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  1. devs, instead to improve and make more unique futures to current classes which are still semi broken (unbalanced) you introduce another oneshot mechanics to the game. also it seems what frostweaver is a boring version of druid with copy-paste most of mechanics which are colored as blue. doh
  2. dregs? wait a minute its not for 4g_* 😀
  3. 1) оно не реализовано до конца. там много идей предлагалось, пока что есть то есть. 2) оно не является финальной формой. в процессе много раз переделывалось за 3 года. 3) на старте и первые полгода ты точно будешь качать что-то определенное, то есть прокачать все и стать крутым во всех областях не выйдет как сейчас
  4. they know nothing. even less than "soon (c)" all they know is what they will build up isolated servers right after soft launch will release. soft launch != alpha. this way I can only suppose what all 4g_ players on alpha are unable to create guild and unable to even signup to existed guilds -> unable to test dregs -> unable to fully participate in v5.51+ tests
  5. Q when alpha will start? at least month and year. what will be in 5.51 about performance (zone restriction, fps, ping spikes, freezes and such) what about 4g players? when they will be isolated and if they will not be isolated in 5.51, will you give em access to guild content? coz now they have no access to creating guild @Pann @jtoddcoleman can you unswer on 4g question?
  6. I left this project for a long time ago. not a 100% sure on current statement of bdo but in 2015-2016 years it was as I up wrote but why you mean unlike most games if BDO is about grind and sharpening gear? 2-3 days and you have most of the skills and after what you need just +X on pieces of gear to increase damage. +X on weapon and accessory is the same as damage +X on armor is the same as health (defence) imo. if I right understand you words
  7. there was a lot of client holes which was used quite much by players. even anti cheat system didn't help much especially if a hacker did not publish his tools. also bdo had and has big issues with hit register, especially with >100ms ping. there was almost impossible to catch out enemy texture on "skillbased" skills which required some aim. that's why bdo combat rolled down to 2-3 AOE combo for every single class and spamming dodge/rolls/blinks after all. and later all combat (1v1) encounters was like: oneshot from 1 combo else dodge and drink potion, repeat. stupid system to be honest, especially with so many colorful effects which you can turn off but you should chose - see the source of damage to you or see what happened around.
  8. it can be even more than 1500 if they count every single relation as separated mechanic you can watch how skills are development by clicking on several mechanics anyway quality > quantity. most of the skills are poor copy-paste of several mechanics. but they are required to build unique icon, animation and FX effect most of the time. Dunno is it worth or not.
  9. do full wipe before alpha (6.0) until this any wipes is useless and unneeded thing
  10. you are fighting top eu community. this mean they have maxed out at the current stage gear, maxed out at the current stage skill tree (defence, resists) you can search this forum on how penetration and armor/armor bonus works. I see on the video avg400+ stable range hits (300-700 normal and 700-1к crits via LMB). also over 1500 hits via other single sources. all of em are have no load time except animation. this is decent dps versus high end gear and skill tree players. I know current CF hit mechanic (its terrible) but to be honest your target reticle outside enemy most of the time. this is not enough for twitch vision fast dps inside one target. pure ranger is more squishy than confessor, less usefull in scale pvp and have less survivability. correct me if I wrong. ps. confessor is most balanced class atm. do not touch it.
  11. I can say for sure what 4game (or ACE) already start some waves of marketing in our country. as you can see 4g tags especially on eu grown last month. as well as fast fall 😃 it was due to some "reviews" from famous streamers/youtubers (paid one's I think). too early. there is nothing to show atm. ps. I also notice what last 6 month there was almost no news/streams from devs. just hope what it was due to prepairing to deploy big patch and not due to vacations.
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