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  1. I have recently joined ascendance and in less than a week I am already happy with my decision. It's a great community full of people that are in for an active experience for the game once is out. But while the game is not out yet the forums is a great place to meet other guild members and community members from other games too. Every now and then events are made in different games thet you are free to join in and have lots of fun, for example last Tuesday there was an Overwatch night where I got to meet lots of members since I am new and Had lots of fun on the matches as we played as a full team. This is definitely a guild for you if you are looking for a group of people that will be focusing on making impact on the Crowfall world, in whichever way you would like. You like to craft? Do so and be prepared to be one of the best crafter of the games with the support you will get from the guild. You like PvP? Join a team full of competitive players that will surely be making their way as the top champions of different campaigns from the game. Roleplaying? Get into full character and be the fantasy myrmidon you always dreamed to be! Whichever kind of player you are, if you have the desire to be great, and put the dedication to acomplish such a thing, you will fit into this community!
  2. Are the characters we using on the tests and the skills we are progressing going to go up untill tests are over in general or they will get reset when we reach a certain point in testing? Also I am guessing that once the game is launched we are all going to start from 0 right? The only things that will be kept for us will be the name for our crow and guilds that will reserve in the future? These may be stupid questions but are some doubts that I have and haven't really found an answer while looking these things up.
  3. Hello started to read about Crowfall about a week ago and it caught my attention immediately so I signed up for the beta and started to read the forums and I liked it so much that today I pledged with the Gold Bundle, so hopefully I'll se some of you on the test today. This game looks amazing and can't wait to start my journey in it and see how it grows and develops.
  4. Boozlord

    My rig

    I have a Laptop with Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM and a GTX 880M will this be enogh for the game?
  5. Hey guys I just became a backer I saw this game while looking up new or in development MMOs and this caught my attention straight away the idea just fascinated me, hope we can all have a great time on testing and once the game is out. And I'll just post some info about me: My name is Guillermo Caballero but in the gaming world I'm refered as Buzzard or Boozlord, and I come fromAsuncion, Paraguay, I am currently following my degree here in the United States. I have been a gamer since I was 3 years old until the present day about to turn into 20 on 20th lol. I was looking to be part of a MMO for sometime, but I wanted a new world a fresh experience where most of us are going to actually be starting our journey and it seems I found the right place to do so. Just one quick question since now I'm a backer what do I have to do in order to get into the testing that is scheduled tomorrow? If I am eligible for it which I'm not totally sure. Thanks and nice to meet you all! Edit: Liked the game so much from all that I have seen that I upgraded myself to Gold.
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