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  1. well, at least eu have 2 forces close to numbers and quality now 😃 good luck on keep this as long as you can
  2. you forget to say - logistic emulation. take this from this account, put on there to second account, 3-th vessel
  3. I read title, wow its UI, finally!!! then I have read body.. especially I sarcastically like this ones glad to see you have a designer to repeatedly redesign some elements . sad but HUD is expected much more than lobby. not design but working, modern and completed HUD and UI (with floating numbers). functionality more than redesign. at the end, this is also a button. if this button working all the time as expected, I don't care about it design
  4. what will bring me back: 1) ppl who I am play with (once they thing it is worth to return) and new players. empty servers or fighting again and again the same groups is boring. 2) fix on connect stability. fix on random unable to login, fix on random drop from server. 3) fix for poor realisation of core futures like party, UI, respawn system, leaderboard and such. It is really boring to see temporarily realisation for years. so embarrassing to show such futures to buyers. 4) more pvp reasons and less pve 5) if they will start balancing worth of items. what is currency and for what it is as example. 6) if they will start to listening ppl what is wrong faster (2k cap for support power is the best example) 7) maps is empty. 8. fix for inventory and banks. any aspect of the game you will take a look will have really poor realisation or too many flaws. 3 month or so until alpha - I do not believe.
  5. super rare drop mean -1 to inventory slot coz you have to found another X more them usually to craft something 🤣
  6. not only this. you also have to find free space in your bank/inventory which is terrible. and after embargo you have to find twink account or some1 to trade to other vessel to safe it. tetris, inventory logistic online...
  7. or they can drop unique resources which can be used to craft unique item you like. for example, discipline you want (not RNG like atm). wanna make epic major disciplines set - go farm high ranks ancients (lets say 5) to get some souls (unnamed) and then use it to craft with runemaker. nope....
  8. yes. I would like also add: 4) very poor balance between gear persistence and amount of time to get it (overall exploring+prepairing+gathering+bringing+founding crafter+crafting). I even do not count dura lost on death here. just dura lost while farming 5) because of 1/2/3/4, this game is very dependent on logistic (found <-> gather <-> bring <-> craft). there is more and more coming new features which make crafters/keepers/gatherers life very hard. 6) because of 5 it can't be pvp game. it can't be also if you pve 90% of the time. 7) very depend on numbers if all similar "quality" of players. 8 ) no class balance, alot of useless skills. I mean 80% of skills are useless, really. 9) out of control stats amount, out of control RNG I did not count crazy amount of bugs and low development base parts of the game like map, UI, leaderboard and such what is the feeling like it was made temporarily but it become as persistent for a long time already. I really do not understand btw this topic become in pros and cons (mostly cons). good bread to devs.
  9. well in addition to my first comment, out guys commented this article pretty much exactly: "sanctions of america and how ru businessmen's bypass them are looks easier than new Crowfall embargo system". I dunno how to explain every single CF aspect to new players....
  10. STORAGE STRATEGY 1) get multiple accounts 2) bank it 3) lose a lot of time in micromanagement just to craft not sure I like this news. lets see before speaking.
