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  1. it looks like no1 report current siege breaking bugs or I did not saw it. alot of ppl using this, alot of ppl blaming this but no report 😃 ok, 1) Ballista's can be placed by attackers to defender's keep walls outside of the walls. this prevent defenders to put on their own ballista's. add to this issue another: huge damage of ballistas and way to big aoe broken siege weapons control (hard to aim) the obscure trajectory or ballista's ammo flying. sometimes it does dmg, next shot hit not registered (I am shotting at the 100m away enemy ballista with 1-th skill) impossible to kill ballista without raid while player inside are totally invulnurable (this is not a world of tanks, right?) possibility to turn it to 360 degrees makes all siege tactics based only on putting those things on the walls. who was faster - will win enemy can pass through walls without destroying it as result abusable ninja keep capturing are introduced 2) Champions, duelists, confessors, any wood elf classes, assassins, fae classes can ignore walls and pass through it. very abusable on the sieges and forts 3) Fort walls can be destroyed only by melee attacks. Boring LMB. should be something else. 4) Stealther classes can gank while in stealth 5) Camouflage + mount = invisible rocket
  2. makkon

    Blood pact?

    blood pact is the disc who never ever used. this is not a path of exile 😃 btw whole myrmidon have very low amount of builds and close to zero unique builds. btw. try out vengeance instead. probably it can works (on a paper)
  3. oh man... if this, if those. also Crem running very good gear. 14k HP dirge. how many dirges do you saw around? also usually ppl do not run antiheal. as well as antistealth is not so much spread out even on the sieges. the mandatory to wear anticlass discs can be in a teamwork party/raid which mean is not small scale. I am no complaining, just a facts easy. you are gathering and get jumped by solo roamer. or you are roaming/walking around and met some pitfighter. duelist (dirge) have access to very good heals. 33.3% of max HP from lay low and redirect pain (150-300 per tick for alot of HP, still can't understand mechanic). in any pvp games with loot success fights is those you are survived. winning condition can be different but keep your enemy busy for a long time, farewell to a huge number of mistakes, alot of comebacks, alot of time to understand opponent gear/build and if something goes wrong - run. well, right after some1 start playing dps champ or cc champ I will understand that this promo is fixed.
  4. ok, dont want to argue. record some fight and put here, may be pitfighter's are really underpowered 😃 in any situations he can just run through whole map until teleport. how many ppl running plague lord on a constant note? do you guyz remember what discs are probably will be expensive and unable to remove?
  5. do not be shy, list em here 😃 1) ... 2) ... who is 3-th one? I mean who can kill pitfighter 1v1 with the equal quality of gear, vessel. without bug using like fall dmg, ballista's. and without abusing anti disciplines. just moving around, found pitfighter and put his face in the ground with a coffe in other hand.
  6. you did it!!! finally yay. btw sometimes with collision you get fall dmg message but combat log shows 0 damage
  7. who cares about HP if you shielded all the time? I mostly saw fessors switch to leather and did not take last passive and feel great. fessors are out of control in 5.8.1, still way too strong in 5.8.3 coz tornado, evaiding fall dmg, best range dps. will check population in 5.8.4 on life 😃
  8. ballista's are way too strong. I would like to see: 1) less HP so it can be killable by small group of players. 2) less fire damage from ballista's. or decrease aoe 3) unable to rotate it to 360 so it will be not possible to shut inside the tree, keep entrance and such. all other are ok.
