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  1. steps to reproduce: 0) before entering Dregs remember how many players online 1) open map inside the any adventure Dregs zone 2) count amount of banks on the map 3) start some discussion about pvp aspects and drop in this game if some1 still can't get what I am talking about: atm crowfall has no loot actually. I mean it is very rarely you will find any1 who can drop decent loot in pvp coz everythere in 30 seconds there will be a BANK fix it. pvp game... pf... carebear game
  2. how ACE did most of the time: nerfing all rangers -> op melee nerfing all melee -> op range nerfing this, buff those -> op those, zero this you guyz are crazy. such feedbacks eating our waiting time and developers time guyz. stop it... use ur brain. range classes need point fixing. one class need to get fixed those, other class other things. I mean slightly fixing aoe dps from stormcallers, frostveawers for example. or for example, archer's barrage. comparing effectivity of barrage which is root you in one place and doing 20-40 per tick. while frostguard doing instacast 500-800 aoe dmg with capped mitigations. they need to fix such things not the foking nerf whole aoe like some strange players talking about most of the melee need some slightly dmg adjusting - yes. but they are unaffective not because they can't produce dmg like rangers. they are gimped (not any melee, but most) coz: 1) range classes have sometimes even better survivability 2) range classes have access to the same tankish minors/majors 3) range have range attacks 😃 they do not need to stay in melee 4) blabla devs, think about bringing to melee more ONLY MELEE related things: 1) make more unique mechanics. for example, retribution or thorns or life steal. life steal to archer? you sure? giving it to tank-assassin is ok, melee can life leech only in melee. 2) give access to stronger survivability version of minors/majors. for example, sturdy gives x3 more bonus for melee classes. you can balance it between promo classes. I mean more bonus to battle rager and less for titan. but titan should get bigger bonus than frostguard or cleric can melee should be melee. if you are in, ranger should feel the pain. any ranger. difference is only about how each melee can bring the pain. to do this melee should be more sustainable, get more damage and less mobility to compensate ranger. make a excel table, put in all the mechanics, make another and start balancing this poorly made dergs plz. it is time. else no1 will play this game
  3. tactics and strategy? aoe spam and heal. boooring. builds? the same 1-2 builds per class if you wanna be effective. booring classes? well, heal+aoe. I mean...3-4 OP classes (clerics/druids + frostweavers (any) + some semiclass for supporting) still booring those who will come to fun with their favorite class will lose to those who came for the win. anyway good luck on this. low population is sucks
  4. our master-brigant left this game coz poisoner now unavailable for brigants 😃
  5. vindicators? who is this... hm...
  6. simple fix steps for current situation: 1) make it possible to get minors other than white so ppl can do some progress. pretty sure no1 want to do some gathering without possibility to build full vessel. 2) nerf aoe (not divide by 100 like always but carefully, gradually, with feedback) 3) buff melee (not multiply dmg numbers by 100 like always but carefully, with new mechanics) 4) merge NA and EU and probably decrease map size. this mean siege scheduling should be with eu and na prime or dunno how you can do this. choice of the guild time zone or availability period for sieges or variable time so anyone can do this. this way ppl wont be bored without possibility to find opponents. 5) remove drop from GR. or dramatically decrease it. remove lootboxes or dramatically decrease quality of drop 6) decrease caravan profit or make it also like a forts event but increase amount of pigs respawned. after this you can start polishing current economy/balance/performance/ui/skills and such
  7. most of this fast fixable but the time... time is not on the devs side 😃 with their developing speed. btw right after 4g will be cutted off the eu community it looks like there will be no players around lol 😃 it can be worked in other direction. if they put on the server 1000 active players, there will be much more other kind of problems. both ways exist atm as a problems. ace did big mistake in terms of testing: splitting small community between 3. and ontop of this carebear paradise - GR which have sometimes more ppl than Dregs lol
