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    Crowfall, Gaming in general and my career Automotive Technology.
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  1. I have recently joined ascendance and in less than a week I am already happy with my decision. It's a great community full of people that are in for an active experience for the game once is out. But while the game is not out yet the forums is a great place to meet other guild members and community members from other games too. Every now and then events are made in different games thet you are free to join in and have lots of fun, for example last Tuesday there was an Overwatch night where I got to meet lots of members since I am new and Had lots of fun on the matches as we played as a ful
  2. Hello started to read about Crowfall about a week ago and it caught my attention immediately so I signed up for the beta and started to read the forums and I liked it so much that today I pledged with the Gold Bundle, so hopefully I'll se some of you on the test today. This game looks amazing and can't wait to start my journey in it and see how it grows and develops.
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