  9. yep but not exactly. you can play solo and ppl doing this, even veteran players (I would like to say mostly). usually it is gathering. it is just require a lot of time. not all can provide such amount of hours for pre alpha. being in a strong guild gives you access to knowledge, new abuses, alot of game mechanics info and... access to craft anything you want. solo players/small scale groups does not get it. this makes a lot of difference to success playing. now, alot of people complaining about zerg. but numbers is does matter only if they are quality (playerd together for a long time, coordinated, geared well, have knowledge etc). if quality guilds brings alot of players - it is a technical zerg. if teh zerg ally other teh zerg so there will close to zero chance for other players to get fun. this is called oneside (swamp) what happened on america and partly on europe servers (well, eu chaos have a chance to win). what's why I does not understand complaining videos where blue+ gear ppl count opponent numbers. crowfall is not a skill based counter strike. devs wanna test real situation, they got it 😃 it is a best way they can stimulate and watch out before soft launch what is going wrong. all uncle bobs working hard. beautiful experiment
  10. developers only. there is no clear info on vessels there is no clear info on stats (for example what is AP and how it is works, how stealth works etc) there is no clear info on what you should do after you login there is no clear info on how to craft, how is it working and what you should gathering there is no info on siege mechanic ontop of the broken things like jumping over walls without breaking it there is very poor class balance and from time to time even game breaking bugs (like 50% PDM for block users) which are abusable by veteran players without any a twinge of conscience and much more. as result who cares about excuses - ppl leave project if they does not get fun. isnt it? no win = no fun = no ppl = no CF. I can stay with it (outnumbered for 2 years already) and I really dont care about lose or win (pre alpha). not sure about other ppl. win is mandatory for pvp players. it should be sometimes. else there will be only oneside campaigns
  11. some ultimates are terrible, some are OP, some was designed in SP period and then dramatically owned by soul power, then dramatically owned by removing FX, some can be double casted. but some ults are working in the air which makes it possible to survive in " mathematically unwinnable" situation called fall dmg same for some other classes. could you add it to any single ultimate power and start reworking old ones which are nothing but stub of history
  12. Yes, it is should be. But current implementation is quite bad. I'd suggest remake it. Start countdown right after you release your crow. Show counter while in crow form. It is really boring to get back and respawn inside the enemy without any chance to survive. Also debuff should be consistent coz current relog/going through teleport things is very poor design.
  13. will correct here - I dont care actually. this is not my pain in the head. I just know what there will be most maps unfair and ppl start leaving project. no1 like to lose all the time. how they can fix it? well, thinking in 2 mins and I wrote above. what's why there are mostly theme park games only nowadays
  14. if devs haven't and won't adjusting all the time losing faction (any way - dmg buffs, hp buff, mitigation buff, score speed x2, stronger guards, less timers for defending etc) they need some auto analytics. if they did not do so, there will be 1) contract campaigns 2) unfair campaigns 3) one-side campaigns etc etc etc as result -> ppl leaving. sad but true
  15. well, typically devs have access to every single item to the game. they can analyze quality, quantity or the gear inside campaign in theory.
  16. now emulate the situation: one faction (f1) have alot of new players or have low gear and not organized or mostly full of very small groups other faction (f2) is a biggest clans. crafted, geared, have knowledge. they are working only together, know each other. and... they can have less ppl. you suggest giving f2 dmg buff. you sure? if they give us such mechanic so only depended on score and some very complex calculations
  17. eu server today's siege right after patch bring again huge freezes which wasnt yday. unplayable for some classes
  18. same here. night recapping forts boring pvb captures and staying for capturing NA guests passing "good" forces balance score does not changes. there are still 1 keep to the Chaos force and the rest to Order.
  19. most of my favorite games have died like this in first 4-6 month. by "died" I mean rapid population loss until unplayable and unenjoiable state
  20. correct me if I wrong. numbers is does not matter in current situation. there is only matter gear, experience, coordination and teamwork (postulates next). in my old exp this called as "teh zerg". teh zerg is not always mean outnumbering (sometimes overall they have more) but mean what alot of veteran players with best/better/maxed out postulates are united in alliance and ruin server. this works like charm some time, next there will be only a fall. very fast fall.
  21. EK. there are alot of open for almost 24/7 with traders and such. forts. can be captured by 3-4 ppl or with 2-3 with heal. yeah, current game mechanic strongly encourages being zergy. sad but truth
  22. it is not possible with current rules imo all depent on wishes biggest and strongest clans which are 5-6 for whole CF atm 😃
  23. simple abuse to avoid current abuse is getting twink (stealther will be the best) for banking inside a spot or somethere near. this was working in every single pvp game with loot. also you suggestion does not fix: 1) gathering around keeps or forts with banking every 10 mins coz bank is a very close 2) zerg roaming which can ruined every new player/group of players 3) not a prime time gatherers which mean most of "top" players making their gear by nights or mournings while most of the other players are sleeping or working and start "hunting" in prime time. also embargo is not ready atm.
  24. dont see any reason to change reward since they have no stat difference but this was perfecto emulation of the launch campaing where will be export/import which mean you know what 😃 and this system will not work as it is now defacto. ruined campaign is all what we get as result
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