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  1. Only the smallish buildings you wont be able to go into
  2. Here are some of them, New environment graphics update coming very soon, LOOKS amazing. Swimming is in now in some state maybe just "walking over it", not finalized but its a thing EU partner is Travian EU and USA will be in the same universe but will have different servers just like now some for USA, some for EU and you can choose which ones you wan to play on. There is tons more but that is all the big stuff I can remember EK stuff is now like "lego" blocks and any old bundles will be worth a lot more in value as they start selling them individually now on their store Showed off some art for crafting houses and talked about how small to medium ones wont be enterable but larger ones will Trees (what you see in game now) will be harvestable Flowers/grass (What you see in game now) wont be harvestable as you see in game now but there will be normal plants and herbs you can harvest like other games. Many different ore nodes shown off
  3. The trusted trade is a middle man but the demand for CROWFALL items is not there yet hence the low sell prices. They have at least one of almost every pack on sale right now at either a discount price than they orignally sold for or right around the same price. IF/WHEN more people buy accounts from them the price/value of the packs will rise.
  4. You can set the rules in the EK so most will be set to safe/ no PvP.
  5. Just a heads up the bloodstone package cost $10,000 and wasn't the next tier after ruby fyi. If they are not willing to make that package again for you at the $10k price I would highly suggest keeping your eyes on the trusted trader programs as you might be able to find them there actually cheaper, most of the KS packages are actually slightly cheaper on the trusted trader program than initially priced right now
  6. Unless they changed it recently you can also save it for longer periods of time by making it a highlight or something like that.
  7. Twitch saves all past broadcast for I believe 2 weeks and the hoster can choose to save it for longer so it will be able to watched anytime Twitch saves the broadcast so you can rewatch it later just like youtube.
  8. FPS was piss poor in later SP games kept me away for a while, Tried the druid yesterday was fun but fps in HUNGER DOME was stuck at 30 where as before I had 50ish... Very bad, they need to optimize the game a lot more.
  9. I didn't get a survey, it also seems like a lot of players didn't get the survey. I am opted in to your emails.
  10. Although I don't understand all or most of it the fact that you get back to backers with info like this is awesome! Keep up the great communication work
  11. I think your very wrong about AA and Crowfall being two different games. They are both sandbox games, Both feature trade pack like things, Both PvP heavy games, Both have player housing like things, both siege based end game, both MMO's at their core, classes races etc, both heavily dependent on in game economies and politics. The things AA has that crowfall doesn't is, Planting crops/farming (maybe something like this is in Crowfall?), Auction house, oceans and naval combat, some PvE sprinkled into the game and actual story lines to follow. That is pretty much the only thing AA has on Crowfall. Crowfall purposely striped the story line quests and mission out of the game. Oceans and navel combat is not happening and PvE is pretty much very limited/ non existent here besides player made EK. Crowfall will take a lot of AA players when it launches. The budget of AA and how much it costs has no bearing on the argument. Both games will be seen as a MMOrpg. AA was also the 2nd game ever made by the Korea company XL games company so they are essentially an indi company as well. Their 1st game was a racing game so no MMO experience at all. Piss poor reviews hurt ofcourse but it doesn't kill a game if the reviews are bad. Just like with movies, Batman vs Superman got mixed reviews and had one hell of a run at the theaters. Using that analogy we have some heavy hitters in the MMO world with the team designing the game. Their name value alone is like the batman/superman and part of the reason why a lot of players have backed crowfall just based on the games this team has worked on in the past.
  12. Steam reviews wont matter as much as you think, All you need to know is look at Archeage on steam it got killed in the reviews but the game is still healthy. AA got killed everyone in press and it is still doing great business for Trion worlds and Xl games. AA on steam was so bad that they took it off steam for like 3 months and brought it back later to hopefully get better reviews or something. People still come back to AA and give it a 3rd/4th look. A mmo is never really dead until the servers are shut down. Pretty much the people hyped for EARLY access are a different bunch of people than those that go to a game at launch. EA are more die hard got to be 1st and then the launch crowd is the more casual, lets see what is trendy today crowd. Even if the game gets poorly reviews for the 1st week the band wagoning crowd will come. It goes back to "any press is good press" as with tons of people poorly made socks talking about AA a few or many want to see what all the talk is about and tried the game. That is what happened in Archeage and the reviews were horrible everywhere. You literally could not buy a good review for the game.
  13. Look at how many responses this thread has gotten verse the soft launch thread. Most of the responses are from me as well/directed to me. Also the people that post on the forums are more invested in game lore and crap like that since you guys are the "hardcore" fans that stick with projects regardless. The more casual player that never comes to the forums/read reddit are the majority in ANY game. Look at the sign up/backers and look at how many actually post on the forums a tiny minority.
  14. How can you say creating a language doesn't consume a lot of resources? Think how big and massive a language is. You said it yourself people are there for the combat. The core game demon souls/dark souls was built on combat/bosses. Each game there after is able to grow the universe/expand the story and progress the lore aspect and continuality of the series. You slowly build things especially when it is being created by a small team. There is a major reason why kickstarters always are delayed and never hit their target dates, they promise to much in the campaign. The campaign had nothing about a language in it. LotR and Star wars took decades to create those worlds and built of previous stories, it also is not financially possible to build it all in one sitting. Think of how much money was needed to build these worlds in those franchises, then look at how much funding CROWFALL has. Crowfall, needs to be building the core aspects not adding fluff like this. Go back to the kickerstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/description THE CORE MODULE is what they should be working on. I appreciate the effort but things like this should have been added after the core module was done, if Todd had nothing else to do and could not help the team in any other way then sure, go ahead and make a language. .
  15. Sure, maybe it makes it stand out and feel interesting for you but this is not what 90% of the population cares about. You seem to be a dire hard lore fan here but there is a reason there are not standard quests and a lot of NPC dialog in CROWFALL. People just don't care about it. Combat/Archetypes/Skills/Crafting/Economy/Building kingdoms/CW rules sets these things are core features that should be worked especially after they announce the delay yesterday, then they come out and say hey guys we are working on building our own language that not many of you will care about seems really off.
  16. Honestly they can mess it up on the 1st go and still have people come back since they will be a completely different genre of MMO. Look at Archeage, here is the reddit and you can see people saying they are coming back https://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/ , AA is probably the most hated MMOrpg of all time in the west but people still come back to it and give it second/third/4th look because it is different than everything else.
  17. I am actually really suprised that the backers aren't upset about you guys working on something like this rather than pushing our core features of the game? This seems like something that is meh
  18. Exactly but the data shows that PvP is not the main selling component of the game IMO. PvP is the sugar on top of the Sunday.
  19. I agree with this, but we do know some things. We know need to optimize servers so the FPS isn't horrible and can handle siege battles of 100+ players. This is I think where they are at with combat at the moment. It would be nice for them to come out and say exactly what is wrong with combat as is like you stated.
  20. 450-500k montly subs not a success? EvE is still running as well so how can that not be considered a success? That is 5 mil monthly in revenue @ $10 bucks a pop, pretty much the only other games that have held more monthly subs at a constant rate or higher than that is WoW to my knowledge
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