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  1. Nope. Go back to the FAQs and News articles and try again.


    Ok, I have, maybe you should. There will be plenty of PvE I even quoted from the FAQ for you above.  There is also the player survey that you guys filled out that shows YOU GUYS want a more social and political game verse straight PvP http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm/feature/10569/page/2 


    They are not design a game specifically for you and your wants, they have a target audience now with over 100,000 backers they will do doing things that the majority of the players want to see as to not run off those 100k pledges and based on the data you guys provided PvP isn't the only thing going on here, its  a part but not the main appeal. its not a MOBA where you just pvp all day and hell even in moba there is still some creep farming needed. An MMORPG does not exist with out a good amount of PvE, your lying to your self if you think there wont be raid bosses. Its an open world WHERE pvp CAN and WILL happen but there will be PvE objective even if it is as simple as farm this big ass dude to gain mats to craft weapons and armor for the PvP that will happen later in the season


    Even in the hunger dome right now, I would imagine most players spend the majority of their time killing mobs to gear up before the pvp showdown at the end. So, about 5-10 min mob farming and then about 5-10 pvp...hmm seems like PvE is about 50% of the game, even in  acombat testing mode. This is with fully crafted gear already dropping. With fog of war being active the 1st few seasons will almost all be PvE heavy, explore the map, farm mobs to gather basic materials, craft weapons and armor, etc... until the latter/last season where you are fully decked out in gear and battling for the win. S 

  2. You forgot to put /s after that fantastic wall of billshirt. People may think you were serious and not ironic. But for those who were confused because they don't really know much about the game...

    PvE is not what this game is about -J Todd Coleman

    "Crowfall will not have any PvE dungeons and raids."

    There will be monsters to kill for resources (It's hard to make leather without skins, right?), food, or access to POIs (hellcats need to sleep somewhere and an old mine is as good as anywhere). The monsters will get stronger as the seasons pass, but their role is to make the world feel alive and dangerous.

    Collecting resource will be a large part of the game, it may not be that part you personally do. Someone has to provide all the mats for your uber gears. "A lot of ways to be a badass" These things will be required to make gear and craft. They are also separating the "hardcore pvp" players with the different modes like dregs.

  3. It sounds to me like you are projecting what you want to see in the game, rather than what will actually be in the game. AFAIK, they have never once indicated that there would be campaigns where the win conditions are based in PvE, nor have they ever indicated that there will be "PvE heavy" campaigns, but if you can find a quote, FAQ or video that states otherwise, i'd love to see it.

    "There will be monsters in Crowfall – lots of them – but they are intended to raise the general “threat level” of the game, not to be the primary focus.


    Crowfall will not have any instanced PvE dungeons and raids; however, the worlds WILL be crawling with monsters and former inhabitants of the dying worlds.


    Players will often need to fight NPC monsters near resource nodes, to gain access to points of interest, scavenge for food and equipment and often to simply survive. Many of these creatures are powerful enough that they will be very challenging to defeat – even for groups of players working together.


    Some activities will require players to seek out monsters – some recipes will require reagents that can only be found by defeating certain monsters or require the use of rare thralls (“ghosts” NPCs that must be captured) to bind into an enchantment. Also, remember that the monsters will also become more deadly as Winter approaches and the Hunger bleeds the warmth from each world."


    From the faq ... Did you really think there wouldn't be PvE at all? "Many of these creatures are powerful enough that they will be very challenging to defeat – even for groups of players working together." Means Raid verse raid or at least party verse party since it's open world you can bet that it will be contested if said mob is meaningful in anyway like a special drop or, OMG a win condition target. I don't believe they have talked much about win conditions yet, please show me if so as I must have missed it. They have said that the CW will vary, and based on player feedback/activity we can end up with a lot more PvE style win conditions if they are in demand. I am sure we will see some CW with Deafeat "insert massive baddies name here " to win. It will still be a pop game as it is open world are you can and will kill each other to prevent the other faction from winning but at its core the win condition would be PvE

  4. There's no ideal campaign length. Campaigns have to end when there's a clear winner.

    Surely campaigns with pre-determined factions will need time limits, but I am hardly against fixed time limits for campaigns like the shadow or the dregs.

