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  1. Sound bugs, music is extremely loud and the sound effects/animation is almost unhearable even when you set the music down to like 10%

    Duleist burrow if you hold W while attempting burrow you guys stands above ground and floats above ground in the burrow state canceling the burrow animation. I am preety sure this is a visual glitch and nothing more as I was able to do all the burrow powers while like this. 


    Duleist 4 skill cannot go through walls, rock building anything in the beach heads not sure if this is intended, was able to 4 through rocks and tree in the world outside of the beach head.


    Looks good keep up the great work


  2. 27 minutes ago, Scree said:

    The announcement of 5.3, nearly 3 months ago, and what was going to be included in it has really demoralized the community. I've never seen it so small, and inactive. It has been hard getting exciting about 5.2x maintenance patches, so 5.3 simply can't come soon enough.

    The delays in this, however, really make me question the game coming out this year for a soft launch. I hope we can expect an update, to honor the concept of transparent development you originally pledged to give us, as to how far back this pushes the soft-launch of Crowfall. I know you never want to give exact dates, but acknowledging that Crowfall is now coming out in 2018 and NOT 2017 is a courtesy owed to all.

    Trust me, you aren't tricking anyone by simply saying nothing. We know. Own it.

    question if its launching this year? You should have known that once they did race/class split that was gonna delay the game/soft launch until 2018. I am assuming they don't want to give dates/even a year since the game might even slip into 2019 at this pace =(

  3. 21 minutes ago, Destrin said:

    Concern #2:  With little storage space, how are we to hoard for winter when resources are supposed to become more scarce? Having the resources spread across multiple people or multiple alt accounts isn't very appealing.

    Don't most survival games allow you to make personal storage chests to hold your items? It could be a strong reason to own a house/land in a CW

  4. On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 5:34 PM, Wayoun said:

    I feel like you guys are giving me too much credit.  I'm not likely to build my own computer.  Good old fashion amazon will probably my quick and easy build.  If anyone has any opinions such as "sure the Alienware AUR5-12571SLV Desktop is a great option" I'd really appreciate it. 

    haha, ya I totally feel the same way. Asking for comp advice online and people give you specs and to me its all a foreign language... haha a simple BUY this for us comp novices is great. 

  5. 2 hours ago, ClockworkOrange said:

    This is why.....

    Now enter the YES MEN who won't give Crowfall honest feedback......






    Now look at the YouTube comments. Or look at the comments on reddit. The rest of the world thinks this trailer is amateurish and are upset with ACE for even putting it out. Yet we have all these YES MEN sitting here in denial pretending this video wasn't complete junk. It did not serve a purpose. You could have used the Graphics overhaul in place of this video, saved time and looked better doing so. Pang, FACE THE TRUTH. You are one of the worst YES MEN on this forum.

    I won't drop this because it is a clear cut example of how forum cheerleaders are misleading ACE into thinking their crap doesn't stink when it clearly does. This is bad for development and its an issue that needs to be tackled. I have explained this, yet you don't seem to get it. This isn't the first time I have complained about the forum bias and cheer leading for ACE when they don't deserve it. I am sure it won't be the last. Don't act so surprised next time.

    LOL say what you want the comments on youtube they haven't put up money and even someone like you have probably backed like $60 bucks based on your forums emblem. Where as you look at the people that actually enjoyed this trailer and posted here,  we have put up well over $2000+ I would assume into the game. We are the audience that gave and will give them money not the droves on youtube that nit pick about everything. Yes, we are critical and a lot of that is in a private forums called the devs partners section were someone like you have no access to. The vid still has MORE likes than dislikes on it, yes there is negative comments that is always gonna happen no matter what. If you don't like what you see leave the game is not for the masses and never was planned to be for the masses.


    PS "there is no such thing as bad press"...or have you not learned that yet?

