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  1. "Meet the Humans and Elves!" lol, Nethari are gonna be so mad. btw, we should expecting a bunch of filthy wood elves gankers in the future.
  2. Hope I can make some Asian-like face out of it. Most of game didn't realise asians are humans too.
  3. No matter how rich Your pocket is in my reach A lesson will teach
  4. for real? 1) Merchant city with 0%VAT tax, only charge 10% from seller side. 2) arrange arena tournaments everyday, allow people to gamble if it's possible and reward the winners from the pool or grant houses/land.
  5. Yeah, i remember that. I think that would happen on other stealth type archetypes too. SB had some similar penalities like movement limitation, exposure if attack, stealth reveal skill, low dps/health, etc. the SB's design is kind of encourage you to either start with a rogue type classes or hang in a group while levelling, on the other hand, mage/warrior were so powerful in city war. And remember the levelling curve in SB is so short that you can literally reach max level in 1day and so you can adjust your strategy quickly. I guess it's more like to let you make your own decision and
  6. hmm, had played SB for quite a few years actually. Maybe I enjoyed the hide and seek because I was a scout myself lol. It really depends on how do you see the pvp in mmo, SB was never a good game for solo roaming. To be honest, i couldn't find a better stealth mechanism in other MMO, they were either made the stealth guy become immortal or useless. Also crowfall dev team said they tend to make it like war game rather than an enlarged 1v1 duelling, so I guess you have to rely on each other? Some game seeks for balance between every individuals and some game seek for balance of functionalities
  7. According what i have experienced in SB, there were flying+stealth class in the game and there were classes can make entire team invisible+ apply flying buff. However, this type of team can only act as a special squad since the respawn point was way too far from the target. You need to run for 20mins if you died at somewhere far from whoever can use rec. Besides, Back in that time, city builder can hire NPC archer to guard a specific place. Usually a city fight would be 50-200max player on each team, if you invest 50 people into duelist, then the team will be wiped easily. No need to worry too
  8. Anyone up for a guinea pig musketeer legion? Or even a kingdom? I can imagine how hilarious if someone build a kingdom with a guinea pig and sit on his throne with crown and red cape.
  9. Depends, they might also make scout comes with a ability to expose them like how shadowbane did. Maybe even anti stealth trap/skill, good stealth skill carry the pvp to a strategy level from a street fight. The hide and seek in SB is alot of fun and balanced while GW2 screwed the wvw so bad like an enlarged street fight. we shall see, but I doubt that they would ever screw this as they had a huge success in SB's stealth system.
  10. I am a bit confused, I bought the 2015 sapphire. Are the 2016 or 2017 version literally better? Should I switch to that?
  11. lol, i was actually thinking to use knight to fill up the broken wall part or some tunnels along with some druid to heal them from their back. unless the knight is possible to ride a mount and charge, otherwise, should let centaurs play the blitzkrieg role.
  12. To be fair, knight could be interesting if people really use formation, because the object collision makes it fun.
  13. i hope the existence of myrmidon won't impact the role of champion, since they are both melee fighter type while the myrmidon run faster and hit harder for a period of time. Anyway, it sounds fun and i hope you guys can make it grow larger when receiving more damage in berserk mode. I love how shadowbane change the size of myrmidon according the strength changes.
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