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  1. This is INFURIATING. 100% purple materials that literally took probably 12+ hours to farm and probably 2 hours to coordinate crafters for the actual assembly. End up with an 89 damage complete garbage book. My woodworking skill tree: @jtoddcoleman I could totally see this making someone less dedicated than me to this game actually quit. I feel like not logging in for a few days at this point myself. I really hope this gets changed soon. There should not be failures on final combines. It adds nothing to the game except making people want to rage quit.
  2. Unless I have baby nap issues, I'll be on either as a not so great stick druid (Uzz) or on my main confessor Uzziah.
  3. Very sorry to hear of his passing. He was one of the first people in Crowfall to help me out when I was a new player, and was always fair and competent as a leader. In the short time I knew him, I trusted him enough to give him complete access to my account so he could keep my skills progressing while I was away for a month, which he did just as a favor. I will miss seeing him in game, and am praying for his family and friends.
  4. I think the answer would just be, decrease the size. The mechanic is fine, but it's just way too big. Could also add some transparency or something, but I think size is the big issue.
  5. I agree, especially with the size of the damage (crit especially) and CC effect notifications. I'm sure this is an easy fix and probably not high priority, but if it's just a matter of changing a number it's probably worth it.
  6. Wow this is amazing. I'm super excited to be able to add some healing / survivability to my confessor. Also, graphics update looks amazing!
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