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  1. As a content creator, I would be very interested in having the same ability y'all had during the filming/tracking of the HD tournament. It helps with camera angles. I do intro/outro and mid video overlays that would be awesome if I could catch the right camera angles when a character is doing an ability. It just opens up the possibilities. I didn't see a suggestion box so I am posting this here. Let me know if I missed a better location for this.
  2. i have To say... those that tRuly believe that nOt wiping is for the best.... y'aLL are crazy...... crazy genius! the POSsibiliTy of not losing all that work sounds amazing! love it. keep up the good ideas. they once said putting a touchscreen communicator in everyones pocket was crazy... now look at us..... global addiction to phones.
  3. I hear wipes are the leading cause of carbon emissions #NoWipe2021
  4. Before the GR it was fine. Still got plenty of embers to make good gear but the enemy had a chance to impact it. The main gripe here is the GR. As we speak we have guildies pulling blue/purp ore from the R6 ML's in the GR and as many embers as I am pulling. This is free gear up to purple. Ridiculous.
  5. T10 nodes spew a fountain of mats. We can get thousands of ore in a few hours. Thats not the bottleneck for top tier gear, they made embers be the bottleneck... then let anyone get as much as they can farm without any consequences. If there is 3 of me working in the GR for a day we can have enough embers for 2 full sets of epic armor. Having the embers only in a PvP area would also add another level of PvP aspect to the game. Stopping the other faction from ramping up.
  6. Which makes me wonder what gold would be good for in the future of this game? I wouldn't sell a single ember in this economy once I have my leveled main. I wouldn't want anyone by my own guild to have the top gear.
  7. Agree to disagree I guess. We were hoping the PvP game would be less carebear when it came to acquiring the top tier gear for PvP/sieges.
  8. They should make chaos embers only drop in PvP areas. Give me a chance to stop the other factions from having the ability to make Epic or Legendary armor.
  9. So I wanted to make a quick vid of the difference between drops from basic and R3 nodes. Not only do I get a single dust per basic node but I ended up getting 2 embers, back to back (because the game wanted to help prove a point?), but I ended up with 4-7 dust per node at ~ 7 hit per node. Compared to 3 hit for 1 dust and embers are almost non existent to me. This dust drop is normal and embers drop rate is based off dust. Before I was stopped/ganked throughout the day. Now its all mine all day with no worries.
  10. So Balance would have a roving group to cap forts and gank. They only needed one guy to kill my harvester. If they found me and I couldn't bank fast enough I would lose whats in my inventory, I have been stopped from farming and wouldn't go back for X amount of time to let the heat die down. The ganking would stop me, on average, about an hour or two a day. This would be about 15 or so embers and a little over a thousand dust. Times that by X amount of times a week I would dedicate to farming. Some weeks 7 days. And thats not counting whatever they were able to loot off me. Does ganking seem so trivial? I get to keep all of that now and have zero worries. Keep in mind, my build causes R3+ nodes to explode with crits causing the dust and embers to drop more than basic nodes. This is why its so important as opposed to hitting things in the EK.
  11. I sold stacks of dust and embers (made about 160k in 3 days) from hitting R3 nodes during spring. I am currently doing the same in GR and personally have 19 embers and 1600 dust in 94 minutes. I'll have enough embers to make an epic chest piece and 4 sets of full blues before dinner time. At least before I had the threat of getting ganked/stopped/losing whats in my inventroy. Now its freeee mats.
  12. Glad I joined CC. Great group of guys who support their people and don't shy away from tough battles. Come join to help tip the scales in our favor against the zerg of balance. Guaranteed to have a brotherhood of guild mates who will help you get leveled up in gear. You can bet this guild will stand firm on Chaos and fight the evil Balance faction until victory is ours.
  13. Why make the leap ALWAYS 16m? It should be able to target someone or something and it CAN leap UP TO 16m. It would also make the second leap nice. I can hit someone from 16m then jump 10m to the next one, knocking them both. Or, the main reason I would like it to change, have the ability to jump straight up and down while I am fighting someone.
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