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  1. The cast time of free weaving was a real issue in large scale combat because you get always CC. The Ice targeting is way better but still needs some tweaking (targeting problems with the camera being low and close to your character). Class/combat balance will come soon. Just be patient and stop complaining about OP classes. The game is still in development.
  2. The problem is even worse. Log to an EK with 9 friends to run a 5v5. Watch your fps before starting the fight. Run the fight and then watch your fps ... You don't need 30v30 to see that there is a performance problem after any fight. But like you said, restart the client to refresh your fps.
  3. I agree with @royo. The duration in death/crow form is too long, uninteresting, and kills the gaming experience. With a lot of players coming for the beta, a lot of them will die over and over. Do you want them to spend most of their time in death form without the ability to do anything but wait ? Here some suggestions: -> Re-spawning instantly in the temple (or another location) and being locked in there for a specific amount of time (X seconds or X minutes) will enable the player to do something right after being killed and will prevent him to quickly come back to fight (if that's a problem). -> Re-spawning instantly anywhere but with a debuff that lasts X seconds/minutes. Each time a player dies, the debuff adds/removes something (like a stat or X percent of max health. It will enable the player come back immediately but with some restriction. -> Re-spawning to any safe location (fort/keep/castle) / respawn statue (without ownership) by travelling in crow form without death time. Bonus : Remove or give the EK owner the ability to config the death time. @Pann @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair Thx for your time
  4. Too many players are destroying their (good) inventory items once they see that they can't win a fight. That behavior should not be allowed. It removes the fun of lootable PVP My suggestion : -> Do not allow players to destroy their inventory items when they are in combat mode. OR -> Once they are dead, place back in their inventory items they destroyed in the last X seconds.
  5. @Yumx Our core players have been active for a month and have enough experience to make constructive criticism. We provided feedback whether you like it or not. In order to succeed in the mmo market, this game will have to meet the modern mmo players expectations. That is what we provide, feedback and solutions so Crowfall can thrive. If you care about this game, listen to EVERY player and stop telling us we lack hundred hours of playing Crowfall.
  6. I confirm. A lot of MMO PVP players don't want to touch this game because big battles feel like a mess.
  7. Never played ESO so i don't really know what you are talking about. Your 8v20 video doens't mean anything. We did that too during the dregs vs Hoa, Horizon, etc ..I watched a lot of your videos but let's be honest when did you face a guild as strong/try harder as you are or better with twice your numbers or 3 times your numbers and won ? Russians ? Come on, it felt more like pick ups without stuff ... About the big fights, i'm saying that they are not attractive. If you like them, good for you, but do you really think that this combat system will attract people ? Just look at the number of players since dregs came out. 300 at max for the biggest update of a millions $ funded game. Something is clearly wrong. If you can't see it then I can't help You're right, I lack of experience on Crowfall but i'm listening to others and to you too in order to find a common ground with the community. You guys should try too. And the main problem I always hear about is that the large scale fights are too long and feel messy. That's a fact. So yes, I lack of xp but I don't need hundred hours of gameplay to see that something is wrong. And I'm not the only one see that. You guys might be at the top but it doesn't mean you're right. Can you share me your critics about the state the of game and its problems ? Thanks for your critics. It's by confronting our opinions that we'll progress
  8. During the dregs, we are able to make nice plays with only 7 players against groups with 15 players which confirms that it is possible to beat a group twice your size. The problem was when we faced 20+ groups. Equipment/skill being the same, it was impossible for us to do anything because spells doesn't scale up, there is no mechanic to face a group of 6-7 healers. Things could be different if there was an AOE Plague Lord for example. The problem of this game is that it doesn't scale up.
  9. Dear condescending friend, since my english is that bad let me use "logic" and hoping you understand at least that. This game is supposed to be a modern pvp game. Nowadays, modern pvp players want the ability to kill a 80-man group with 20 men or if you divide by 4 : 5 men vs 20 men. What I'm trying to tell you is that the game is not designed to make this possible because its CC system is bad (Retaliate is overpowered) and the game lacks of healing, damage and CC AOE's. The game design is great for 5v5 and 10v10 at most. Why that ? because the AOE's can impact all the team (in 5v5) or half of the team (in 10v10). The 1-target spells are perfect for 5v5 but become less effective in 10v10. The problem here is that this combat mechanic doesn't scale up and this is why mmo's players don't want to play Crowfall. Because the game is to slow, combats to long and skill cap too low. Once again ask yourself why the population of this game is so low ?
