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  1. If the game ends up being successful I can see them doing this for super elite players that have to qualify via CW wins with a cash prize or something extremely exclusive for being the winners of this mode. This could end up being the ultimate item sink for the mmorpg
  2. It does seem that this current version lacks any hype or excitement around it and there is a big LUL period. I would hope the HD version brings back in a lot of players to the game. I know i want to test out the HD so that's +1player for someone who hasn't logged in for like 4 months or so.
  3. EK upkeep will have to happen or else how will anyone ever go to someone elses EK. It may not be 24/7 but if it is up for 1-2 hours after your character or someone else character has been to your EK that will end up with a lot of EK being up 24/7 if they do the purpose of acting as players stores like they original intended to be. Better stats. No, my understanding is the skill points are the same but you just got to ability to allocate them how you want rather than how the devs made the preset character for you. It's not like a paying player would have (100 or whatever arbitrary number) additional stats / skill points they just might be built in a more correct way to how you want to play or think is correct. The focus can be turned to selling skins already in the game, or added characters for HD like 2-3 extra preset characters as a perm sale or something like that. They can also sell perm characters in HD so if you find a preset you like you can buy it for say $5 to always be available or so. There is a lot of different ways they can spin money off a F2P HD with them trying to push you into buying the $50 crowfall base mmorpg game IMO. Special color for names could also be sold or special icons/emotes think the stuff reddit sells.
  4. It probably would cost them a lot less money compared to all the EK that they will have running. Also they wont need that many servers as the games are 60 people at a time. maybe have 10,000 concurrent players at a time so that be 166 games running at once. Even if they hit 100,000 concurrently players that still only 1666 maps running which shouldn't be that much when you think about 50k+ EK and normal CW running. They can have a default 4 or 5 characters which rotate say weekly for free and if you want more pay the monthly VIP fee to unlock 5-15 a week more characters and or they could also add a buy a premade character forever instead of them rotating out. Say spend $5 to keep one toon there forever. There is a lot of ways they could earn money from a f2p battle royale like moba game . Also the character you make in the MMO are perm in hunger dome so that is a way to get a lot more perm characters designed exactly how you want them. That costs $50. The could also sell skins/wing effects for toons Nothing gets brought into hunger dome from your toon besides skill sets and stats. no armor or weapons etc. appearance stays the same but no gear or anything which means the game is always fair and everyone is always on the same starting point equipment wise.
  5. they should make huner dome a f2p game with the mmo being the standard box cost
  6. summer 2021 would be the earliest you see a release of this game.
  7. Correct, I have no problem paying for games as that is how a company and game stays in business. If they don't make money the game doesn't exist. I am for fair play but also realize there never can be a truly fair experience as players pings and computer will always play a factor. We already have lots of players with 5+ accounts ready for crowfall, pretty much most of the $1000+ backers have 5 or more accounts. I would like little influence as possible and have heavily been pushing NO imports dreg CW as imports can very easily be p2w. Last I heard there is still tradeable VIP tokens as well, meaning someone buys vip and then sells it for gold in game and then buys gears to bring into a CW... I also extremely dislike the backer rewards they have given out for CW in the pre-alpha that have stats like +1% crit rate etc and think those things are going to be considered p2w by the player base. Overall though if the game is fun p2w will not matter. Please post suggestions on what VIP should offer so we can pass the feedback on to the devs. As they need to figure out what VIP will actually do sooner rather than later. We have some ideas being tossed around in the devs forums but more input is always great.
  8. This shows me you don't watch their month QnAs.... they talked bout this last month
  9. You know this is how fake poorly made dergs gets spread around by people "joking" a lot of people will take anything they see online as fact and then spread the lies. #fakenews
  10. having more flexibility is not more power at all. The original vip was allowing you to train all 3 tracks combat, exploration and crafting? not sure if the names are correct but it allowed you to train all 3 where as non vip accounts get to train 2 meaning they have to choose which track they want to train. No matter what they do the game will be called p2w based on the parcels they sold in Kickstarter which will effect gameplay. Anyone that wants to main as a merchant type player will need to have the largest parcel type to get prominent placement in the EK rankings and allow more players to enter their EK. EK server as the market place for goods
  11. there was nothing wrong with the original vip system. Allowing 3 training slots instead of 2 was fine and they should just stick to that. If the game is good people won't care...EVE us a prime example of this. EVE is p2w but the community says it isn't because the game is fun and they say skill plays a bigger factor than anything else.. but you still can buy the biggest/baddest ships for $$$ and their sub gives more skill points.
  12. LOL they don't hand out packages like that. He would get free access to the beta and the game if he asked them
  13. you need to wait for an invitation. They will be allowing email sign ups from 2015 in 1st and around 1000 people at a time to test things out over days/weeks. Then adding in the next 1000 players etc until all is done and able to play the game. If you signed up in 2017 or 2018 don't expect to be playing until at least 1 or 2 month from august 11th as you are behind hundreds of thousands of other players. Likewise if you signed up TODAY don't expect to be playing probably for 6 months. On the plus side is that you get to play for free and by the time you do get into the beta it will be a lot more complete and polished
  14. we are in closed beta as the of11th. Closed beta will last a long time (my estimate is 6-12months) as they need to invite all 400k backers that signed up on their website to the closed beta and let them test the game out and give feedback. They will be doing small waves of backers probably around 1000 or so new people every few days until they hit all 400k and of course fixing things as they go. They haven't said there was going to be an OPEN beta. There probably will be another skill wipe somewhere in the closed beta period. The closed beta is pretty much all the data they will need I imagine. After the closed beta is done there will SOFT LAUNCH where there will not be anymore wipes. where the game is out but little marketing (my estimates maybe 1-3 months). Then they will have official LAUNCH (probably end of 2021) once things are more polished and they do a big marketing push. Then EXPANSIONS.
  15. Don't worry beta will be a long stretch of time, they aren't going to just allow every 400k email sign up in right away. It will happen in waves of probably 10,000 or so over periods of weeks.
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