  11. 5 good geared, good coordinated and with correct class setup veteran players can delete 10+ white/semi geared semi new players without any effort under guards. this is the biggest balance issue. not the numbers you are talking about all the time. numbers also matter but only if it is veteran experienced players with the same gear... what can do 20+ with good lead you know I think. what can do those 20 with another 20 as ally you also know. actually gear gap is abysmal. grind is crazy (for pre alpha). broken meta is mandatory (for example you like brigand but should take something else coz it is broken or underpowered). pvp without any reason with huge durability lost (which is probably dirty step from devs to remove pre fixed broken OP accessory). grind = time. current time is not worth to be spent on. ps. I still do not understand what ppl mean by "better player" in crowfall. I can understand it if they will talking about counter strike, darkfall and other skill based. does "better" mean - more and longer hitting with harvesting tool? 😃
  12. not sure about no real drift but I think no one like to lose everytime, right? I mean one real thing about CF - numbers and gear matter. if you have numbers and gear, then you need to get communication and organisation. then you can success. I felt it all on my own skin repeatedly. so, ppl need to split between forces first, then they can fight. eu and especially na have big issue with splitting forces and you know it. this is mandatory in CF. then, in 5.8 devs bring to us real grind. we were spending sooo much time in grind. every single patch this aspect get worse put ontop of this broken 5.9: 1) disconnects/freezes 2) too big durability lost (with party lost). 10 deaths = no epic accessories 3) random teleports under textures 4) disciplines grind which (majors especially) 5) broken again working in 5.8 6) strange timers and recurrect system (aka travelling all the time) etc etc there are also alot of balance issues in CF. time vs profit especially. as result, for example, out of 15 active ppl we have 0. me as well. until better times 😃 eu have 40 ppl in prime time. devs are got lost what they want to make - hardcore pvp game or theme park
  13. ofc it is game performance which is terrible obvivously and was terrible for 2 years already. but there are some ways to decrease camera jumps (with good pc). for example, firm hand + low sensitivity + no panic. no, no and no. easy catch fleeing, easy staying on target, easy dps, easy escape and hello back 50% of the server again assassins. for example if you want to catch fleeing - play knight. no stealth, not so good dps/mobility, tanky. as reward you can disable dodge rolls. as reward you can't escape. there is only one problem with sins atm - not very comfortable for sieges why silly? experienced players give you multiple examples how to increase effectivity of your assassin. you call it silly coz...well, 2 weeks of playing with white gear. such words I usually like to explain like this: 1) I like ganks, look at this, CF have assassins! 2) I am new player and I don't want to understand mechanics, I don't want to get better gear, I don't want to get good party. I just want to win in white gear 3) Oh, I can't win -> assassin is so gimped in this game... such topics makes me sad all the time, especially without any serious arguments. and I really hope devs do not listen this coz I still remember how broken OP assassins was 6 month ago. all melee classes have the same problems. best regards, opposition. learn to play or blame performance and game statement, it is pre alpha any way
  14. double jump + dodge roll not working anymore in 5.9 with increased speed? did not test it
  15. again, not everybody. but assassins have. fae is mandatory if you want to be very mobility and able to fast escape. else do not complain. and again, take escape artist or illusionist if you have reach problems or dps issues. every single melee have such problems you listing. for me this is not an argument. what they can do? 5k crits to dummy? yes. with top gear and cap stats. titans and alpha warriors are hardly depend on party healers. else they die and have almost no options to escape. assassins does not need it coz escape. on eu I almost do not see good titans (probably Vanguard's one) and never seen good alpha warrior. but seen alot of assassins. do you try to get the same experience with you are speaking before complaining? show me easy game with titan plz (I do not familiar with alpha warrior tbh) myrmidon have one CC - net pull which working in 50% of times in bigger than 1v1 fights. all other CC you can skip coz useless. champion have more, yes. So, you can take those class, own everyone you seen, record video, report it and they will be fixed soon. but again, I repeate my questions. do you get top end gear, good skill tree lvling and built correct your class? how many hours you spent on trainings? or you just login, lvl white vessel to 30lvl, get some random disciplines and white gear and wanna split heads right now? it does not working.
  16. I strongly recommend to monitor playerbase, especially on eu server before introdusing new maps. new map with 6 keeps makes it less chance to fight factions and eat more time to travel instead of actual fight (for 500+ online it can be true but 40-50 online with 6 keeps is something I do not understand) ontop of this even splitted forces between maps do not help to get stable connect. servers keep disconnecting players back to lobby (with party lost which is critically bug) and sometimes we also get freezes. sieges every day is not so fun with current durability lost and playerbase. siege should be event, conflict. with reason, with reward. for example, I would like to see 1-2 keep per day max but first you should do something with zerg and respawn system coz 1 force death mean lose in siege for attackers current sieges for me are simulator of running. between maps. fort capturing windows 1h - you can play this yourself, really. the problem is what you trying to make rules for GvG theme parks inside sandbox with loot. if you want theme park, just copy-paste Teso/Guild wars system, do not need to reinvent the wheel