  8. how you can counter 30m aoe spam for 1k each (archmage)? 😃 compared for example, with barrage (20 per tick) or how you can compare 65% mitigations ontop of others minor bonuses? what about if you will get infinite mana pool + capped mitigations + 1k per hit spammable aoe at the same time? right, everyone rolled frostweavers. this is all about risk vs bonuses. you should not has to get bonuses without any risks. I really scare about current boring balance and boring class building which mean builds looks are almost the same from class to class. or how OP become clerics/druids with 2k SP in late game? or what you can do with those 5m melee with the same 300 per hit as healer can do from range? -=) and also there are a huge problems in how balance should be in early game or in late game (with crafted gear, caps, high crow tree)
  9. I mostly agree with everything. just to clarify imo some classes can shine in later for example, archers (with 1000ap and close to cap crit chance) compared to for example slayers which have at the start pretty much close to cap stats (almost 1k ap, almost capped crit chance, high crit dmg). also did some listing here
  10. my another 50 cent of current balance/economy/overall game problems which prevent me to login and doing active gameplay/testing. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/27607-5115-live-feedback-for-63020/?do=findComment&comment=461093 also I think alot of ppl are leave already so other ppl can leave coz of this. will try to bring everything I dislike inside 1 post. most of this is about was tested with current players population and size of Dregs. some of this can works better with more people, some with less but the problems mostly exist in any scenario. character building/progress 1) archetypes are boring. there are almost no unique mechanics inside single class or they are not fully disclosed. 2) when there was no promo classes, single class was not that bad. promo should buff some aspects or bring new UNIQUE mechanics. you just split class into 3 classes with minor changes and called it promo. as result there are only 1-2 promo cutted subclasses with the same builds are available 3) majors are boring. and you keep cutting access for some classes. may be it will be better you did not create those amount at start but bring 1-2 per month so we can test it. anyway I do not feeling I build up some fresh build with those. now I can't even have a variety. learn from path of exile if you wanna made something like this. 4) minors are ok but there are still alot of useless like blood pact. 5) lvling is boring. I mean white vessel is only via mobs/trash loot but mostly just eating some time. Do not see any reason why I should waste my 2-3h on lvling it (I really have no clue how to do it if there will be 1000ppl on the server) lvling something blue+ is the super mega trash time killer. inventory/bank 1) way too much trash items which was created for nothing but soaking slots... 2) way too low bank size compared to trash loot and amount of resources needed for player to keep 3) stacks amount. why something stop at 99999? why something are only limited to 200 per? why something even do not stacked. 4) all my 3 accounts with 5 characters on I should spent on keeping trash. if I delete single mushrooms I get cursed by cooking master 5) exporting from Dregs is something terrible. 50 slots, most of this can be easily farmed in infected/GR but I should choose coz it was my time to farm it...well... drop balance issue. UI 1) why no possible to move every single windows like chat? 2) why no possible to remember window position 3) why opening inventory also make active every single UI window if I only wanna see my inventory? 4) why you keep changing styles/colors/placeholders every patch but do not make a single NORMAL UI like any trash indian projects have 5) why not make filter for millions of stats in details? MAP 1) terrible implementation i've even seen. at least it opening now without 5s lag on client. 2) go to T34. did you try to find it? or 2234 4522 1. you will get killed until your members will find you 3) why I can't see party members icons/nicknames on the map? 4) why I can't see who is from my party on the navigation? 5) why I can't make some marks? you can store it on my client side and clear on campaing end? 6) leaderboard not working. blinking or everything can cleared on opening chat 1) years of developing. and... well.. I can't print there sometimes. words are sometimes cleared automatically. 