  6. 3 minutes ago, srathor said:

    A game can be fun to play, and have so many nickel and dimed hogwash attached to ruin it. (See many many facebook games)

    Well this part is fun, but...
    Well that was cool, but...

    Damn I have to log on in 3 hours or I waste my 8 hours sleeping? FFfffffff.....

    Yes there is over kill and this is not even close to that 3/4 hour timers that mobile games have on lockboxes or collections. 14 hours for tier 1 and then tier 2 is like 28 hours? These are large periods of time and if you are playing a MMO you most likely are logging in daily at least 1 time.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Svenn said:

    Wow, this is so wrong I don't even know where to start.

    Of all the people that already bought the game, not all will even play it. That's just a matter of people falling off over time. Of the people that do play it, many will not play every single day. The numbers of concurrent users is far less than the number of total (or even active) users. To have 1000 concurrent users on a server, you'll need something like 5-10,000 active players.

    Of the people that already bought into the game, many of them will not pay for VIP. If they leave because they don't feel they are being treated fairly you're lucky to get a single campaign running with good concurrency with these numbers. People will leave because their preferred campaigns aren't even running. Now you're left with a tiny pool of people still playing who won't stick around long when they don't have enough players to play with/against.

    If they could sustain the game with just VIP subscribers they would just make it a sub game. They didn't. That should tell you something.

    People will stick around if the game is GOOD not because there is a lot of players. If the game is bad people will leave. Population has little to do with that especially if they are aiming for 1000 concurrent as their max. Do you realize how small that number is? You think that it needs to have 5-10k players to hit 1k online at the same time, which I think is way to high. I've seen it over and over again with new patches of games, or launches or fresh start servers...the amount of players easily hit their caps and queue happen cause of the new/freshness hype. Yes they die off over time but for the 1st few days/weeks the hype is insane Crowfall is all about that HYPE, CW should not be longer than 2 weeks ( The longer the CW the less active the world will be) to capitalize on that hype and fresh ness. If done correctly and if the game is not poorly made socks, the servers will almost always be on queue. The initial part of a MMO has players pulling in 12-24 hours shifts to "win" or get a head.


    A great movie tie in to crowfall is LIVE DIE REPEAT... that would be how I market this game once its ready.

  8. 2 minutes ago, blazzen said:

    I like the additional choice in advancement. 

    Value wasn't added to VIP yet. Right now value was just taken away from non-VIP. Value will be added to VIP when multi-skill queuing is implemented. 

    Do you have any idea of what the next implementation of VIP skill queuing will look like?

    • How far out will we be able to queue skills as a VIP? I'd love to be able to queue out as far as I have VIP months tied to my account. 
    • Will we be able to queue on a per pip basis or just a per skill basis? For example, if want to train 2 pips in skill A, then 2 pips in skill B, then 1 pip in skill C - will I be able to queue on a per pip basis in this fashion?

    Value was added to ViP just not in the discussed sections here but the fact that people glossed over that all accounts ViP will be active for FREE until the game official launches is a HUGE news statement. Offical launch is sometime in 2018 but soft launch is end of this year so essentially free ViP for at least a few months if you buy 1 ViP

  9. 3 minutes ago, Svenn said:

    Because without those players the paying players would have no one to play with and would leave. You can't just cater to the paying players or it's a death sentence.

    Yes you can and the numbers of presale prove that you can. This game can easily function with 20,000 players split between several severs. How many people do you think are gonna be maxxed on each server? Last I heard it was 1000 on at the same time. You can run 3 different CW at the same time so with 20k players you have at least 20 different CW going at the same time... THESE ARE PRESALE NUMBER TOO they will grow dramatically once the game is soft launched and launched.

  10. 18 minutes ago, BarriaKarl said:

    I dont think it is a smart move to force players to get VIP to avoid being punished. That is the kind of thing that kill games.

    Non-VIPs should be considered the target audience while VIPs are those that cough some money for convenience. If you are gonna gimp all non-VIPs they should just go Premium and use a subscription model instead of mistreating non-VIPs.

