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  1. there is suppose to be anti stealth things in the game and if you are using alt mule account that is built for stealth for example that probably means it is not geared for fighting or spec'ed that way so if they do get caught they are screwed. Its also a time thing. If a contested area is the only way to bank items in the spirit bank in the middle of the map for example then going back to home base in the safer zones/areas and loading up your mule with goods to bank will take a considerable amount of time and effort which is fine if you want to solo bank things it should be hard and time consuming. The correct way to bank things should be with groups/guilds going on runs together protecting each other and even camping the spirit bank area as a team. Ofcourse there needs to be several spirit bank locations so 1 guild/group cannot completely control the only place to bank things but that's the idea I would aim for.
  2. The solution was remove recall. If there is no fast travel around the maps less abuse. If they do away with this and allow for temp resurrection spots that you can plant in the world it be better. Aion uses/ used kisk as personal revive spots that you could place in most spots in the world and set up as revive spots. The kisk were for short periods of time like 1-2 hours and attackable so if someone found it they could destroy it. A system like this would be nice. you also have bigger and more powerful versions like a guild kisk which you can set up more players to/last longer with more hp and defense but of course costs more to craft and make... you also would really want someone or a small group defending this as if it dies then your whole guild can be screwed.
  3. If the spirit bank locations are contestable locations that could help solve the issues also. Not just players owning it either enemy NPC should also attack and own the location. That way it helps prevent alt camping if you don't do away with recall/teleporting. Also they could make it a trade pack like system from archeage where you have to make pack in a capital/main hub and then wear the pack to the spirit bank location which then disables teleporting/recalling while wearing said pack. If you die you drop the pack and others loot it.
  4. if they have no recall/summon ability this prevents this
  5. You would literally need to have all the CW going on and ending at the exact same timefor this to be a thing. This may be possible with 2/3 CW going but scaling up to 20-30 CW going off that’s gonna be impossible . With CW having won conditions some will end early. You will need to have CW running and ending at different times. Updating with have to be done during CW and effects will be applied in the CW there is no way to get around this. Updating will be a pain in the ass but we’ll get use to it.
  6. lots of big news, even if all of it is not good. Thank you for updated timeline
  7. they sell them, if they can generate enough of them for free with little to no effort on their end in their sweatshops they will gladly do it. 1 penny at a time adds up if they can run 100s of games and make 10 pennys an hour per game for minimal effort. That would come to $240 dollars a day for example
  8. it will happen, gold sellers are everywhere. They can make resources in their own EK as well remember and its not just "gold" they will. They will sell vip as well from the cash shop as it is not bound. HOW??? credit card fraud. Why does it take them about 1 week to sell stuff... they need to see if its worth the time/effort to start a new game. They need demand as well, so once they start seeing demand it appears.
  9. this is not a pve focused game at all but there will be plenty of PvE activities to do once the game soft launches.Most of the pve activites will happen in your own personal eternal kingdom and other players EK. Other players can build up their worlds with mini games like mazes, pve style quests as you can put monster spawners in your EK and more. The game play will be very sandbox style with things being created by the users for other users and fun is what you make of it. This stuff will take time though. Building your own empire and customizing the world how you want will take a lot of time or money. In order to get things for EK you will need to play in the Campaigns though so as a support style character if PvP is not your think. Something like gathering, crafting, harvesting, scouting etc...
  10. you will see gold farmer in about 1 week of ANY mmorpg. People will always buy gold and the value you get will be stupidly low but they will exist. The question is how much span will be prevented/stop so it doesn't feel like there are a million gold sellers cause even one website with 10-50 spam accounts spamming makes it feel like the worlds is flooded with gold sellers.
  11. no the game is not launching this year, the game MIGHT soft launch this year.
  12. Because you still can buy and sell old packages. This is a amazing resource that should still be pinned until at least soft launch.
  13. All for this kind of rule set and it is what I imagined when the game was kickstarted and dregs was talked about. Free for all / friendly fire on CW
  14. The eu servers are still coming IIRC so don't worry about it your ping will be a lot better in the coming months when EU servers launch.
  15. I do feel the game will launch this year. We are closer than many people think with 5.4 and with a lot of new hires and outsourcing they can get a ton done in the next few months. Not all features will be polished at soft launch or even launch. Its an MMORPG it continually improves over the years. I expect Alpha to be March, until Beta which will be May then June soft launch. Todd's statement points to that, and what I feel will happen is Juneish we will be at soft launch, they will run 1-2-3 different (or a very small amount of but this depends on demand also) CW at the same time with the same end dates 1-3 months per CW or if they run others they will make them end all at the same time around October. So the 1st official rounds of CW will end all together at around Oct, unless some win conditions are met early they should all end around the exact same time. If successful polish a little bit and call the official launch with the next round of CW. If not successful enough do another shorter round of CW and try to fix the issues having them end December this time. Then launch once they finish and start up round 3 of CW.
  16. They are suppose to do one of these every month because of the KS pledge packages iirc. The questions get picked out of the private forums and they sadly don't pick the best questions out of there because they either cant or don't want to answer them at the moment.
  17. as soon as it is playable they will be out there as its a HUGE update and this will help push crowfall over the top into the media since now we have PvE things and the game is getting really close to being done.
  18. I'm sure there will be =) I don't recall where it was said but there was a "win condition" for killing raid bosses tossed around before.
  19. this is ofcourse the 1st patch of these parcels, they will make more as time goes on and it will get better and better over time. I wouldn't worry about this at all.
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