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  1. cc move kick to the crotch, combo stun and knockdown. Applies a damage debuff.
  2. Aranoc

    Ranger Arrows

    stats do not seem to carry over. What ever is the worse ammo you have it will all change to that when stacked from what I have seen so far.
  3. Glad that more of the fundament, structural pieces are getting introduced. The sooner these things are up and running well, the better.
  4. I think if they are using an ammo system that they way they have is set up works. Because with the melee energy in range and ranged energy in melee with ammo will not work, because if you have no arrows, what can you shoot. Unless you beat them with your bow. I like the ammo idea this way. I only have 300 arrows left and Winter is coming. Time to get more arrows might be over, will have to think of new way to kill, makes for more interesting play and adrenaline spikes, that you will remember for years.
  5. 1. Heard about crowfall on youtube video for top up and coming MMo's. 2. For me the FAQ was the most useful to get a better idea of things related to the game. 3. I don't really think I would change anything. But I bet you will hear alot of comments from others.
  6. Is your Frame rate this bad in the hunger Dome keep aswell? I am just wondering what to expect with my Pc once I get in to try SP.
  7. Got it figured out. Throne what country are you folks based out of for crowfall. Will you be mostly NA, or all over?
  8. I tried to sign up on your site, but for some reason it would not take my application. I believe it might have be related to the 2 questions to make certain I am not a bot. I would still like to apply, so any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Aranoc

    All things Knight

    So maybe I am not seeing it, but I was looking in the advancement trees for the knight, and as of now it doesn't look like we gain the ability to use any new weapons, but each promotion specializes in either sword, axe of mace. Is this just placeholder for now? I am wondering because of some of the posts I have read about knights using bows.
  10. Within the spirit of setting yourself on fire, if that doesn't seem to be balancing things well enough, you could always add and increase to the damage taken when on fire, from other sources other than said fire that is roasting your ass at the time. Would make it easier to burn them down, so to speak if they are stacking heals. Just a thought.
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