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  1. You can then sell of your guild stuff in your package for store credit since you wont be making a guild. You still can redeem your guild stuff until the 1st
  2. NO, you only redeem them if you do not want them any more and would rather have store credit so you can buy something else in their store.
  3. Yes the button will go away. You can sell back anything with that button to ACE for store credit. IF you sell it back to them you no longer have it. Say you have a medium castle now and don't want it. If you sell it back to them you will get $250 credit but will no longer have the castle. You can then use that money to buy the things you want from the store right now or hold onto the store credit until more items are added to the store that you may want.
  4. You don't need paid patches just a steady flow of new content. If the cash shop can keep generating money and subs keep generating money Crowfall will live for 10+ years and they will keep their staff as there is always gonna be something new coming to the game to keep it fresh. Of course creating the same thing for 10+ years can and probably will get boring and new ideas that might not fit in the crowfall universe will pop up and maybe they want to start a new game based on those ideas and a new games might just get born out of said ideas. Having multiple income sources is great cause say something happens to one game they have others that can still be generating revenue for the company and keeping all the employees paid and happy.
  5. Redeeming is awesome since as KS backers you got a ton of stuff. A lot of it you may not want/need and now this allows you to customize the KS package more to your liking. For example most KS bundles had a ton of VIP time like 6 years worth...most people do not want or need 6 years worth of VIP time so now you can sell some back for FULL VALUE which is insane IMO, convert like 2 years of VIP time into $360 store credit and buy what ever you want. If you want a better fort/castle you can do it. Or if you want the 2016 version of the horse/ a collectors edition of the game... You can also just save your store credit for later if nothing tickles your fancy right now as they surly will release new items on their cash shop in the future. The only downside I see if being able to resell your KS package becomes a lot harder. I personally have 3 packages and I will keep at least 1 bundled so IF I want to sell the package it will be easier down the road to sell it to the trusted traders. You will get to keep all your badges and rewards like KS forum badge and testing privileges etc...
  6. I never said disregard future customers or quality. AT least with a gaming companies like an MMO there is constant updates and polishing going on. The game is not one and done like a movie, they can fix and adapt to the consumers wants and needs as time goes on. MMOrpgs thrive on constant updates and essentially the promise from the devs of patches and new content in the coming years. It is part of the reasons people invest so much into them since they theoretically know that a MMOrpg will live at least a couple of years and generally longer Well that is kind of how crowdfunding works, get hype, raise funds and try to deliver on those promises. Most companies miss the mark and or delays even once the funding had been raised. You have to respect the fact that they are TRYING to deliver something at the 2016 winter time line and that is where this SOFT LAUNCH comes from. The product is not ready for "official launch" but soft launching while in beta/alpha has become common occurrence in gaming now. The early adapters get to test and express direct feedback to the devs and they can and will make changes many times based on that feedback. Overall a soft launch is the best strategy a company can make as they essentially get 2 launches. Almost anyone that had been following or backed already is eager to test/play the game and give their opinions and why wouldn't they be? Most have been waiting 1 year+. The early players/backers will be way more forgiving then the general masses who will see broken systems, glitches, bugs, hacks etc and be like custard this I'm over this poorly made socks.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they severely limit/ don't allow importing of fortification items into the CW. Higher tier CW you don't have to worry about it as they already have little to no imports. Lower tier ones are the only ones in question really and honestly I don't think it will matter than much if you could bring in stuff in the lower CW where you are only gonna get say for example tier 1-5 materials when all the tier 4-8 materials are in the higher CW. If you remember tier like 1-2 materials will be farmable in your Eternal Kingdom already.
  8. You cannot gift anything during this sale. If you need $20 bucks simply pay $20 bucks
  9. It because you could actually MAKE money breaking down the packages ruby and sapphire and then repurchase them again. You would have endless amount of Credits on crowfall store just by having one of the packages. They had to take them down because you don't want people to print money and be infinitely rich before the games even starts
  10. Well it makes sense to remove something if they could generate ENDLESS amount of free money off it. Example I use the Kicksters ruby packs turn it all into store credit for 2000ish value then buy the 2016 2 ruby packs and break those down into MORE money by cashing in. Those 2 ruby packs turn into say 1500 each and then now I can buy 3 ruby packs break those down and then buy 4 ruby packs etc...
