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  1. summer 2021 would be the earliest you see a release of this game.
  2. Correct, I have no problem paying for games as that is how a company and game stays in business. If they don't make money the game doesn't exist. I am for fair play but also realize there never can be a truly fair experience as players pings and computer will always play a factor. We already have lots of players with 5+ accounts ready for crowfall, pretty much most of the $1000+ backers have 5 or more accounts. I would like little influence as possible and have heavily been pushing NO imports dreg CW as imports can very easily be p2w. Last I heard there is still tradeable VIP token
  3. This shows me you don't watch their month QnAs.... they talked bout this last month
  4. You know this is how fake poorly made dergs gets spread around by people "joking" a lot of people will take anything they see online as fact and then spread the lies. #fakenews
  5. having more flexibility is not more power at all. The original vip was allowing you to train all 3 tracks combat, exploration and crafting? not sure if the names are correct but it allowed you to train all 3 where as non vip accounts get to train 2 meaning they have to choose which track they want to train. No matter what they do the game will be called p2w based on the parcels they sold in Kickstarter which will effect gameplay. Anyone that wants to main as a merchant type player will need to have the largest parcel type to get prominent placement in the EK rankings and allow mo
  6. there was nothing wrong with the original vip system. Allowing 3 training slots instead of 2 was fine and they should just stick to that. If the game is good people won't care...EVE us a prime example of this. EVE is p2w but the community says it isn't because the game is fun and they say skill plays a bigger factor than anything else.. but you still can buy the biggest/baddest ships for $$$ and their sub gives more skill points.
  7. LOL they don't hand out packages like that. He would get free access to the beta and the game if he asked them
  8. you need to wait for an invitation. They will be allowing email sign ups from 2015 in 1st and around 1000 people at a time to test things out over days/weeks. Then adding in the next 1000 players etc until all is done and able to play the game. If you signed up in 2017 or 2018 don't expect to be playing until at least 1 or 2 month from august 11th as you are behind hundreds of thousands of other players. Likewise if you signed up TODAY don't expect to be playing probably for 6 months. On the plus side is that you get to play for free and by the time you do get into the beta it will be a lot mo
  9. we are in closed beta as the of11th. Closed beta will last a long time (my estimate is 6-12months) as they need to invite all 400k backers that signed up on their website to the closed beta and let them test the game out and give feedback. They will be doing small waves of backers probably around 1000 or so new people every few days until they hit all 400k and of course fixing things as they go. They haven't said there was going to be an OPEN beta. There probably will be another skill wipe somewhere in the closed beta period. The closed beta is pretty much all the data they will need I i
  10. game crashes if i try to change quality settings off basic should put text in the bandages quests saying use K to add bandages to skill bar as most of us are use to using I to open inventory but that doesn't allow you to put things on your skill bar
  11. Don't worry beta will be a long stretch of time, they aren't going to just allow every 400k email sign up in right away. It will happen in waves of probably 10,000 or so over periods of weeks.
  12. This is the 1st version of NPE and only open to backers... the finalized version of this will be when it is vetted and done then tested with the 300k+ sign ups in waves, so once again the can take feedback and adjust it... you are still a long way off (months) from the true NPE
  13. Are we suppose to see these rewards in our accounts somewhere? I don't see anything added
  14. Ya im sure they sold shares of the company to these investors
  15. Ace already has your money, they don't really need to care about current backers but rather getting new backers. The same can be said for any other KS games that don't require sub.
  16. Those are the hardcore fans, the masses don't sign up. There are hundreds of thousands of gamers that will try crowfall out once they launch that have not even heard of crowfall as of yet. WOW audience for example is about 200millions people. At most they had 20 mil subs but over the course of 15 years there have been millions upon millions of ppl that joined for a little bit. The overall mmorpg market is at least 200million people large. Not everyone has heard of this game yet. They also need at least about 15,000 paying subscribers IIRC per month for the game to live. Almost ever current bac
  17. they originally called the 5.1 patch alpha but now they are just saying beta cause it really doesn't matter
  18. They do this during their monthly streams. writing up a text version of what they say in stream would just take resources away from something else. Also they like keep some info secret as to do a big news drop which then gets them free press coverage from the mmo sites.
  19. ya hence why they don't give dates since every date they give was inaccurate
  20. They have you a road map but no dates in the a last ACE Q and A. Dregs is being worked on next then once that is in they are going to go to ALPHA. My guess is alpha will be sometime before December.
  21. there is suppose to be anti stealth things in the game and if you are using alt mule account that is built for stealth for example that probably means it is not geared for fighting or spec'ed that way so if they do get caught they are screwed. Its also a time thing. If a contested area is the only way to bank items in the spirit bank in the middle of the map for example then going back to home base in the safer zones/areas and loading up your mule with goods to bank will take a considerable amount of time and effort which is fine if you want to solo bank things it should be hard and time consu
  22. The solution was remove recall. If there is no fast travel around the maps less abuse. If they do away with this and allow for temp resurrection spots that you can plant in the world it be better. Aion uses/ used kisk as personal revive spots that you could place in most spots in the world and set up as revive spots. The kisk were for short periods of time like 1-2 hours and attackable so if someone found it they could destroy it. A system like this would be nice. you also have bigger and more powerful versions like a guild kisk which you can set up more players to/last longe
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