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  1. 5.3 Release Date

    Has it been stated what the date is for the 5.3 release?
  2. Weapon types

    Hmm interesting - so all classes can unlock plate armor huh? Hope they add swords for myrmidons and champs Thanks for the info.
  3. Weapon types

    Will Myrmidons and Champions be able to use 1-handed swords and 2-handed swords respectively? or will Myrmidons be axes only, and Champions be 2-handed axe and 2-hand blunt? Also curious about this for assassins - 1-handed swords? daggers? clubs? Just wondering if classes like this will be set with weapon types. I of course understand that an assassin wouldn't dual wield spell tomes, but reasonable weapons for their class.
  4. Next race/class on test

    can't wait to see more of the moon elves
  5. Next race/class on test

    Thank you Tinnis
  6. Next race/class on test

    Have we seen all races so far? moon elf, and fae aren't in yet are they? Would love to see more male/female concept art for all the races
  7. with the news that we're going to see the races and classes rolled out over the summer - can we get a teaser as to the timelines, which we'll be seeing first etc.? Thanks!
  8. Future Races and Classes

    Dark Elf and Shadow Knight would be suggestion
  9. PVE

    Any new info on the "PVE" aspect of crowfall - given all the changes in direction recently?
  10. Show us the Templar next please!

    Same. I love the idea of a 2-hand tank with hopefully dps options, that aren't limited to using an axe. So many 2-handed classes these days are axe-wielders only.
  11. Show us the Templar next please!

    Any idea what the release order is for classes? Myrmidon is next I believe, but after that/
  12. PVE

    You said that comprehension was an epidemic. What you should have said was that a "lack of comprehension" was an epidemic. You would have known that, if your comprehension was stronger. 0/2 big guy.
  13. PVE

    This makes me laugh. You try to act like some kind of scholar, and then make a grammatical error in your snide, whiny remark. It would be an epidemic of illiteracy, or an epidemic of LACK of comprehension. Unless you're actually saying you think that an epidemic of comprehension is a bad thing. But to respond directly: of course you can love something, but have ideas to improve upon it. Have you literally never said "man I loved that movie, I just wished they didn't _____"? PS. thanks for adding value to the thread bud
  14. PVE

    First of all, I know this game is meant to be focused on PVP, which I love, and am fully on board with. I'm curious if there will, however, be any sort of central story arc in PVE, or groupable content outside of the PVP scenarios. So far in alpha it seems that the PVE is just to kill mobs on your way to engage PVP players. It would be great if there were PVE situations that can be done outside of PVP as well as inside. Thoughts?
  15. Would love to see the templar and test. Can't wait