    WHY? They already have nearly 20k sign up that are almost all ViP players in some way shape or form. ViP can be sold/traded in game, most likely the tradeable ViP will also be slightly higher priced than the non tradeable as we already saw this in their shop at one point. Why aim for non ViP as their tagert audience? As a company you want to make money to pay all your expenses and then have profits. A non ViP player pays one time free of $50 then nothing else, why would you want to go after those players? They have already shown that there is a big enough market for PAYING players just by presales alone. They do not need to cater to the non ViPers in hopes of one day turning them into paying players. The box cost of the game helps push out the riff raft slightly (Nothing will completely eliminate it) , it also helps prevents bots and gold sellers slightly as they have to steal someone CC to make an account now or actually put up the initial cost themselves. It also allows for massive sales to happen for special occasions or special limited time free trail offers that get people hooked and then get them to buy the game. Most f2p games have something like 90% f2p playing and 10% paying players. Doing a box cost means everyone had to pay something to get into the game which helps the business, which in turn keeps the game alive and pushing out new content. This games does not need 1,000,000 players to be successful they are aiming for a small niche market not mass appeal. If said game is GOOD people will flock to it regardless of the cost.

  11. 3 hours ago, Zybak said:

    I'm still waiting for the big aha moment with EKs. They still seem pretty disjointed from the rest of the game.

    I might be missing something but it seems like everything will be taking place in the Campaign Worlds. I don't really understand how EKs can become these trading hubs if everything has to be exported with a penalty or only at certain times. 

    I want to be wrong but they just seem so pointless. 

    They are simply merchants homes and farming grounds for basic mats. A LOT of people love bartering/trading/economy things in MMOs. For some of us the entire game is buying and selling items for profits and becoming filthy rich in game for what ever reason. This is not something hardcore PvPers will really care about, they spend most of their time fighting in CW and trying to win there. The PvPers will either be selling off their winning spoils or buying ViP tickets to sell or trade to the economy people and getting better gears/items for their next CW. You may be asking why would they sell of their winnings? Well they need their gears to be crafted or made and if you are PvPer you wont have the skill to repair/craft. The dedicated crafters will be the ones in the EK playing shop keepers as it is a full time job.

  12. 10 hours ago, angelmar said:

    Mass is important.  Maybe ACE can thread the needle here.  They get an early access testers $50 either way.

    Seems to me the game is still months out from a point where I could turn to a friend and recommend it.

    When this thing goes 24/7 down to the Beta 2 level... there will be a lot of folks on twitch, reddit, Facebook, etc. making and spreading such judgments and hype.  I hope it ends up being good PR.

    Correct they need to limit this to higher tier packages for a while. Allowing beta 1 and 2 is a huge mistake, 

  13. 14 hours ago, Jikap said:

    I'm still getting the HTTP invalid response thing, and it still says 2 patches remaining despite that you've released another one.

    I'm gonna give up and uninstall and re-download the whole thing. Hopefully, that will fix it.

    same for me but I'm at 3 patches remaining. Where do I redownload the game from again?

  14. 2 hours ago, Tinnis said:

    oh :(

    what about this from the time machine? or only relevant for animations and physics rather than combat hit boxness even at the time? swear you guys had said elsewhere things about hitbox variation

    also visual advantage with giant nameplate/health bar hahaha ;p

    also size varation maybe would of mattered when there were more projectile attacks flying around to intercept with body but now all raycast direction it seems ;p

    I know they did as well, posting this in the developers forums and hopefully we get more answers on this but they will need to share the info with you since the devs forums is on info lock down from players .

  15. 1 hour ago, mhalashace said:

    Yeah, that was the intention two years ago. There were negative performance implications with having a lot of different types of capsules, so it got back-burnered. There's no immediate plans to revisit this that I'm aware of right now.

    This is a massive change that no one knew about... why didn't you guys announce this?

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