  11. I have several packages for investment purposes and probably will sell one or two of them down the road, If I were to unbundle I think it may be harder to sell them/not able to sell them since they don't allow us to sell active items on their cash shop
  12. How much store credit did they give you for the launch party celebration? Don't know if I want to consume my ruby pack just yet or keep it together.
  13. That's is pretty cool and I hope you guys succeed
  14. I wanna say they said there will require a large flat ground area and to build a castle on so you cannot just build it anywhere per say but on areas that are somewhat designed for castles to be there. This is going off memory from the 12 hour live stream and castle building demo so please correct me if I am wrong on this.
  15. I thought we could rotate them in game? If so couldn't we rotate a straight piece and turn if like 15% for placement? I hope that is the case that we can simple rotate walls slightly
  16. Love those pics where did you find those from? I don't think they said exactly yet but I think they said something like double the value of what they were. Then the next tricky part is balancing how much in game items are required to actually make the castle. You cant have a $600 castle be farmed/earned in game in a few days or you have all the people that paid $600 rioting, on the other side you cant have that $600 castle cost like a years worth of materials to build for free players
  17. They completely scrapped character slots for it, was a massive change from the KS and really the only massive change that we have seen so far. I am not sure why you don't like the crow system which I think it adds a lot of depth and customization to the game that otherwise would be lacking if you simply just had character slots. Even if you end up hating it I would totally wait until right before the game launches/ soft launches to sell your pack to the trusted trader program as I think its highly likely to see increase in value the closer we get to a launch. I even suspect a massive spike in KS package value once we get to the persistent mini campaign testing mode.
  18. The soft launch is a essentially a BIG TEST/ early access and will be missing some key features please guys just read the soft launch article it answers most of your questions/concerns http://crowfall.com/en/news/founders-update-soft-launch-strategy/ "We can continue to work on the foundation of the core game experience, knowing that the schedule won’t be able to absorb it. The impact of continuing to polish these systems, of continuing to strengthen the foundation of the game, is going to push some features into 2017." Their priorities are to build a playable persistent experience, turn on character persistence meaning (skill trees and ability training), Prioritize features that they consider the "heart of their vision" (This is really the only thing that is up to interpretation). I would assume the crows and vassals are a core feature since they talked so much and highly about it when they revealed it a year ago and said something like this is the thing that brings everything together. Things that I assume are not a core feature but would be great to hear directly from them would be like friendly fire, tournaments, leader boards, rewards for Campaigns, Tons of different campaigns going on at once, insides of housing and buildings, water/lakes stuff, some archtypes, player world building in the EK, things like that would be slowly added over time. Then finally they want to treat the game as a live service while it is in soft launch while still working and adding things over time. Once again full article can be read here http://crowfall.com/en/news/founders-update-soft-launch-strategy/
  19. 30+ fps is actually not bad either, it is bad once it goes below 30 fps...its god awful if you hit single digits!
  20. The delay has already been stated it is the reason behind the soft launch, the game will not launch in 2016 at all. The soft launch might happen in 2016 (but a lot of features will be buggy/missing) but most likely soft launch wont even happen until early 2017. A soft launch is like a beta to test and iron out features before the official launch.
  21. I do expect quite a bit of different game modes as that is part of the reason they are making this game. Free for all campaign is what I can't wait to see, screw groups and parties I want a mass FFA game like they initial pitched in the kickstarter. They did say some of the rules could be like limited magic powers/buffing magic powers. Only specific 1 archetype/class
  22. I am saying the game will launch with 400k-500k sales, we already have 25k sales and the finished product/actual gameplay has not even been show at all. All we have is combat tests...more people will come. Monthly paying subs will be really LOW for a long time since they already sold hundreds/ thousands of vip tickets. I personally have 18 years of VIP time...I know I will be selling some off when people are buying them at launch.
  23. They said on the stream is was only for people that bought yesterday which is kind of lame but I guess they are making it up to us older pledge by making the castles we got in our pledge like 2-3x more valuable. They are soon to retire them as is and sell individual pieces at the prices will be a lot higher they said on the live stream.
  24. Please do more of these livestreams! In the future
  25. Only the smallish buildings you wont be able to go into
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