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  1. It needs to pay the bills. Plus now with Ashes of Creation blowing up being a larger Moba/mmo hybrid is smart as hell. No other mmo with be able to compete with ashes if they pull off their ideas and supposedly a persistant alpha comes in 2018
  2. I don't think ditching the "Moba" feel is the right way to go. Moba's are currently one of the hottest things in the gaming industry. It also helps selling Crowfall to new player a hell of a lot easier... Just say its a combination of a Moba and MMO, instead of hours for matches these battles last weeks/You also keep your character progression between battles. Plus more of course but that is the simplest pitch I can think of to somewhat describe crowfall to the gaming audience, with that you probably hook a lot of the moba crowd that wants a deeper game. Throw in eSports cash prizes for their tournament system and ya you hook moba people
  3. Ya this looks really good, I would want the group leader/raid leaders having the ability to mark players through for their allies to see
  4. Great stuff, the vid is amazing as well a great recruiting tool
  5. great news...kind of heard this at the pax party already though =). Look forward to seeing the next few months
  6. I should have recorded the meet up some but sadly I did not. Was great to meet the team and especially Gordon, Thomas Blair and Max who were are all super friendly and helpful. Its awesome that the turn out was large but sadly we didn't have enough table space haha, I guess it goes to show that the hype is real! Thanks for the t-shirt will be wearing it at Pax East to represent the game there!
  7. ya twitch videos on demand keep showing error while decoding media
  8. Im pretty sure I can drop by me and my wife will be at pax south!
  9. I understand you love RP but crowfall is not a game with much lore and is not cratering to RP players specifically. You can make your own RP with your eternal kingdom but I wouldn't expect them to fundamentally change a game now that it is been developed for over 2 years with little to no quests/story in mind. Wipe and repeat is a core function of this game.
  10. I know they are trying to aiming for this but no matter what it will be struggle for MMOrpg players unless they promote this more as a MOBA. If they heavily promote this as a game where time spent in game has little to no effect on the power levels of characters it will be great but then you got to make sure that people that are playing and investing time feel rewarded as well the skill growth. Its a delicate balance. MMOrpg players generally don't like starting a game late because the fear of missing out or fear of being behind. Giving incentives for new players to join the game is a good thing. Any new blood you can bring into the game is great for business especially since you have to buy to play Crowfall.
  11. They shouldn't sell them during launch or say the 1st year but I feel they should after 1 year they should grant ever new player 3- 6 months of progress on their skills to help bring them in line with players that have been playing 1 year plus. Catch up skills for new players essentially. Attracting new players to the game is something that keeps the servers alive and healthy. We need new players coming in and if people don't want to play crowfall cause the common fear or being behind so much this would be a great way to throw them a bone so speak.
  12. Ya looking through thousands of names doesn't seem like it would really benefit anyone that much. The smaller the CW worlds are the more powerful this is. If you have over 1000 users I really don't see it being useful at all.
  13. Why? You still need scouts to see where they are. just simply notifying people hey these 100-2000 people are online doesn't give you their location at all.
  14. The thing is you will always know the top enemy players. You will see them on a regular basis as they will be playing a lot. The world maps are gonna be huge as well so just cause 100/1000 people are online doesn't mean that you wont go out and hunt. If you are a type of person that goes /who and sees the best 15 players online and is like nope not playing today because theses guys are online then well Crowfall probably isn't the game for you.. I do think it should be for your faction only though. Although I do like to see the total server population numbers but not names. It would greatly help to know how health a said CW is or if this is something that many people disliked and probably will be dying next CW set up.
  15. Maybe, the next major milestone you guys need to remember is persistent world testing. It is a big jump from 1 hour play tests to being live for 72 hours in a row. The 1st iterations of the this new milestone probably will be very bare and not be a true mini campaign at all rather lets see how long and how many players we can have online before our servers crash. I would expect mini campaigns to actually start testing in about 1 month from now. Just cause they can get the servers up a running for longer stretches (which we don't even know if they can) doesn't mean a mini campaign will be fully playable right away. I'm guessing It's gonna take time. It like learning to walk you got to crawl and fall a lot before you can walk.
  16. they took submissions like a week or two ago now I think this is the final phase
  17. You just missed out on a redemption period last month that would have allowed your to trade in your VIP months to art craft for full value @$15 each so total of $150 and then buy anything in their store which would have allowed you to buy 3 more copies of the game! You will now have to wait for another redemption period which probably will happen soonish based on their wording in this article. http://crowfall.com/en/news/temporary-item-redemption/
  18. Here is to hoping since Mana regin in almost any other game is a stat people don't care about. If your mana decays a lot more during say winter and either forces you to bring extra mana pots or equipment weapons/armor will passives that counter the mana decay it would be a good thing IMO
  19. Think of pack animals like extra storage slots but when they get killed the loot they have is taken. You inventory, which generally is pretty safe ( this will vary based on the CW though) place to hold stuff is very limited in size and can only hold X amount of things. If you want to hold more you summon out a pack animal and give it a bunch of stuff to transport over to a warehouse/shop/guildmate/safe spot etc If you need more about pack animals look at how Archeage does Trade packs and that pretty much is what a pack animal will be.
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