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  1. Could there be a way for magic classes to add magical defences and counter measures to forts, buildings, and structures in the campaign?
  2. Its not about haveing giant waves of mobs but about adding an edge to a side or give a resourse to compete over.
  3. A lot of the art and character design has been very western and european, it would be great to see some designs that are based off the middle east, Asia, and Africa.
  4. A neat layer of costumization that would be bound to a character forever could be Tattoos that effect your states or give you a special ability. I have never seen something like that in any MMO or RPG.
  5. I think a great way to spice up a campaign is to have influencable factions that can sway the tide of battle. They could add soldiers to the fight or provide more resources.
  6. I think terrible dread beasts that can really do some damage would be great in any campaign. A way for things to drastically change like an unexpected storm sinking your navy before your big invasion. Maybe hordes of zombies, that in few numbers not a problem but in huge groupings can really distract you from the PVP. With those kinds of things we see who can hand multiple fronts or can capitalize on the enemis misfortune.
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