2) some 4g guyz still unable to connect to the chat server... guild 1) no vault ingame 2) no members list ingame, no ranks 3) no ally, no kos list 4) no any single things which have any other games... just an icon and chat which can not works sometimes twinks 1) it looks like this game is around twinks. you need it for banking, for saving loot, for embargo from Dregs, for crafting, for gathering. which is wrong. looting 1) I can't loot flowers. should stay and aim for hours 2) I can't loot big mobs. should stay and aim for hours 3) I can't loot anything if there are any other player aroound coz... all the time I stating interactive dialogue via F button... death/drop/respawn 1) recurrection should be available out of combat for any class without eating slots 2) travelling as crow through entire map is not so entertainment. pressing G to back to temple eating more gear durability. death shroud was bad implementation. now it is better but still required some adjusting. currency/trading 1) dust, gold, chaos embers, old broken uncle boots, apples.... you should stop on something one or give us possibility to select which currency I wanna trade for my items. high end resources 1) chaos embers are easily done in safe zone or even in EK. which is wrong 2) some regular resources way too easy (ore, wood, stone) while other are close to impossible or very hard to get skill tree/talents 1) talents are BOORING. no unique. almost do not change gameplay. all they give is +X to something...which usually...capped with better gear class balance 1) pretty sure you get decent amount of reviews right now. I would like to say only 1 thing - balance is not existed. non in pvp, non in pve, non in any single aspect of this game. you should start from now. else there will be late. aoe OP stealth OP 120m dodge OP any single healer OP CC is nonfactor 2) some classes are very strong on start, some are very strong later while those who was strong become weaker. should be 50/50 crow tree 1) time to lvl this makes me cry on current stage. I mean most of the ppl will leave projects in 1-2 month after release. they even do not touch alot of things only available through crow tree 😃 2) there is no feeling what I like it. coz +3% to this is not unique grind 1) the grind is real. less ppl on the server - easier the grind. but it takes really big amount of time. gods reach and save zones 1) was created for new players to get some exp and lvling character to 15-20lvl. every single player now doing there almost everything caravans 1) should be on timers or on global events. learn from lost ark. they did it perfectly for daily action. and do not forget to not make it during sieges/forts. I mean for those who give us 200 pieces of rare resources it should be more drop/gathring/crafting 1) lvl 1 elemental drop 2 dust. lvl 30 mature spider qeen drop... same 2 dust. you see something wrong here? 2) why I still can't blueprint? or create 20 items per 1 craft? 3) current caravans implementation is makes gathering almost nonexisted. overtuned profit. caravans can be done solo with non prime time atm. 4) drop in GR compared to Dregs are overtuned. vessels 1) you can craft decent blue vessel already which in my case looks bad coz caravans and no1 on the server. but getting minors is impossible which makes those nonexistent and useless building 1) ok for a balanced caravans. wasting time for a 6 days campaings performance 1) terrible. and it will be number 1 reason why ppl will not play this game. 2) if you can't optimize FX - dont create so much useless skills with the copy-paste mechanics. new players experience 1) no need to create 10-steps y-y-y-y quests. create a journal with the tutorial. it should be able to be opened from UI and readable. 2) ppl do not know what to do after they lvled character. they even have no clue what awaits them ahead... check grind. bugs/exploits 1) colossal amount. sometimes I even do not understand it is bug or working as intended (infinite instant respawns on the ancient bear) lootboxes/wartribe 1) are out of control which mean craft is not existed for 2-3 month after release bosses 1) where should be global event notification with zone and coordinates for chiefs/kings/ancients and local event notification for mobs who is under. this mean ppl will do pvp for this and not scouting entire map (which mean stealthers just sitting on the spawn and checking it). loot from those mobs should be adjusted (getting blue chest with no stats or white minor is something wrong), respawn timers should be at the prime time (not through entire day) like siege shedules. I've recommended to also read this one
  11. I did not found stat in details which called "execute dmg" or something like this. so I think they forget to list it or removed mechanic with executing bonus