    Set up a decent victory condition and let alliances fight for it without limits... so the campaign might last 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even more if needed.


    About player limit: I don't want that. For sure there will be a limit based on server capacities, but that's it.

    Run enough campaigns to sustain the overall population of Crowfall, but don't limit them in size.

    If a player wants to play on the overpopulated X campaign, let him wait in the queue.


    That being said, given a population 10x bigger than the actual number of backers, I expect not more than 1 campaign PER region PER ruleset.

    Which means roughly 8 campaigns between europe and america.


    With an average online population of 2000-5000 per server, I expect ~20000 total players per campaign aka something like 200k total players at the start.


    I agree that they should all have WIN conditions but they should have timers as well because what happens if that win condition is never met? I think there has to be both.

  5. as far as i remember, they said, the reward for longer CW will be better. will it just be better than shorter ones or will it be better than playing shorter ones for the same time?


    Yes, the rewards for the longer CW will be better, this was stated in a interview or video from ACE. One of the core things is risk verse rewards, the more risky the better rewards. It will be more beneficial to play the longer ones if you win, iirc some campaigns wont rewards the losers anything. Playing a ton of shorter ones wont net you as good of rewards for winning all of them than sticking to a longer one and winning it, that was pretty much the exact words they said in their interview. They also said there will be something to discourage players jumping into the Campaigns at or near the end and joining the winning side. Participation matters and I guess time spent in the campaign matters as well.


    A lot of this stuff is still up in the air though, I know they talked about 1 year campaigns a while back but we have no info if they will add those or were just using them as a base line. As more info comes out we can get a better gauge on these things.

  6. Recently I realized that Crowfall combat felt "great" at ~30 players in the same battle. I thought it was a satisfying number, even though before I was all for hundreds of players on the same battlefield. In some games it makes sense, but in Crowfall having so many players in one large battle may seem really messy and not appropriate.


    So my preference has pretty much shifted from "long campaigns with thousands of concurrent online players" to something a lot smaller.


    I like to have always a lot of players around me, either allies or enemies, and I realized that if the map is continent sized and players are spread all around it, it would probably mean that only very very populated campaigns would allow me to have players all around.


    6-12 weeks


    ~500 "online" players


    Small to medium maps


    30-40 campaigns running simultaneously


    Sadly, I don't there is any way to tell or guess how many player are actively going to be playing in a campaign at the same time. Everyone will have different play times. In order to get 500 online I would think that would mean around 2000-3000 players in total but again I don't know and this is just a wild guess.


    Or is your suggestion capping the campaign at 500 players?




    I didn't want to sway the votes by giving my opinion in the 1st post but now I will


    I think shortish campaigns of  8 days to 3 months would be the best.


    I would like them to start out with a lot of the smaller/short 8 days ones to test out different rule sets and then finally find out what people really like and have a longer one after they figure out what a lot of players really like playing.


    Size of population is really tricky as we wont know how many players are actually gonna actively play, meaning caps need to be pretty high 5000 like or so. If you cap the campaigns at say 1000 players but the majority of these players only log in once per day for about 2 hours at a time there world may seem very empty. This is another reason, I think starting out with shorter campaigns is ideal. It allows for testing out how long players play sessions are, how big the maps need to be and finding the right balance for all this.


    It would be really nice to see 500-1000 players online at the same time in one campaign. I expect a lot of the campaigns to be faction/team//god based so it will be like 2 warring factions or 4 or 6, if this is the case each faction needs to have at least a few hundred members, hence why we should have 500-1000 active players.



    Based on what I sad above I don't think there should be that many campaigns going on at the same time, as we need the population somewhat together. The amount of campaigns is IMO based on how many active players there are overall. For ever 5,000 active players there should be 1 campaign going on. Meaning if we have a total of 500,000 players there would be 100 different campaigns going on at the same time. I think the dregs for instance should be locked for a period of time until people are geared up some and the game has progressed. This does not mean each campaign will have 5,000 players. Some of these players will be only EK players doing that stuff, some will be bots,spammers, gold sellers etc.

  7. ​How long do you want the campaigns to be? There are 4 seasons and each season I would assume is the same length of time. If this is all true how long do you think/want the campaigns to be.


     8 days?

