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  1. I wonder how relevant it all is... yes you can steal a green drop from me, it will require you to stand still around me till it drops, and it's only 1 green drop... in other games, drops like that are less common, in crowfall one green drop isn't that rare. If someone did it to me intentionally, I'd stop using potions, stop using my better pick axe for a low quality backup I carry around, gather commons with the occasional green drop, move immediatly myself to pick it up in random loc, and wish you good luck while you stand there bored in shadows. Basically the same thing I'd do if there was a lot of pvp noise in my immediate vincinity. It's more an issue now with the small map and fixed spawn locations and weird overal mentality.
  2. using 2 -2 - 2 instead of 6 has it's uses.. 6 is gambling and will result in many failures, 2-2-2 wil yield more stable results around half of what a good roll for 6 is if you prefer to make 10 tools at around +30, instead of having 2 with +- 40 to 60 and some failures, it depends ultimatly on what you favor to make. Gambling will make more sense when blueprints come around. I tested a lot without the potions, if you unlucky it can take a couple tries before you get that +60 the hard way...
  3. I have been thinking a lot lately how to promote my store, how to get the noobies gear when they have no money, and how to compete with the bigger guilds out there. If Ace has the time to ever do so, here's my concept, the mad cow token : the idea would be that I have a vendor who accepts tokens as special payment, either full amount, or a discount, or X number for item X. For the rest it would work like a stamp card, returning customers get to save up tokens whenever they buy stuff, ideally you can set the number of tokens according to the price of the item. Like buy 1 potion , no token. Buy stack of 10, get 1 token, things like that. I could also go around giving out tokens to noobies which would enable them to for example exchange their token for a +5 rune tool, which is either a cheap or failed combine, and most customers would be looking for better quality items anyway. I think if done correctly, it could boost the initial economy, and over time, the tokens could be used for lotteries for example, like succesfull stores would give one epic or whatever lvl up for lotterie, and the more tokens you spend, the more chance you have to win the lottery that month. And obviously, this would be optional, stores could opt not to use tokens at all. I think this fits pretty well with community, socializing etc without the constant need to be online. You could never meet your best customer, and still reward him for being a loyal customer. Plus lotteries and such could be pretty fun events. Free tools for new players would make them feel welcome. Stores could merge and convert their tokens to ideally. And ideally, the tokens would use some seperate inventory so people don't get punished for keeping hem. Like a bag for 10 different shop tokens or such. I hesitated posting this now, there's a lot of other stuff to do, on the other hand, helping a noobie buy giving some tokens and send him to your ek would be an awesome community spirit thing. I rest my case, any other crazy ideas out there?
  4. Pure wild unofficial guess right now would be a year, maybe a little less depending on what you expect to see in it. But given the current state of the game it's pretty safe to say it won't be any of the coming months.
  5. In the crowfall spirit I would make that a campaign option
  6. didn't read all comments, but if they insist on making it a drop, couldn't the dropped runes be blank, and have crafters "unlock" them. Or similarly, give crafters the ability to "change" the type if the initial one wasn't usefull? Or maybe some lottery system like a horadric cube where you can insert 3 runes and get another type in return, with some categories to choose from to increas the odds, and the more runes you offer the closer the result? Might not be ideal, but at least better then mining 200 runes before the one you need drops...
  7. that's interesting, but what's a parcel "of the type" exactly? I only craft with poor resources, so the parcels are always lowest quality anyway. Might be a language thing but in the case of parcels that makes it sound like even if it fails it still gives me the same result, unless there is a quality tier under poor, given the relative ease of lower tier resources, that sounds like a niche market heh Okay so that corresponds to what Jah said, so basically if I fail poor quality I get poor quality in return? Yeah I figured parcels would follow similar rules as potions, that's why I only gather poor qual resources to craft them atm.
  8. och uch man I understand what you mean, but given there is no salvage atm and given the mats you work with, that is still very much a FAIL to me... and even if you culd salvage, how much would you salvage from a combine like that, if you recover like 100 mats from the 18k, that won't make much difference. I thought you meant the 2% fail on those combines was diabled for testing or some such. Anyway good luck to the first crafter that fails the combine and prob gets kicked from guild from it... because currently i see scenarioi's like that happening heh
  9. I lost nothing, I just imagined starting from scratch, getting to the point of that specific combine, and then failing the combine, hence the "imagine" title... I wasn't aware of any combine rules for 5.4 though so thanks for the info.
  10. I gave an estimate of what it would make to recover all land parcels if it fails... if you think those 3 individual parcels can be made from 1800 resources you should redo your math. And it's only 1500 (5 earth), not counting previous upgrades, I don't have a Hamlet from the get go, not many newer players will either.
  11. It was announced that 5.5 will introduce new looting options already. I'd wait to see the how and what. And if you can't be bothered to spend 30 seconds looting a player that gathered resources for hours and hours on end, you just make the game even more one sided. I don't undertsand how you can be so concerned with the lenght of a fight and looting while gathering takes an eternity in comparison, it's the part of the game I'll probably never understand. I think a "loot all" button will be the straw that turns gatheres away for good ^^
  12. I already reported the issue, I didn't answer here as a complaint, I just wanted to explain a work intensive workaround for those that really want to place that lodge. with 5.5 around the corner, people might wonna place those vendors somewhere, I don't know the details but I'm guessing vendors will be placed in lodges, hence why I documented this atm, balance people on eu are welcome to contact me for help ingame. I don't know if EK's will get reset or not, so I might have to do at all over, but I know how to do it and how much effort it is at least, and decided the share the knowledge. If you don't like the workaround or don't have the time for it, at least you know yur better of waiting for a patch that solves this.
  13. original image bach you just lose 4 parcels of land, the equivalent of about 20k of non basic resources roughly estimated (in 5.4), no biggy right... just need to start gathering again...
  14. I managed to do it, but I had to upgrade parcels to a town parcel, shire won't accept fort lodge anymore. And even on the town plot, it took a couple hours of rotating and changing place to get it to place. It's very buggy atm, but if you are pig headed enough you can get there.... You can upgrade parcels with stoneworking, it takes 500 resources of nonbasic stone, 500 resources of nonbasic wood and 500 resources of nonbasic ore to upgrade 1 parcel, and if you have no Hamlet to upgrade from, you need 2 upgrades to get to a town parcel (from woodland groove if i remember correctly) here's an idea of where I managed to place it, and it's rotation, might save you some time screenshot
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