  12. my 50 cents (list is much bigger but I remember only this) about strange solutions with economy 1) caravans. this way is to fast to get blue+ resources without any effort. I don't know how it will be with 2k ppl on the server but current semiafk morning routes are pretty much free. result -> real gathering regular ore nodes are useless. no need to do lvling gathering except for some1 who will get foreman or something for gems/minerals. 2) rank on nodes in Dregs. r9-r10. not sure it is ok after wipe with current crow lvling. GR and infected are almost safe to farm and you can do it solo/duo. on Dregs you can't touch it with any profit with full inventory drop if get ganked. only mother nodes are usefull. 3) 6d Dregs duration. poorly made dergs on players imo. give us free unexported resources only for building if you wanna test buildings and sieges. or make campaingh longer if you want to players test it. else you will never test it coz hell NO I will repeat building keep again like a slave 😃 for... nothing. 4) exports/imports/vault size. does it was modeled to force ppl to unlock more characters slots or buy more accounts for free slot spaces? half of my evening burned in the game called "inventory management". login this, logout here, remember which character have in inventory this... also there are way too much trash and 5) ancients. exploitable. dunno you fix it or not. but respawn time sometimes are pretty much instant. 6) kings/chiefs loot is very random and does not worth compared to lootboxes which over 20 on the map with almost no CD. you can get purpule or very decent blue solo without any action even inside the GR. good luck on doing economy and forcing to craft something on the server start with such mechanics. this is out of control atm. remove lootboxes or make it only low tier green max. getting 22str blue weapon out of it in safe zone is something wrong while getting from the chief epic with no stats on it. 7) embargo and win condition? is it works? winning gives nothing. 8 ) infinite god's buffs. fix it. persistent even betweens EU and NA Dregs if you get it bugged. 9) green+ minors. droprate is terrible. while we can farm pretty much any major souls in one evening, minors are almost impossible. this mean I won't equip green+ vessel. 10) make books are stackable if they have full durability 11) vendors and silence shutdowning GR maps. losing vendor with alot on em without any info is not something ppl can like I think. overall market system is something strange right now. 12) events. this future is nice... for active pvp. but it is also abusable in terms of bots. ppl will take a PC, bought 3 account and put multiwindow inside 3 most active zones and... parce events and put it to the web site. whole clan can get notice on where are enemies or king respawn. I can write a bot to do this, why can't others? 13) ontop of p12 flat CD on the key mobs (captains, chiefs, kings, etc) is something terrible. especially flat place they respawn.
  13. we have more assists on the eu server than dis on na 😃 I'd expected to see more assist from current top na clan... coz, well, eu has pretty much poor population. some sieges enemy even do not shows up (except cal+kds, thx for em). win condition in crowfall is something different than most ppl be used to. I mean this is not like: evening login with full force of members, build up decent pvp group setup and having good lead -> then go to kill everyone. the top factors to win is not a teh zerg but exploring and organized actions for examle. or bring over 9000 pplz and delete server with hats throwing. I think ACE's did it not coz they can. they wanna give every single player possibility to make effort. isnt' it? sure, there should be some balancing on current scores and such. all I hated atm is what they does not give winners more exports....
  14. the thing is mostly coz he can run away anytime. except if enemy have also slayer who can follow 😃 dodge should be 5m less for a whole duelist archetype. this (ontop of refreshing dodge rolls on ult) and range spammable skills is the only things why slayers are the best in small scale ganks right now. redirect pain is ok with 45s cooldown. otherwise this class is not for everyone. also it is required some exp to play it. remember, all classes without such huge selfbuffs (huge basic crit chance and Inconvincible buff for example) are grown slowly through crow skill tree. once they lvled...well, this is another game. effectivity of slayers are slowly growing down imo while ppl start wearing better gear with better vessels with better stats on it. Inconvincible on high end lvling gives less profit. once other more tankish classes cap or close to cap their AP, crit, crit damage, defence and such, they can delete all those slayers around. archer with 3k per LMB with crated bow on LMB charge speed with 60m range. you know it, right? what about 3 rangers who shot by assisting? 😃 considering about assassins. well, almost all melee are sucks atm. except some classes builded for frontlines.
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