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  1. Has it been stated what the date is for the 5.3 release?
  2. Hmm interesting - so all classes can unlock plate armor huh? Hope they add swords for myrmidons and champs Thanks for the info.
  3. Will Myrmidons and Champions be able to use 1-handed swords and 2-handed swords respectively? or will Myrmidons be axes only, and Champions be 2-handed axe and 2-hand blunt? Also curious about this for assassins - 1-handed swords? daggers? clubs? Just wondering if classes like this will be set with weapon types. I of course understand that an assassin wouldn't dual wield spell tomes, but reasonable weapons for their class.
  4. can't wait to see more of the moon elves
  5. Have we seen all races so far? moon elf, and fae aren't in yet are they? Would love to see more male/female concept art for all the races
  6. with the news that we're going to see the races and classes rolled out over the summer - can we get a teaser as to the timelines, which we'll be seeing first etc.? Thanks!
  7. Dark Elf and Shadow Knight would be suggestion
  8. Caino


    Any new info on the "PVE" aspect of crowfall - given all the changes in direction recently?
  9. Any idea what the release order is for classes? Myrmidon is next I believe, but after that/
  10. Would love to see the templar and test. Can't wait
  11. Thanks guys. I like the idea of having real consequences in the game, but was just wondering how the Crowfall team plans to handle character customization visually, so that if people are frequently losing their gear, you don't have hundreds of identical knights (just with different haircuts and cape colors) running around, for example. It would be great that if gear is lost you can somehow transmute/transmog your base character to keep the look you want, from gear previously attained.
  12. Hi all, just started playing alpha and had a question: given that players are going to be able to lose gear and such that they bring into battle, how are we going to attain certain customization for our characters through gear, weapons, etc. So far it seems like a "go into battle, pick up some loot, and then kill the opposing team". I'm assuming that there will be a way for players to earn and craft gear and a distinguishable look that will last through campaign deaths etc., but am not clear on how. Also, to what degree can you "lose" items in combat?
  13. Will I be able to keep the character names that I create in alpha and beta, ie. do they carry through to launch?
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