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  1. man0fbass Stream URL - http://twitch.tv/man0fbass Phase - Beta 1 Schedule - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @man0fbass
  2. What are you guys most excited about? I like the idea of crafting only being a viable option
  3. Perhaps procedurally generated crafting recipes could work? (Kind of like how rogue-like games make their dungeons)
  4. This seems like a great idea. Perhaps you'll be able to take on character flaws to get more creation points too.
  5. This is all rampant speculation and opinions are my own. Character Selection (source) On the left side, we can see that there are 12 different archetypes. My guess is that these are the games' various classes. Starting from the top row, the first three archetypes appear to be wearing heavy armor. We know that the second archetype is the Knight, so I'm guessing the first and third archetype are variances on these. (ie: Paladin, Barbarian, etc.) What really interests me is the last one in that row. The character shown appears to be wearing heavy armor, but he's also carrying a book. Since he doesn't appear to be carrying any melee weapons, my guess is that this is a battlemage. Moving onto the middle row! The first archetype appears to be wearing a quiver. We can't really see what she's holding, but I'm guessing that's an archer of sorts. The second archetype doesn't have any visual clues as to what it could be, so I can't really make any guesses as of right now. The third class is wearing a mask and is wearing only cloth armor, so my guess is that this is a thief. The final archetype's face is covered up by the Knight's sword, but you can see what appears to be a fireball in the upper right hand corner of the image. I'm not really sure what this could even be! The final row shows some really odd-looking characters. The first archetype is a... deer?! I have absolutely no idea what this could even be. The second archetype is some sort of fantastical creature. Again, I'm clueless here. The third archetype looks like a druid; the image is practically screaming 'nature'. The final archetype shows an older looking man with either a really long beard or incense in front of him. (It kinda looks like white smoke.) I'm not sure which though, but we'll probably find out eventually. Below all the archetypes, we see something called "creation points". I have absolutely no idea what these are used for: there's no other clues that relate to this. It seems interesting though: perhaps creating a character comes at a cost? Alright, moving on to the right side of the picture. This panel shows information on your character's stats. The basic attributes are: Strength (probably damage) Dexterity (attack speed?) Spirit (magic-related?) Intellect (also magic-related?) Armor (probably damage reduction) Movement (how fast you move, duh) There's not much interesting stuff here except for Spirit and Intellect. I'm curious to see what Spirit and Intellect do; will there be two different practices of magic? There's more detailed statistics as well. I'll only talk about the ones I find interesting since there's a lot of them. Critical Hit Damage: Traditionally, crits do a set amount of extra damage. However, this stat shows that we might be able to change what that amount is! Power Damage/Cooldown: My guess is that you can go into a "Power Stance" or execute a Power Attack. This stance/attack will cause more damage to be dealt, but it comes at the cost of a cooldown. This leaves your opponent an opportunity attack. Fire/Ice Damage: The fact that this is on a melee class is pretty cool. Warmth Conversion: This stat will probably help your character survive in colder climates. If this is true, then weather will be playing a huge role in the game. Dash Count: Probably works like Epona in Ocarina of Time. You get a set number of dashes, which regenerate over time. If you let them run out, it takes longer for them to regenerate. Life on Hit: No idea. Perhaps life drain? Hunger Resistance: Probably means we'll have to eat and drink to survive. The other interesting thing on the right side of the screenshot is "Promotion Classes". My guess is that at a certain level, you'll be able to cross-train another archetype or take one of many paths further into your archetype. I'll do the next screenshot when I have time to write about it. Sorry about the wall of text!
  6. man0fbass

    RL pics

    I work at a Cub Scout summer camp. This was my costume.
  7. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN KappaHD// My guess is realistic graphics. A hardcore PvP MMO with cartoony graphics would be really weird.
  8. Slowpoke Sloth OP In all seriousness though, this game's vibe is much more serious. The only unicorn that would fit in is this one: While there have been pictures of dragons on J. Todd's Twitter (here's an example), they seem more like hostile mobs that wouldn't be caught dead with a player on its back. Unless there's a class that has to do specifically with dragons, I don't think we'll be able to ride them. If anything, I'm guessing more realistic things like warhorses. If there are any magic users in this game, perhaps they could get their own arcane form of transportation. Levitation? Short bursts of flight?
  9. Unfortunately, no. I happened J. Todd's Wikipedia article and I saw Shadowbane there. I really wanted to play it, but I didn't find out about Magicbane until today. It really seems like an interesting game from what I've read, especially the forum metagame. If I could, I'd love to give the original a spin.
  10. implying that the only game we play is Wizard101
  11. When you implement a non-cosmetic cash shop, the game becomes pay-to-win, even if the advantage is extremely small. However, I have no problem with silly-looking items that have no impact on gameplay and help support ACE.
  12. Real quick: what beta group are you guys in? I'm in 1.
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