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  1. I think these modes are great options to add to the EK. Allow us to run our own Hunger domes/ SP if we want to! There need not be any rewards or anything but just fun with buddies and If the EK owner wanted to host like a tournament and offer prize support they could do that on their own.
  2. They will need you if you want higher tier mats, which in turn is better weapons and armor. In the article they showed off the loot tables and a higher skilled players loot table is a lot bigger. The same principles will be applied to crafting.
  3. I agree open world PvP/Gankers is your mini game.
  4. Any game that has an "optional sub" is mandatory for hardcore elitist that want to be the best. Multiboxing is also a requirement as well for most PvP type mmos since it gives you an advantage. If they allow mutliboxing which seems to be the case so far you bet your ass the best players will be running 5+ accounts all with VIP. The benefits far out weigh the cons and with VIP tickets being tradable they will win campaigns and sell/trade their goods for more VIP tickets self funding their play time on all their accounts as the game keeps rolling on. VIP ticket trading will also allow the more casual/average/less income players to earn vip tickets and time in game via playing. Since VIP tickets will be the one big things that whales can buy a ton of and sell/trade to other players that actually are tradable and useful in game we will see a ton of VIP tickets on the market. Not only that but the Kickstarter rewards had over 5 yeasrs of VIP time in all of the packages over $250. There is already a lot of VIP tickets flying around the game as is. I don't think the sub part will be hard for anyone to maintain if they put a little bit of effort into playing the game, but multiBoxing is the issue and if possible they should not allow multiboxing in the game.
  5. Not sure on the upgrading I think the time frame for that may have passed. I would read this thread fully to see if there was any mention of time frame needed to upgrade. Castles and keeps are available for purchasable from the store directly, if you wanted to buy a castle/keep you are WAY better of buying a new pledge package and checking out what your current pledge package has in the link above. They just increased the castle/keep prices last month and this is the last month of the current pledges which include castles/keep valued at the old prices which mean they are a way better value now. These current pledges will be going away at the end of this month. And yes you can earn and win them in game so you don't have to buy the castles/keeps. These are also only for your eternal kingdom and wont be usable in the campaign worlds
  6. Some form of active training MUST be in the game IMO
  7. I don't get how out of his response you get RMT beware? His response was "IF you* (the person doing the RMT) bring it to our attention"...my response *Why in the world would anyone tell them. Hey I RMT in your game... I mean if they are stupid and advertised on the forums or tell Art that they are RMT hey look at me I am RMT..."we will PROBABLY discipline your account for wasting our time" and not even if they know you are RMT they probably means above 50% will do something to your account. the last phrase you left out of his answer in this recap "We don't try to police things outside the Crowfall service, but if it causes us problems we will play whack-a-mole. Nuff said" He didn't say they will ban your account. He also didn't say they don't allow it, He didn't say they would be cracking down on it, said they don't try to police things outside crowfall. He pretty much said they WONT auction it unless its really bad and obvious... what I hear here is. Don't cause problems, like advertising on their forums, don't spam in game chat, don't waste their resources, etc for us and you can do what ever the hell you want with your stuff. (Technically we don't own any of it anyway if you read any ToS but that's another argument) We need a more direct answer to this. The last line of this "We don't try to police things outside the Crowfall service..." was pretty direct that anything goes outside of game. Can you define what "problems are" Please Tyrant/ Ace elaborate on what is and is not allowed in game. So far we have. Don't advertise in game or on our forums.
  8. I'm all for a solo death match/ last man standing mode. Sure there will be teams, but you will never know when your teamates plan on stabbing you in the back and killing you since say there is only 1 prize awarded.
  9. They had/have to do something against someone that created infinite cash shop credits at least they need to take those credits away from them. You cannot have people that have infite cash shop money as they could disrupt the entire game making ViP worthless since it is tradable and essentially killing the game all together.
  10. We don't know yet but from their wording here would imply only the center structure is tradable "If I buy a small keep, will I eventually be able to upgrade to a large keep? Yes, though upgrading isn't as simple as clicking a button that says "upgrade now".These strongholds bundles are made up of three components: parcels, walls and the central building or structure. Parcels can be crafted or purchased. Modular castle building pieces (walls, towers, ramparts, etc.) can be crafted or purchased and are like ‘Lego pieces’. Upgrading these really means "collect or craft more pieces, so that you can build out your stronghold defenses however you like."The central structures (lodge, greathall, etc.) are buildings that you can craft, trade or purchase. These are functionally interchangeable; however, they CAN vary cosmetically for some packages (i.e. Kickstarter, 2015, 2016). These cosmetic variations will eventually be retired from our store, at which point they will no longer be available for purchase (though other players may be willing to trade them).This means that if you have a 2015 lodge and want to upgrade to a 2015 bannerhall, you won’t be able to upgrade by purchasing the larger stronghold in the Crowfall Store. You could purchase a new banner hall (cosmetically different but functionally identical to the 2015 one) or you can try to find a player willing to trade or sell you one. Another option is that players with the appropriate crafting skills could also deconstruct the lodge for resources, and then use those resources to jump-start the construction of a bannerhall." http://crowfall.com/en/news/the-411-on-strongholds/ Answer #11 I hope all things that are craft able are tradable but we will see. They specifically left out the word trade in this answer on parcels and castle pieces.
