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  1. More on Crowns & Guilds - Official Discussion Thread

    They obviously are using that as an example of why they didn’t do it this time, learning from their past mistakes.
  2. More on Crowns & Guilds - Official Discussion Thread

    They could have but it would have been a lot more work especially considering name reservation already happened and I am sure some older backer that have purchased it have not even used it yet which the main problem would lie IMO. Say you have a KS who for whatever reason that owns /purchased guild reservation and has not used it yet and wanted to sometime in 2018 ... but come to find their names are all taken and everyone was given a free pass to make a guild and name it... that person would be disgruntled even if they are given $50 in wallet credits... they bought something 3-4 years ago and now was told oh we’re givinv it away for free now and your name has already been taken by someone that didn’t purchase it. Yes, i I understand they did have 1st dibs on names this year already but maybe their over seas/military or had a medical hardship that prevented this etc. stuff happens
  3. More on Crowns & Guilds - Official Discussion Thread

    You just didn’t understand his above statement. Let me simplyfy it for you. They screwed up with KS /2016 packages that offered guild reservation/creation. If they were to make everything free now they would need to do a massive grant to all those backers that purchased it. Instead they are keeping the price they assigned $40 it but are giving away free money with every member added to the guild($10 crowns earliest) ... so essentially it is free after 4 members join your guild.
  4. Commercial you don't market a soft launch
  5. crowns I believe represents the "kingdoms" that we will be waging war over. I think it fits the game well. This is a throne room simulator after all.
  6. Crowfall Q&A Live for November - Official Discussion Thread

    They were discontinued as it cost way more than the $700ish they were asking/valued it. So if you really wanted that your best bet is the trusted traders programs and a package that has it included.
  7. Tomes P2W Model

    That's good
  8. Nearly no Players in the campaign.

    the game is no where near finished which most players don't log in at this stage because there is not much finalized with the game, THIS IS A MASSIVE TESTING phase still so you will not see many players online at any given time. Once we approach the actual beta period, we are still in pre alpha then you will see hundreds of players online at the same time. Don't worry about the current populations and expect to see 1 or 2 people only,
  9. First snap test for 5.3!

    my guess is next weekend 11/10-11/12
  10. First snap test for 5.3!

    yes the roll it out pretty quickly and they have always done this. This is not live build its a test build hence why you don't have access
  11. First snap test for 5.3!

    the fix was to extract everything to the desktop rather than the default location the files was extracting too
  12. First snap test for 5.3!

    got 17% error #1 operating system error access invalid failed to access content on disc write operation
  13. Strongholds: Control the Flow - Official Discussion Thread

    question if its launching this year? You should have known that once they did race/class split that was gonna delay the game/soft launch until 2018. I am assuming they don't want to give dates/even a year since the game might even slip into 2019 at this pace =(
  14. An Introduction to Banks - Official Discussion Thread

    Don't most survival games allow you to make personal storage chests to hold your items? It could be a strong reason to own a house/land in a CW