I asked, does it make sense to put inside guards if you still get killed through textures? ps. as I know, most of ppl doing craft inside their EK's
  6. Guards in Keeps?

    any reason since they can be killed through textures?
  7. @thomasblair this guy increase cooldowns instead of decrease it hello 22 seconds CD on berserker
  8. Myrmidon big boom?

    "I really want other feel my pain...." - ideal tooltip for this skill I suggesting as "futures" for basic kit mechanic or as discipline addition to this class. If myrmidon die from berserker crash - he will explodes with X % of amount of this crash damage. the mechanic can be modificated to anything you like - deploying corpse bomb (like druid corpse) with all myrmidon pain inside, instant meat spilling with X damage around Y meteres etc etc what do you think?
  9. Also I forget about bow damage. This is terrible and need seriuos investigatement. 900-1000 with advanced bow hits without any aim required with 60+ meter range which also put some bleeding at the end rapid fire 300 per tick with 9 second cd? 3k from one skill? easy and yes, I understand what we can build defence and craft some heavy armor to get good mitigation. but effectivity of some classes in all aspects vs other classes atm is under control. this is not the game I want to play test atm
  10. 1) stealth. pretty much uncomplete disbalanced thing. there is only one way to catch it - put on long bleeding. 2) bored of hitting through walls rays. this was reported alot of times and still there. Pepperbox Shot of duelist, Lightning Strike from druid is pretty much best examples 3) through walls jumps. burrow and teleports... 4) unbalanced E powers which makes some classes really love to get CCed 5) gap closers, melee and new retaliate system. now some melee classes have no access to even get in fight if get kited. say hello to huge nerf on myrmidon (again) and this is why no1 play it again. I would like to say, this new anticc system help only for range classes. 6) hard farm and pre alpha. pff are you serious? not every1 have a group to help around. 7) also I noticed strange bleeding from assassin. dunno it was advanced poison or what, but bow LMB attack put on you 500 per tick bleeding effect for about 3000k HP. pretty much balanced 8) bow attacks. bring back projectiles. 80m distance for ray casts for 400+ with current anticc is the end for melee fighters. if I wont to make bow builds I would suck overall compared to 5.3 you did way to much disbalance than it was. good luck on this. ps. about myrmidon. I dont know why you hate it so much because he has no gap closers he have slowest move speed he have now no dmg (except LMB under taste for blood) only one CC which are easy to escape now = no CC slow high cost and useless ultimate with knockdown which sometimes even worst then usefull whirlwind doing no damage but cost also nothing - strangest fix ever all other bugs still there. colossus smash still cant hit with stun, big cost on core skills, net combo not working, all old UI bugs and such now he have no access to self healing anymore. only some situational things...
  11. 5.4 Ressource cost

    nope. same here. only grinding with group mother nodes will help but still required alot of time TTL of gear vs time to get it unbalanced, especially with current faction disbalance (EU get captured by chaos. looks like balance and order has no guilds around and no communicated) overall for test purpose this is a waste of time for me, especially with the same old multiple reported unfixed bugs
  12. bad idea. most of bow skills anyway are useless and amount of this skills are pretty low for non rangers. plus you can't use or even slot some powers to bow tray (non rangers class) which are enough restriction plus current swapping. they need to balance bows damage for sure but not add more restrictions instead I would like to see access to bow for free to any classes with free bow tray in future. but specific bows (ranger, arcare, sharpshoter and such will be disc only related and should have more power) current basic bow dmg is way to big but once it will be fixed nerfed, no1 need this bows as non ranger, even for additional power slots
  13. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    1. ping/delays, animation times, visual effects + count voice calling. I would like to say if you dont mitigate it self, you will get damage. also not everyone have 10+ group to build any possible setups 2. someone was far away 3. we have discussion about current statement. what will be in 2020 year I dont know and you as well. anyway some ppl play with 15 fps. once they polish things, this tricks will be even easy to reproduce 4. are you sure? say it to east players from west who played with friends for example. ofc every argument can get counterargument. you will notice all this balance issues later, with more ppl in game. like I talking about rangers right after wood elves race announced. druid have some balance issues for a long time. but even bugged it was strong class. I told it and keep talking about it. now this class is ranged tankish healing buffing blinking (through textures) shielding (most of futures working through textures) rambo with 240-400 LMB (variable) ticks which does not required hard aiming with _optional_ oneshot and some aoe which can be builded to very different builds (stable dps also with scimitars) with 2 panels, strong basic kit passive who does not care about PCM. yes, class is still boring and have slippery gameplay (for me) but you can do so dirty things with this which are impossible to other call me whiner, I dont care. all I care is balance at release to comfort myself gaming.
  14. Druid Orbs Suggested Change

    scenarios are pretty simple. bombs loaded and you 1) get CCed and out of stamina (or any retaliate bug) 2) get CCed and out of ultimate 3) bugged and didnt noticed sound/animation did not displayed 4) p1 + any kind of ping/lag or cooldowns situation to escape or mitigate damage cheers, you get oneshot (16-shotted, 4-shotted, overtimeshotted, call it whatever but you lose decent or full dose of ur HP without any possible ways to get out) especially this is melee related problem. can happaned in any situations. there are not so much regular druid players I see, as well as regular testers population is too low to make it a problem. also you can get oneshot in some situations from druid dead orb after he dies (related to strange mechanics or blair math error or something coz I remember there was not so big damage in 3.x world from all of this things) once this game can handle 40v40 fights, you will understand what I am talking about. with 5+ druids who bombing around and doing only this. give such mechanics to all or remove from all or nerf to adequate numbers ps. I like druid and it will be one of my main character at release for sure. I want CF pvp and balance be close to balance not 2-3 races and 2-3 playable and concurrent classes at start pss. I get blair's decision about lvling, cap weapons, min-max dmg and such. ofc in late game with epic+ weapons there will be some classes like champions who can 2-shot some ungeared guyz with massive 2k crits (well, with 115 roll you can already did 1300 crits atm) but remember, druid can also craft decent weapon and lvl power. amount of orbs required to big boom is reduced