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  1. defacto it does not works coz on eu fort windows are empty. ppl avoiding fights. it is just sitting or traveling without any fight for 4h or get zerged by x2-3 numbers. if you already build up keep or castle you don't need those useless resources. it is easier to farm with a mothernodes. it makes caravans useless 90% of the game. if ppl not coming to fight - system not working or ppl just a scared sheeps or game dead. outposts is just a night capping waste of time and a couple of outposts worth like 1 fort - nonsense. all you can do in terms of usefull things is full lock zone with full capturing everything and zonecap it so it will be pve dream. rewards for the winning condition is NOT WORTH hundreds of captured outposts coz you can easily outfarm it on any spawn with more profit to the guild or self. 10 bird nest as one of the reward or siege items which can't be exported to the next Dregs. devs need to play their game
  2. Current implementation is a boring time wasting. It does't provide any fun and energy to do it more times. This comes from a multiple of problems, not only from the wrongly chosen system afterall but I want to make my review what is going on right now in terms of objective fights (outposts, god's shrines, respawn outposts, forts, keeps/castles) at least on EU. I won't make any suggestions how to fix it anymore. I just want to say - it does not fun from a position of a customer. First of all - we have some win cards system with rewards at the end of campaign. Sometimes win condition on those cards are ununderstandable. Devs, are you read it before implementing? I am a veteran player but sometimes can't understand what you want from me. Better explanation how it works and what rewards you can get should be in a gui. Next, we have a global score system (not leaderboard) which we fight for win. Score is privided by holding outposts (regular, shrines, respawns), forts, keeps and castles. Regular outposts. Should provide more pvp through event system and access for a small guilds to get some points. Defacto it is just a night capping, infinite recapping, farming bosses for XP and random chests. Most of the time it is solo warden/assassin or zerg there. Or even better - you came to contested outpost and no1 there or capturing all map but in other corner of map some1 already start recapping it and you can't run there. Outpost do not provide you any advantage except time lose in off prime time. No buffs, no territory control advantage, no fast traveling. Just a time wasting by morning/evenings to recap it for score. Respawn outposts. Should provide respawn and bank. It is. But can be captured by a single person in a minute. Again, no reason to waste time for it except points if you have SUN temple nearby or keep in the zone (except probably NA guyz with capped zone) Total: night recapping, time wasting, God's shrine. Provided buffs and sacrifice place. I think it is ok now. Forts. Most boring thing in this game. Especially with current online situation. Players avoiding it. Avoiding because there is no reason to capture it. Not for a small clan, not for a big clan except some building resources which is usually can be stolen by a single assassin person. 4 hours window EVERY day is not what I want to see. It burn out. All resources which was around keep/castle before now splitted around small maps which is easy to farm in off prime without any effort. Keep/Castles. Also have some problem which called guards. You should bring much more ppl to attack else you will die not from a players but from a guards. Or eu have not enough ppl to zerk it or small balls to attack. I've seen not a single normal siege after release. All resources which was around keep/castle before now splitted around small maps which is easy to farm in off prime without any effort. All of this makes no reason to generate some action.
  3. impale damage on the dirge is looks like divided by x3-5 instead of multiply by x3-5 both slayer and 2 other promos will be reworked in the next big patch
  4. EU dregs leaderboard not updating any numbers
  5. music domain -> song of speed plus some music major like a troubadour (gives 2 more songs) then twisting song of speed twisting mean you cast 3 different songs in a row and 4-th cast will be twisted. check out how much outcombat speed it gives. so it is almost the same speed as a fast mount but you also able to use dodge rolls and other gap closers during this. there are some other options to increase movement speed.
  6. small guild can success. very depend on the game knowledge btw. you can't probably get keep/castle this way but this will prevent you from very boring pig runs and farming boulders/timbers etc which mean you can roam around in a prime time or do anything you need. another options - ally with some1 who have a keep
  7. sky point. near center. big rock. there are huge amount of iron nodes around this rock. you need blue+, ideally at least epic one miner disc (grind it in solaris), you need a green belt (ideally blue+) you can optimize damage with a half elv race (assassin for escape) good luck
  8. NPE is not over on the losing gold from a oneshots. Next it will be getting killed by a group of pplz. Next it will be the question: "what should I do". To be honest, such pvp games is not a mass product. etc etc NPE does not exist in this game aswell as the solo experience (still full of pain but possible solo if you KNEW something about this game)
  9. plate is already useless. why not keep it to crusader I dunno
  10. in terms of the map size, amount of ppl, zone cap easy fix: 1) increase number of zones - this will gives more options to fill ppl around 2) dramatically decrease droprate, spawnrate on everything outside of prime time - this prevent ppl to farm while 80-90% of ppl out 3) once player entered dregs, hes account locked to this dregs server (lets say 2 days cooldown is ok) - this prevent ppl to farm on the other servers in terms of the big zerg I would say there is only one solution here - guild registration on the fort/keep fights. up to 100 from defenders and up to 100 from attackers. not sure this engine can handle more than 200 ppl in the zone with current statement.
  11. 2 heralds in sky point. lvl 40. 6.6k hit. instant, from range. could you explain the reason why they even respawn in GR maps? this mean minus 2 spawns. this is not only makes angry veterans but also new players more, especially if you unable to get stuff back. not sure they should be in GR. anyway it required huge zerg or hard geared camikaze or exploits to kill.
  12. I have in account Blades of Fire Weapon Skin/Sigil [Crow Reward 9] but transmog is not accessible via J ingame and inbox have no blades of fire weapon skin. while this is ingame. can you explain what is wrong?
  13. was slightly nerfed (bleeding damage was replaced to a fire as I right remember, so it is not a pure dmg anymore) but still works as a tank high survivability and even for small scale
  14. chaos orb: 1) can you increase size of this ball for x3-4 times? 2) can you increase SFX priority so it will be visible for most of the ppl (or totally rework animation for something more noticable. zombies from the banshee is the best example) 3) could you make it a bit faster 4) decrease damage you can keep it like this but put on a target who got hit a marker which makes you immune to chaos orb damage after getting 2 hits for 20 seconds. there are alot of ways how to fix this spell. what I pretty sure - currently this skill is slighlty overtuned. I believe you can bring more antibunker/antizerg ideas but not single spell should be a mandatory like a chaos orb atm.
  15. it is brand fresh in latest patch on test. it cost 65k (which is insane for non vip while for vip it is for free) it have cooldown 24h it should works only if you lvl one character to lvl 25+ (I did not tested it) if should not works for advanced vessels (I did not tested it) but yes. it could unswer for topic starter
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