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  1. main argument is ^. and yeah I have the same feeling about "from niche to bad". I was suppose at the end we will get something like a synergy of MMORPG and MOBA with those dying worlds. MMORPG will bring RPG elements, clanwars and long-term elements to the game and MOBA will bring the best - dynamic campaignts and unique builds/classes/characters or balanced classes at least with roles. the core of any MOBA games - do not eat time for useless repeatable steps and content (heroes). what we get? - mediocre graphics - terrible performance - copy-paste n
  2. first of all, I am do not try to complain but: - 1v1 is not an option, isnt it? - in 6.1 we have pretty decent knights which was almost mandatory for siege and viable in a scale fights. both - dps and tanks specs works well. - 6.2 and 6.3 is a big mistake and a joke with current statement - dmg is poor for all melee non dps promos just coz almost no viable options to buff dmg. - pdm buff from some skills (75% pdm for 5s) wins over the block now which mean you does not need to hold block but just press 1 button (some races, classes like a pitfighter can abuse it) -
  3. remove mobile banking. but it does not help coz ppl have stealth and second accounts. at least devs gain with moneys 😃
  4. hello bots, scripts and other kind of exploites. same effect was in darkfall and other project with "click spell and gain exp" mechanics. btw comparing with games which are fundamental and first in some genres is not a good idea. era of early 2000 end 12-15 years ago. hundreds of MMOrpg projects already bourn and dead.
  5. I wanna repeat. Big amount of players came here from kickstarter. Passive training is one of the main game goal. Kickstarter promise list almost non-existent anymore. Is it really worth to remove system which you afforded so big time just to make some experiment on players population? I think not. So, rework passive training instead of remove it completely. Make this game balanced between grind and pvp project for RL players. devs, you will not make better grind game (niche is already fulfilled) you will not make better themepark game you will not make b
  6. I really hope you will not made crowfall something like a regular "WoW killer" which is really step back in every single aspect to WoW. you add already grindy/rng things like in korean games also. will see ofc but now I really scared. Main thing for today is removing/redesign passive training. If you remove passive training you will lose: 1) money gain from twinkz (bad for you good for us) 2) huge playerbase of lazy old guyz like me and you already lose alot of time of ur and us trying to made it... btw I really want to see passive training but not like
  7. myrmidon changes you did a couple of weeks ago (longer berserker duration) is a balance breaking and does not needed. I will try to explain why. whole archetype of myrmidon was already nice in 1v1 and very small scale while in a large battles (especially with problems like performance, HP desync, amount of aoe CC and bugs) it makes this class worst. you should fix: 1) decrease power in small scale 2) increase survivability in large battes how? well. good question. with remaking some abilities or change some bonuses. to decrease power in smalle scale
  8. the grind is ok actually. in long term MMORPG (not moba, not action fps shoter) project this is ok. but if you have no idea how to store all your farmed stuff - this makes grind worthless. main issue for me - I do not want to spent alot of time in minigame called "bank logistic" which I required to do after 2 days of active playing or after every single campaight. or I should buy alot of accounts which I also wont to do. so I drop alot of worth stuff in trash
  9. 6.2: i vote for cleric probably as a nomination to be viable for every game aspects (crusader or arbiter). he is not so good for 1v1 but very good in any other aspects if you have 2-3 ppl in group. you can dps from range more than some glass cannons, you can be healer/offhealer, you can be tank/offtank. ranger (mostly brigant) is probably very flexible right now due alot of game mechanics like stealth, range, aoe, burst dmg, CC, double panel, lifesteal. he will be stronger in 1v1 but less usefull for mass pvp. I do not count champion (pitfighter) coz it is boring c
  10. if players leave game (no matter - alpha, pre alpha, or release) - it mean something wrong. about motivation to pvp - currently crowfall have no reason to do pvp except fights for fun/e-penis (pvp for pvp): 1) gold? you can farm it solo without any lose of loot with stealther 2) gear? you can get it easily coz amount of resource nodes around world too big (for current amount of players) 3) rare resources/discs are too random to compare and usually gathered by a whole clan 4) keeps for crafting only. amount of keeps mean usually what every strong ally/clan can get one
  11. bleeding - almost non mitigateble type of dmg. as far as I saw in 6.2 it is not stackable. previously there was some skills which can stack. you can override your bleeding by your stronger bleeding. have no clue is it possible with other player's bleedings (in 6.1 it was possible) btw current 6.2 patch made all bleeding based classes worthless coz there are sooooo many sources of bleeding. even clerics can put aoe bleeding with multiple ways.
  12. Remove aoe from the game or dramatically decrease access to aoe to everyone. Start balancing numbers around it. Make heals more target based. Make single target skills (heal, dps, CC and such) stronger so we can keep TTL the same. Your engine not working with aoe. Game is boring with aoe. You will kill alot of problem with such changes. 6.2 bring more aoe in table. Example to be removed or reworked: Aurora emitter Spirit whip Heavy hitter dot Example you can keep Daggers spin Whirlwind (decrease dmg or hits number
  13. how do you propose to remedy the situation? ppl with better PC, faster Internet and bigger numbers who have veteran players will farm gold faster, knew more and capture keeps faster. neutral for all to fight for empty keep is not a panacea due zerg allies. 0 import campaight is no a panacea. may be give all keeps and forts random to guilds at the start of the game? 😃 RNG is uncontrollable for anyone
  14. berserker can crash. if you crash you can lifeleech abit. you know. this is usefull, since I believe (not tested, sorry) lifeleech can heal you while you are berserking to 100%. this will help at least to play in a small scale, farming and ganks as a titan. 10% of lifeleech is about 50-100 per decent strike. avg dps in a battle is about 500 with "new" titan I believe (divided by 2 6.1 dps) but problem is design plus mechanics. you can take what you like but effectivity plus usability will win. blood price orbs is nice but it is minigame which is intertaming in a solo duel but almost impos
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