    ​28 days or (1 month)?

    ​56 days or (2 months)?

    ​120 days or (4 months)?

    365 days or (1 year)?

    365 days+?


    And then what about player limit on these campaigns? There are suppose to be multiple matches going on at the same time so the population will be really spread out... How many people do you think need to be in the campaigns to make them interesting?
    ​Lastly how many campaigns should be going on during the same time?

  8. There may be caverns, and there may be mobs in those caverns, but there won't be anything resembling a traditional PvE dungeon. There will be no raids either. PvE costs a lot of time and money to build, time and money that ACE doesn't have. And even if they did have it, it probably wouldn't fit the game they are trying to make.


    I enjoy the PvE side too, but if you are looking for a PvE fix, you won't find it here.


    There will be PvE and plenty of it, just not in your traditional since of dungeons. Open world PvE will be here and allow for PvP to happen.


    Raids, there sure will be raids and lots of them I would imagine as there will be world bosses, it will be a lot of RvR tho to kill world bosses. I could imagine that some campaigns will have win conditions based on killing world bosses, which will in turn be faction bosses where you probably need thousands of players to down it or something where damage done doesn't regin and the faction that does the most damage to him at the end of the campaign wins.


    Not all campaigns will be the same, some will probably be super PvP heavy (Dregs and such) and others very PvE heavy, it will depend a lot on what rules and what the win conditions are etc


    Open world PvPvE is what your looking at in this game.

  9. Played more ranger and the melee kit seems okay, I still think after getting the basics down of the ranger that it is too weak at ranged attacks. In ZybakTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPPl7MpwqyI&feature=youtu.be ranger video he is able to do 5000-7000 damage with his left mouse click shot at full damage...I have never been able to hit that hard at all, even when equipping a new bow from mobs. 5000-7000 damage should be the amount a ranger hits for not the 3000-5000 my ranger seemly hits for on a full charge. The high range there is the crit hits.


     Ranger should have decent/ to good damage since all the skill required to play it as they don't have that much survivability when they get in melee range. 

  10. I watched the video too and you really showcased the ranger's arsenal. It also shows the improvement of the combat system in general. It might not be perfect but the gameplay has improved quite a bit. Also 680 people signed up via your link? That's pretty cool, since it helps boosts the game's population. We know that this game appeals to the small crowd of rvr fanatics, we might as well do our best to boost our numbers.


    I'm pretty sure this game will be pretty large once it releases, probably 400-500k players at start

  11. 1st time playing feedback here with no other prior classes played.


    Ranger feels like it is weak and would take a while to kill mobs 1v1, although I get it that it should stand back and snipe. I like the range he has, which is about 40m form my playing experience. But overall I feel like the combat as a ranger is too slow.


    The time it takes to cast your 6 buff ice shield is like 5 seconds, the delays between attacks is a lot longer than other games as each attack takes you into a more 1st person view and then also requires a charged bar to deal good damage. I miss the ability to kite, their basic arrow shot should be kiteable not a charged shot IMO.


    The roll dodge is cool and feels responsive but I agree with destrin that the 5m is way to short of a distance on that and it doesn't help you get away or gain any separation for other players. Maybe increase to 10m?


    It also seems really unfair that the hitbox on attacks is based on character sizes from what I could tell . I can see all characters being tiny midgets to make it harder to hit.


    I didn't use the melee hit at all yet so can comment on that part of the build.

  12. Not sure that it's related, but on crowfall.com/client it's written: "Optional Download: Microsoft redistributable Visual C++ files  If you are not seeing particles in game, it probably means that you need to download and run this executable (Microsoft redesitributable Visual C++ files)."


    Maybe you can try to download the visual c++ files and see if it works.


    Thank you I must have missed that when downloading. I hope it fixes it.

  13. As title says, jumped in to test but cannot see any fireball or animation it appears. I am not sure what is going on as my computer is pretty good


    CybertronPC Borg-709 (Blue) TGMBG70945BL Gaming PC (3.5 GHz AMD FX-6300  6-Core, 1GB GeForce GTX 750, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, 1TB HDD, WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-Bit)


    . I tried to increase setting and didnt see anything changing. Lowering setting did nothing either. Any fixes for this issues?

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