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  1. scroll upper and you will find some video. scrap build without optimisation but overall whole cleric is overtuned right now
  2. i am sad what you do not see a huge problem right now in every game aspect (not only a class/talents/disciplines/balance but also in craft, gathering, pvp, performance and much more). call it alpha or whatever but since 2015 I saw 5 global remakes on classes/skills and such. all iterations was failed mostly coz devs wont fix bugs and made everything works correct plus some global mistakes like CC and such. ofc ppl whine, cry, etc and made wrong feedbacks based on feeling. this is why instead of tuning current system devs decides every time full remade it. you got more choises
  3. not a build I want to show but dps ON A SUPPORT TANK. it is mechanic plus some minor discs. I neven played clerics but able to build it in 1h or reading skills so on the video you should not watch on the majors but on the stats, class and talents. if you want a real build which have everything for sieges, scale and duels I would rather took an arbiter and ofc other majors plus slightly adjust talents. it will works the same but better. absurd here I see. too bad what you found fun in builds like this coz I have no. and I obvivously wont play such game. for example myrmido
  4. you overtuned CC. 2 CC in a row you retaliated and 3-th will be a death for squishy. reduce retaliate cost by 1/3 for now. the most easiest thing to start from.
  5. shortly about 6.2 patch on the video: wanna more? believe me, such kind of balanced setups still alot of ingame. without ultimate I able to do 600+ dps to the 3 targets. remember, this is range class. how do you like 300 hits in 45 seconds? how do you like wear plate, have zero AP, zero crit chance, over 1k SP, alot of heals, block and dodge at the same time (thx double panel), both preloaded ultimates and much more nasty things. bravo, my absurd meter is full for today
  6. real pvp game players are very stable in mind, have huge resistance or immunity to fire and usually have their own opinion. ppl who cares about words like "move on" or "take a break" and take it as opinion is not a pvp players and should really move on. nothing special for this project they will not bring. until this game became casual pve themepark ofc. ps. devs do not listen alot. there are a bunch of skills they do not fix for years after hundreds of feedbacks and bug reports. the reality of CF developing. why ppl should't know about it if they ask? it helps to not lose tim
  7. myrmidon - titan. setup: [img]https://i.imgur.com/gcioBTK.png[/img]https://imgur.com/gcioBTKhttps://imgur.com/gcioBTK tasty (blood feeder) - not working. not with bleeding from WW, not with bleeding from LMB, neither from bite hamstring (stalker) - not working. . not with bleeding from WW, not with bleeding from LMB, neither from bite bull rush moved to last slot after death. not remember panel slot myrmidon skills. 1) vengeance - still broken. can heal up to 100% 2) berserker (both - BR and Titan specs) - still broken like it was in 6.1 which was reported
  8. harvesting balance still bad in this game. dregs not populated but also have now low lvl nodes. while infected have no loot and give access to all kind of resources without any loot on death. this balance can be changed with player online per map, crow tree lvling and such things but yeah, infected is a boring and there you have no issues like import/export and loot on death in dregs. you can farm dust in save zones also (GR) with huge profit. not sure I would like to see chinesse farmers in this game to crush economy. again, remove decent loot and adva
  9. eu siege times is too late. today half raid got teleported/crashed right after break the keep walls. unplayable things you did
  10. I disabled vsync option. My regular GPU utilisation in this mode while ingame 30-45%. Is it ok what in character select menu I have 650 fps and 100% GPU utilisation? If I open map I have 200fps and same 30-45%. Not sure this is normal. Menu and other ui mode should be locked to max fps
  11. this topic is about 1v1 i think? if so: slayer and titan. all other goes to respawn. those above links is a mix of opinion about small scale, 1v1 and zerk fight.
  12. what is dps in ur opinion? staying at one place and rotating dmg skills on dummy? false. dps is calculated combination of various factors. if you dead - you have zero dps. if you cced - your dps is stopped. if you untouched - you can produce dps. you can think whatever but I still pretty much sure archer have best single target dps ingame in small scale if you give him to do it. and from time and better gear it will grown.
  13. yes. single target dps is more on archer. slayer have less range distance and should stay closer to main blob to do something while ranger can produce LMB and rapid fire from far away. this also mean slayer will get more CC and lose dps like what. the problem here is only blob make it impossible to stay on 1 target from 50+ meters.
  14. OK I will clear and conclude. Range aoe classes which can produce dmg (all about zerg fights, not small scale): stormcaller radical cleric archdruid any confessors promo except tanky archer slayer archmage nominations (on the left - more appropriate nominations­čś× 1) no brain no skill required: stormcaller -> radical -> confessors -> any other -> archdruid 2) very tanky: radical -> stormcaller -> any other 3) very boring: stormcaller/radical -> any other -> archdruid 4) most aoe dmg: stormcaller/radi
  15. eu gr. 1 min ago at the kronos statue I got again stuck freeze. cant move (only dodge roll). can't logout, cant use skills and such. have stable connection, no high srv or something. mobs around does not move. and it looks like it is zone related for everyone. only client restart fix it.
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