  17. take escape artist and you will get more dodges in a row take fae and you will get longest and fastest "dodge roll". current race/class statement dictates fae is the best race but strange disciplines mechanic forces to take half elf for free slots. 2 gap closers are built in. it is more than some melee have. Blind, "proper ambush with teleport" is the skills from other games which ACE wont reproduce here, I suppose. you will discover alot more shock content right after you try out any other class. balance and "fully working class mechanics" is not about current statement of the game. not everyone able. not anytime. you supposed to keep your target in reach with more experience using right runes. assassins is very mobility class if built right. there are also big issue with CC/AntiCC design which makes CC builds are worthless well, this is how devs build class specs. other classes have the same problems which mean they should chose role. I can keep discussion coz I remember how assassin was born, how assassin was meta for a long time, how he fall and such. but I would like to say before whine: 1) take fae, get demon's pact 2) get blue+ armor with epic+ accessory and epic+ runic weapon 3) get blue+ vessel 4) play alot vs more enemies or vs good veterans 5) experience with builds (test server will help) and then you can produce correct questions. current assassins statement: middle dps, good sustain, 2 viable specs, player skill requirement to success, almost 100% chance to escape in scale pvp. role: scouting, approach from the rear
  18. catapults (or whatever they called, those one's which are longest shot distance) not working on EU siege today. accessory are still huge durability lost whirlwind still blocking other skills and unable to stop and everything was listed 1 week ago
  19. I use other rotation: alt + tab open_interface MouseMove, 0, 300
  20. revert back accessory durability lost on death. with current statement 300 durability on accessory/mounts can be broken in 1 siege. crafting reciepts also can be broken on death. not sure it is working as intended
  21. improve respawn system! current system is zerg based and also based on unwanted fort capturing windows. I wanna suggest 2 ways to fix it. core ideas: 1) death shroud + new respawn mechanic are interchangeable and incompatible atm 2) increased timers on new death if you have any kind of closest to you death place temples makes you able to back to the battle almost immediately. 3) death shroud unpersistent to be viable 1-th way: 1) remove death shroud 2) make respawn cooldown depend on distance and amount of respawn points. https://imgur.com/XxgYnuU if you have keep and fort in the zone and you get killed inside the keep, you can chose - wait here and be safe or travel to closest temple and respawn there but faster. numbers can be adjusted. 3) keep grave on the map until next death. this way ppl think where they want to respawn 2-th way: 1) keep death shroud. but make it persistent already (unable to remove via teleport/gate jump or relog) 2) keep current system but increase also death shroud timer on death. like on the 1-th way: a) respawn on the grave immediately +5m to death shroud b) respawn X parcels from grave minus X*30second to death shroud this way ppl also think about place they want to respawn.
  22. 1) duelist. press down left mouse, you will start doing cycle of LMB hits. press hotkey on any (impale is the best example) skills immediately. you will get... no reaction until you did not stop LMB and stay on the place. 2) myrmidon. press W under berserker and try out to activate pulverize before 0.5 seconds. no reaction on the button -> crash as result. rip in peace. you even do not need to pvp to reproduce it. wartribes in 5 seconds will help. there are also alot of delays in skills which are noticeble after 5.9. best example - LMB hit + neck slash. there are noticeably much more issues but 5.9 kill all reason to login.
  23. this patch is a bullsht. I strongly recommend end current campaign and do not start new one until you fix it. 1 week to fix? good. 4 weeks? ok. but not this plz. as reminder game breaking things: 1) fully desynced all the time. I hit target? nope, it was the air. 2) did not see ally and party members as well as they are me - impossible to coordinate. 3) huge freezes right in time. check this out. healer got dc, I got freeze during berserker and then like this. 4) unable to login, unable to switch zone. 5) disconnecting in the battle... 6) impossible collection of resources (dobes are stay on the ground) 7) stupidest respawn mechanic I've even seen which kill any fun on the siege. ppl keep respawning while you need to fly all the map to get...yeah death shroud. no map markers to get back your stuff hints about quality of this mechanic also. capture respawn you can say? yeah, read 8. 8 ) EU night/day scheduling on the forts make it impossible to catch it in prime time or get decent fight while all who not working do this without any of the problems. 9) broken CC which register 0.5-1 seconds later on my client... 10) broken antiCC which makes CC useless 11) broken OP healers, broken damage on some classes, broken unbalanced runes. you sure you can fix it until 6.0? this patch more ppl will come and they will not be such patient and tolerant like your testers we really want to test sieges (not doing any killboard score), sorry - waste of time to test it. as well as waste of durability on decent gear (which mean also time lose coz you made this game gear aka grind based) to die from bugs and new "broken futures". I really do not remember the patch worse than this one since 2016. /regards,
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