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  1. GR should drop white only gear, runes. And provide only white items. Without bosses. Only up to R5 max nodes inside spawns That's all
  2. it is not exactly (since EU has also local publisher - Travian) but I think they can play on NA. so EU issue isnt issue. only ping and time is an issue. publishing project in other countries is a big deal. there are alot of problems, laws, specifics and such. so I think for 1-2 year after soft launch ruCF will cutted of other community. until devs get exp and $$ to publish itself. and there is not ways to "fix it"
  3. Nice work here! I would like to correct. Careless Whisper - Meh on the late game with good skill tree and gear. Coz 50% crit chance and 200% crit dmg cap Armor of Faith. Bad. Not meh. Coz it is active but eat minor slot and active slot and need to be recasted all the time. Also cost resources. If Overhelming odds is Meh, this should be 1 lvl down. Explosive Thorns, Prickly Skin, Protective Thorns, Thornshield - Bad. Not because no1 use it but because thorns is true damage and triggered on every single dmg source (2k hit, every single DoT tick). It is hard to balance it and this power splitted between way to much disciplines to be viable. Sparring - Good. Coz this is only one free way to increase your damage by 10% easily without any cons. Since necklaces are nerfed, this can be the best way to increase close to cap basic attack dmg. Weapon Finesse - Meh. Not every class/subclass have access to increase power efficiency through skill tree. Not everyone will focus on this stat through main account tree. This is also mandatory to the pip users since it make (well, it works in 5.9) some skills free to use. About mitigations: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25821-armor-pen-how-is-it-calculated/ decent post with devs answers. I mean building mitigation overcap is a nice thing versus veteran players. (Overwhelming Odds, Armor of Faith etc) And Sturdy are still stupidity OP
  4. same topics all the time 😃 coz it truth. but problem not in numbers. faction war was unbalanced right after devs introduce factions. and will be 4ever. disbalance is not about numbers but about quality of forces + activity. chaos on NA can get more ppl but with more small groups/guilds while balance can get 2 big coordinated forces and they win ofc. anyway it looks like order on NA does not exist for a long time. pre alpha, low population you can say? can be.... same for EU server which was oneside swamp faction for 1.5 year. now strongest community splitted and they get atleast some decent fight. still 2 faction war. 3-th does not exist or can't bring decent power. factions will be utopia forever in CF if devs wont start fixing pvp mechanics. someone can say wait until dregs will born... well... dregs will be the same (strongest clans will ally and eat everything). you can say more ppl will balance sides? nope. never. no1 like to lose. if there will be no ally, so strongest clans will coordinate on the sieges and did no frendly fire. etc etc shortly I hate and what I think should stimulate pvp but it make pvp non existed. about points capturing tags: 1) boring 2) useless => no reason to do this => no fun => no ppl => no pvp => not a content about villages capturing: 1) have non primetime players and win 2) bring more and win 3) no tactics => not enough ppl? not going there => can't capture or participate => get no respawns on the keep siege about keep sieges short tags: 1) zone cap 2) ballistas 3) r10 guards 4) no real tactics 5) keep give almost zero => no fun for attackers => no fun => empty sieges => no pvp => not a content about regular pvp tags: 1) 2k SP (dunno nerfed or not) 2) healers 3) gear based 4) not builds based 5) only 2 global roles: heal and damage =>1/2 of the party healers. no heal no deal about large pvp tags: 1) get inside nutcap - die 2) get pulled - die 3) no escapes/jumps/gap closers - die 4) get random invisible oneshot from orbs detonation 5) healers => 2 zergs stay and try to pull each other => less geared/coordinated/supported side will be wiped. usually less geared with less heals. I did not count bugs and some secrets which veterans can introduce during pvp, it is still pre alpha. but at least 5 main pvp actions/aspects should be investigated. this is why ppl can and will quit this game very fast.
  5. есть 2 пути. подтянуть английский и играть на евро или америке. при этом придется купить с рук (торговый раздел официальный есть) или через прокси на свой страх и риск или у разочаровавшегося игрока из россии, купившего до начала 2018 года преордер и получить 2 аккаунта. все эти варианты подразумевают что русских будет минимум. ну или на 4гейм играть. с их сервисом, серваками и прочим сопутствующим
  6. https://community.crowfall.com/forum/23-classes/
  7. all 4g_ will be linked with only with russian servers. they also lose access to NA/EU soon (after alpha or beta I dunno). ATM there is no RU servers available. same for EU/NA players since RU servers and service will be separated. sad but truth. early ru bakers get email with code which allow em to activate Crowfall package on innova servers. this is no ok coz on start there will be for sure alot of RU and CIS players so EU will lose decent competitors.
  8. welcome to injustice 😃 btw better to play with NA players. they have much more playerbase. ps. проще найти кого-то из России, чтобы тебе провести операцию по оплате. здесь тебе не помогут
  9. only on 3-th hit now? if so, it looks like old(new) must have for titans disc
  10. do they fix spirit whip or it is still workin as it was in 5.8.6? I tested it those time and it works random. sometimes it does not jump within 2m, sometimes it does not, sometimes it works on a target 10m range and sometimes not 😃
  11. can be outdated since some gear nerf but still you are able to reach close to cap values and get this: Since ComradeAma get published his combat log parser I can publish this video 😃 for the history. Later with better gear I was able to reach 2500 dps on the raid bosses or single target dummy (sad I do not record or screenshotted it) with 1 purple runic and 1 blue regular light axes and capped crit dmg, AP and 30-35 (do not remember) armor penetration. stats like this https://imgur.com/9gCr7iE runic weapon was this: example simple dmg output with remember, dps is not the value. templars, brigands, rangers, assassins can also produce huge dps (brigand trap can tick over 2k each tick) but heal > dps atm.
  12. add Comrade's combat log inside the game 😃
  13. this picture illustrate at the best evolution in every aspect in the world start from 1999 year imo. MMOrpg creating is also here.
  14. where is multi clubs? troll digger from fighter club?
  15. well, at least eu have 2 forces close to numbers and quality now 😃 good luck on keep this as long as you can
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