  10. I would love to see the 5 best players on this game against 20 winterblades. From what you said, it should be possible for the 5-man team to win but i think that you're delusiunal and missing the point. You think about yourself and not about what the players want. You want small guilds to merge or form alliances but what if they don't want that ? What if you can provide another way to give them the ability to fight large numbers with being a zerg ? Remember that the goal is to get the maximum players on this game and to make it thrive. If the game has to change to survive the MMO market then so be it. But don't tell us what to do. Players want diversty and choices. If we are forced merge guilds then players leave this game. Ask yourself why this multi-millions funded game has a little player base even with the dregs out ? Let's be humble and learn from moderm MMO's which had a great success in dynamic PVP. Devs should listen more to new players and small guilds
  11. Sure Aoe's are limited to 5 ppl but how many are effective ? I made longer post here : I would love your criticism on this one. I only focus on providing solutions for this game to thrive. Like your players told us when we fought in 5v5 during this dregs, melee is useless at the moment. How do we correct that ? Why not make them cleave by default and on a lot of spells ? I don't care about stacking cooling. Like I said, the frostweaver introduced the ability to do great AOE healing, Domage and CC which is a good direction for a pvp game with big numbers in a fight.
  12. Your argument stands if the 2 guilds have the same skill level. Indeed, the one with more numbers would probably win. But what if the smaller guild has skilled players that can outplay the zerg ? That's what i'm looking for. I don't care that the zerg team can one-shot me at the only condition that my small group can also one shot the zerg. If this could happen, then this game would have a high skill cap
  13. Bonjour mon ami, The subject of alliance has "really" emerged during the dregs because of the current state of Crowfall combat mechanic. Currently, the game is designed and balanced for combat of 5 versus 5 for several reasons : - 5 is the maximum amount of players in a group. - 5 is the maximum amount of targets for AOE spells. - AOE spells are not really effective (except the druid electric dot and the frostweaver volatile ice combo spell, shatter storm is useless since the nerf) - The limit of 5 players forces you to find the best and optimal group composition which means that a lot of classes and promotions are useless and will never be played. - In order to optimize your effectiveness, you are forced to play dumb composition like : 3 frostweavers spamming volatile ices with 2 healing clerics .... - The lack of lots of AOE's - Too many skills are single target - and so on ... You said : "The reason "small guilds" feel so outclassed is Crowfall, when played competitively by folks of equal skill, training, and organization, is extremely numbers sensitive. [...] Having 2-3 more people is a big advantage in a fight between V or HoA." => With this argument, you confirm that the skill cap of Crowfall is really low and that quantity matters at the moment in this game. Quantity should never be the reason of a win. Quality should, and that's the problem of this game. It is not designed to let 5 highly skilled players win against 20 normal players. And it is also not designed to "punish" mistakes. Example 1 : the way Retaliate works makes CC useless in this game. Which means that our 5 skilled players can't rely on a perfect CC rotation to kill the 20 ennemies. Example 2 : your 5 skilled players will never have enough dps against the 5-6 healers of the 20-man group. Another real example to illustrate : Some guilds complained that the healing frostweaver was to strong because it could heal 6-7 players against 10+ players. In the mind of those highly NOT skilled players, a larger group should always win against a smaller group. If that's not the case, then the healer of the smaller group is OP and needs to be nerfed. This is exactly what is happening with the healing frostweaver. Zerging has always been a problem in MMO's and alliances won't chance anything. We saw during the dregs how big guilds don't attack each other and crush smaller guilds ... This game needs 2 things to thrive : - Force big guilds to attack each other - Change the combat system so a highly skilled 5-man group can win against a normal skilled 20-man group. Give me your constructive criticism Votre grekko ❤️
  14. Hi @thomasblair , is 5 cooling ices max intended or bugged ? Frigid ices are not limited to 5. If this is intended, you just killed the promotion. The Frostweaver class introduced the ability for a small group to face and win against a larger group which is a very good direction for Crowfall. Healing frostweaver is effective against zerging (facing more enemies than your group numbers) and rely on making a lot of cooling ices since its healing spells are weaker than other healing classes. I hope it's bugged (and not intended) because Frostweaver is the best designed class so far. I also hope that you didn't nerf the class because of unskilled zerging guilds (15+ players) complaining that they cannot kill a 7-8 players guild that is using frostweavers to counter them... that would be a shame and the wrong direction for this game.
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