  11. I'm pretty sure they will sell Tax certs or what ever they will be on their cash shop for players that just want to mess around in their EK only and not have to play in the CW.
  12. Don't say that... means RNG boxes coming soon to cash shop near u lol
  13. In the case that the guild already has a kick ass eternal kingdom they export WEAPONS/ARMORS so they could take into the next CW or if they are dreg exclusive players they export what ever crafting materials their guild needed/is the most valuable to trade and sell with other players for VIP time and other things from the cash shop they may want/need. They may also solve this problem by allow the ability to EXPORT a scroll or potions that will speed up your skill production slightly. I can see a pot that 2x increase skill production speed for 1 day or whatever time frame they want being a good alternative to Dreg only player not really wanting/needing anything.
  14. Generally no as these are gonna be for your Eternal Kingdom but you will be able to customize the rule set in your EK and it may be possible to set it to full destruction available in your EK but IMO that kinda would be stupid as why would you want to allow people to destroy your EK stuff that generally people paid hundreds of dollars for. There is some kind of tax on the parcels that we don't know too much more on yet either, the tax will be paid via in game currency though so its not like something you have to be VIP or pay real money for it. Some of the packages come with tax free parcels.
  15. Yes you can use your wallet money to do a layaway. Remember they only allow 1 layaway item at a time though so if you have something on layaway now you would need to finish paying it off before you could layaway another item.
  16. They cant it simply does not work with the design of the game. Once you see the vessel system in action you probably will love it. The crow/vessel system is one of the big things that makes crowfall special and different.
  17. The likelihood of them allowing us to exchange the forts/castle/keeps in AGAIN after they are practically giving a 5x+ increase on most of the building is very very very low but it could happen. This is the 1st time they have done a big redemption thing to my knowledge and the article says they may do redemption periods from time to time the same with sales. The only thing that would be more practical is selling them to the trusted traders program people but I think supply would far outweigh demand and the price will tank really fast on this kind of stuff.
  18. The titles are tied to the stronghold small castle and didn't buy it back you would lose the titles. It appears the new versions of forts don't come with titles but the old KS versions did. I would contact customer support since you are upgrading and you should get the titles associated with those KS upgrades but it looks like fort titles had been discontinued I would assume.
  19. Sounds like your happy so that's what really matters. Then its a win win, you could also always buy back the other things for the same price you sold them to art craft for and this Citadel will supposedly be worth like $5500
  20. Tyrant posted on Page 1 of this thread that possible new things to redeem the character slots for in the future besides the $25 each so I would hold onto them for now. Multiple accounts per player is allowed. Vessels will have to be found/crafted/looted in game. The crow/vessel system in a nut shell is. YOU are the crow ( a immortal soul or spirit) that inhibits others bodies "vessals" using them until you die. When the vessel dies the crow leaves the vessel as its host is dead and you can't very well do anything in a dead body right? Some confusing stuff now. You can pick that vessel back up if you get back to it in time and or someone hasn't looted it already if you are in a campaign that allows looting, they also said some things about allow the vessel to slowly come back to you with a spirit pick up delivery like service or something (this hasn't been finalized yet but was talked about in their recent QandA) so if you cant or don't want to go back to pick your body up you will still be able to get it back. You will be able to have multiple vessels in your inventory to swap into at your leisure and each one has different stats and abilities/traits. One maybe more range dps inclined, another could be tanky etc.
  21. Probably right but since they are retired you should be able to sell them to trusted traders and who knows. I don't think anyone ever expected to be able to sell back VIP time to Art Craft for full $15 value. I know several months/ a year back there was a black market selling VIP time/KS items for way cheaper. VIP was like $2-3 each since if you look at the value they are giving KS Amber packages and up it is insane over 2x the price that they were bought for and in AMBER KS they are getting over 6 times the value they paid.
  22. You did not eff yourself over. You traded in some VIP which you could always buy back at the same price you traded them in for or when the game goes live buy/trade from other players. In the KS gold package you had 13 months and now you would have 5. You could always buy the VIP from art craft at a cheaper value if you buy the 12 month option. 12 months of VIP only costs $140 so a little over $11 per month but the only downside to those is they are not tradable in game
  23. Question about kickstarter character slots, once I redeemed the ruby KS package I had 3 charcater slots in my inventory on this pledge page it shows 6 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LCUtaFNMAuHuhLXmB3UkoIiK3vR-9eVbUTo4uOeIi8Q/edit?usp=sharing , is this an error or was 3 just the standard amount with ruby getting 3 additional slots?
  24. You might be able to redeem them we never expected to redeem the current castles or items before and they might do another redeem event in the future based on this news letter it appears more redeeming periods may happen. You might also be able to sell them to trusted traders as well since they will be retired after sept 1st. Do you want to risk it or play it safe... Also does anyone know if the keeps/castles/forts we can buy are on TAX free parcels?
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