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  1. Yes there is over kill and this is not even close to that 3/4 hour timers that mobile games have on lockboxes or collections. 14 hours for tier 1 and then tier 2 is like 28 hours? These are large periods of time and if you are playing a MMO you most likely are logging in daily at least 1 time.
  2. Yes you can and the numbers of presale prove that you can. This game can easily function with 20,000 players split between several severs. How many people do you think are gonna be maxxed on each server? Last I heard it was 1000 on at the same time. You can run 3 different CW at the same time so with 20k players you have at least 20 different CW going at the same time... THESE ARE PRESALE NUMBER TOO they will grow dramatically once the game is soft launched and launched.
  3. WHY? They already have nearly 20k sign up that are almost all ViP players in some way shape or form. ViP can be sold/traded in game, most likely the tradeable ViP will also be slightly higher priced than the non tradeable as we already saw this in their shop at one point. Why aim for non ViP as their tagert audience? As a company you want to make money to pay all your expenses and then have profits. A non ViP player pays one time free of $50 then nothing else, why would you want to go after those players? They have already shown that there is a big enough market for PAYING players just by presales alone. They do not need to cater to the non ViPers in hopes of one day turning them into paying players. The box cost of the game helps push out the riff raft slightly (Nothing will completely eliminate it) , it also helps prevents bots and gold sellers slightly as they have to steal someone CC to make an account now or actually put up the initial cost themselves. It also allows for massive sales to happen for special occasions or special limited time free trail offers that get people hooked and then get them to buy the game. Most f2p games have something like 90% f2p playing and 10% paying players. Doing a box cost means everyone had to pay something to get into the game which helps the business, which in turn keeps the game alive and pushing out new content. This games does not need 1,000,000 players to be successful they are aiming for a small niche market not mass appeal. If said game is GOOD people will flock to it regardless of the cost.
  4. Correct they need to limit this to higher tier packages for a while. Allowing beta 1 and 2 is a huge mistake,
  5. I know they did as well, posting this in the developers forums and hopefully we get more answers on this but they will need to share the info with you since the devs forums is on info lock down from players .
  6. This is a massive change that no one knew about... why didn't you guys announce this?
  7. How do you expect players to jump into the game now with so many complex systems, I've followed the game for 2+ years and I'm now pretty lost?
  8. Are you aiming for higher than 30fps now that you are working closer with unity peeps?
  9. How on earth do you plan to balance characters now with different races having different hit boxes and passives etc?
  10. Where do you want the bugs posted? Bloodbath server I always get spawned as crowoutside of temple and it almost never allows me into the actual temple to select vessels since they are in the fog... Bloodbath server, Once I finally was able to select a vessel could not chat any more for some reason. FPS greatly improved almost always at 30fps now great job there. Can't wait to test combat and sieges out with the new optimizations
  11. Yes another thing to remember this will be a balancing nightmare I bet...
  12. I like this but I really hope that class balance works out and we don't have 10 combos that are the best followed by 100 lesser tier combos then a million trash ones
  13. Which is good, but I'm just always blow away by people that don't see the MOBA stuff here. Original quotes from their KS here "A seamless blend of an MMO with a large-scale Strategy game!" I don't believe the MOBA term was "hot" back then otherwise they probably would have used it in place of strategy game. Even one of the stretch goals was Tournaments... which I think and hope means they will go into eSports with the game.
  14. that part of the quite wasn't directed at you, sorry for the confusion
  15. They are taking the best from both geners and making crowfall. But saying you don't see the moba influence or ideas in Crowfall is mindblowing. It would be like saying you don't see how Coke and Pepsi are very similar yet different at the same time.
  16. If crowfall didn't resemble a MOBA at all there never would have been the threads/comments about it. They have a ton of elements of a MOBA you just don't want to admit it for some reason. Is it a moba? NO. A game that has a beginning, middle, and an end is a lot more like a MOBA than a MMO. You have win conditions which are more MOBA than MMO, you have archetpyes which are all very Moba like character. Yes, they expand on these things and give the player more control over their character development like a MMO and yes there is some persistence where as moba's have none. MOBA + MMO = Crowfall
  17. Pretty sure this is just gonna end up being the disciples info drop, hopefully what ever it is can live up to the hype tho
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