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  1. it can be even more than 1500 if they count every single relation as separated mechanic you can watch how skills are development by clicking on several mechanics anyway quality > quantity. most of the skills are poor copy-paste of several mechanics. but they are required to build unique icon, animation and FX effect most of the time. Dunno is it worth or not.
  2. do full wipe before alpha (6.0) until this any wipes is useless and unneeded thing
  3. you are fighting top eu community. this mean they have maxed out at the current stage gear, maxed out at the current stage skill tree (defence, resists) you can search this forum on how penetration and armor/armor bonus works. I see on the video avg400+ stable range hits (300-700 normal and 700-1к crits via LMB). also over 1500 hits via other single sources. all of em are have no load time except animation. this is decent dps versus high end gear and skill tree players. I know current CF hit mechanic (its terrible) but to be honest your target reticle outside enemy most of the time. this is not enough for twitch vision fast dps inside one target. pure ranger is more squishy than confessor, less usefull in scale pvp and have less survivability. correct me if I wrong. ps. confessor is most balanced class atm. do not touch it.
  4. I can say for sure what 4game (or ACE) already start some waves of marketing in our country. as you can see 4g tags especially on eu grown last month. as well as fast fall 😃 it was due to some "reviews" from famous streamers/youtubers (paid one's I think). too early. there is nothing to show atm. ps. I also notice what last 6 month there was almost no news/streams from devs. just hope what it was due to prepairing to deploy big patch and not due to vacations.
  5. warhammer acid skull x2 plz
  6. nice. are you preparing DKP system for launch? 😃 big John watching you
  7. could you please provide us some quick demo? to not burn your time and our once again
  8. it is broken and worked as intended 😃 there was 3 or 4 iteration of total reworking on hit mechanic and combat mechanic. all of this do not like we OR server-client side 😃
  9. inexistent for how long they will keep this roaming? 😃 right, until they learn game and found what it is really faster and more productive to do gathering by yourself. gathering what you need, when you want, where you want. but topic is not about gathering and roaming. this is about what ppl start asking things which is not about this project. and I think devs will care coz they want money. crowfall have zero theme park aspects and will for a long time. crowfall have a big delay and will. crowfall is a pvp game which should motivate pvp in every single aspect. motivation is transparent atm. balance is inexisted. factions is utopia. in pvp game if some1 steal your loot you should be able to wreck his face. not go on forum and write "Kill stealing" and grow drama.
  10. gratz. this also mean top 9 most active players also in ur guild atm 😅
  11. and here we go, pvp project which goes on occasion of pve/carebear players, "reaping the first fruits". further more. god's reach was introduced for new players to learn about mechanics used for free gathering, lvling, gear up without crafters. pvp servers pretty much empty until sieges 😃
  12. in near future devs obviously should think about motivation to participation in pvp. there should be reason to go outside safe zone/god's reach. best ways here is pvp ranks (with some bonuses), global leaderboard with history (available via api/stats site), more econimics impact to motivate ppl go outside of safe zones and fight for (local based resources linked to current keep, unique resources and such). atm there is no reason to pvp except for fun imo. pvp for pvp reason is no matter. I saw it, it does not works.
  13. for crafter you need: 1) alot of free spaces in bank 2) safety place to care resources and keep staying near crafting stations 3) special gear (armor + accessory at least) 4) lvling in account tree (crafting) 5) vessel with better stats for crafting this mean you can't and won't go out of safety place and pvp with this character. on the same way you can lvling at the same time: crafting/combat or crafting/gathering or combat/gathering trees. with another character (vessel) builded for combat you can always do some pvp. this way you should lvling crafting/combat (you do not need another account ) lvling account skill tree crafting/gathering. this way you will suck in pvp ps. usually crafters is the separated accounts coz they need alot of bank space.
  14. GR should drop white only gear, runes. And provide only white items. Without bosses. Only up to R5 max nodes inside spawns That's all
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