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  1. Even unpolished is an overstatement. Surprisingly crowfall itself has proven that the crew members are skillful. But somehow there is no consistent logic behind their design.
  2. They don't really need a big crew, instead, they need someone with IQ that slightly higher than room temperature to setup gaming rules.
  3. I have been lowering my expectation a lot recently, yet it seems bottomless.
  4. I don't mind the biggies get a better guild rewards, but getting way better player rewards individually? even if everyone perform way better in a small guild wthin the same faction?
  5. Put me in the realm of people who think RvR rewards should only go to the biggest guild on the winning faction while leave nothing for the small guilds. Now the FvF is just another dregs.
  6. point your cursor to the rewards, It added a description says granted to the guild who scored top X% of Y point. The only differences are guild rewards will be sent to guild owner, and player rewards go to players. The way they count the score is remain unchanged.
  7. Finished testing the FvF, 1) lack of resources and worse than skypoint. ZERO motivation to get there. 2) why the faction in campaign is not auto assigned to lower population faction? And player can even switch their team in mid game. WTF? 3) People contribute to faction and hopefully to form a guild there and move on to dregs, but NO, counting the total score of a guild leave no room for small guild to survive, no matter how good your guild is. Now I know why they didn't include FvF from the beginning. It is pointless and overlapping with what dregs do. So even if every single one of your guildmates reach the top on score board, your team won't get ANY poorly made dergs as long as the total score of your guild is bad. They should really take (total guild score)/(number of guildmate in the same campaign) or simply use personal score instead. Thanks for letting me know ahead, such a disappointment. And if you are not in those big guild? Good luck then. Whoever came up with this, your decision is not only defeating the purpose of campaign, but also make the game biased to the existing big guilds forever. In Shadowbane, even a smaller elite guild can stand a chance to against biggies. In Crowfall? Not a chance.
  8. its simply rewards vs risk comparing farming in skypoint; farming in dregs; farming other players in dregs the rewards/risk of farming in skypoint is a way better options atm, since dregs is dominated by big guild and they can rush to any moongate within 5 mins on their map. While sending stealth type classes to patrol all mob villages constantly, all they have to do is to prepare for siege timer. Therefore, staying in skypoint is pretty much the only option for a small guild. Unless your guild grows big enough to fight off other big guilds. But considering the current population in game, any big guild may already representing 5-15% in-game population, it is unlikely to grow that big when you are trapped in skypoint. Meanwhile, pvp in skypoint is kinda meaningless. gathering ore/gear/minor are way more profitable. So yeah, we are playing a different game than dregs. Its not about dare or not to get into dregs, simply because it is not sustainable and the rewards doesn't worth to take risk for.
  9. a small bug is found The description of guinecean skill "TUNNEL" is quite misleading. Apparently any decorative wall or object is not recognized as [wall] in your current data structure. I found it can only pass through destructable wall, which is keep/fort/etc. anything outside this category doesn't count. Also, the skill mechanism is strictfully limited to [openfield] ->[wall] ->[openfield] Take the central keep in skypoint as example, if i'm standing in the corridor of a [wall] then the skills will fail because it recognize me standing on [wall] instead of [openfield] However, if I leave the corrider and return to the Keep to initiate TUNNEL pointing outside, it works. I understand the difficultity to fix this. But from player's POV, this skill is able to pass through 2 walls while failing to pass 1 wall. It does give player confusions. A QUICK FIX : if the skill failed, reset its CD. specify it is only for [wall] object, and leave the rest to player for trial-and-error. OR you guys can discuss a little? So I understand you want: 1) [openfield]->[object]->[openfield] 2) [openfield] -> [openfield] 3) [openfield]->[object] 4) [object]->[openfield] 5) [object1] ->[object2] -> [object3] 6) [object1] -> [object2] and doesn't want: a) [object1]->[openfield]->[object2] I guess you guys have been using the aim (line of sight?) to check if there is a [wall] there and maybe associated with the aiming angle? because the thickness of [wall] is a know value while [object] can be too big and might cause user to be trapped inside a wall is it possible to send an invisible object through the line of view to validate the landing location? And can you identify if the landing location inside or outside an [object]? Does the line of view tell you everytime getting in and getting out of an [object] ? If line of sight provides enough details, it think it can be done. you can also send an invisible NPC (with collision detect but pass through other npc/player/gate) to see if the location reachable. Also, I suggest to validate the attitude differences between initial location and target location (+-1 metre) and count the number of object types toggled on its way to <= 2.
  10. The DO have a solution but they kinda failed to deliver it. According to their original concept, new players should be able to rent a store from others EK. And then they can build up their own EK once they are ready. a globalised auction house might accelerate market saturation tho, most of MMO with auction house facing a price drop on every single items unless an update gives it a new use. probably because it is too easy for the buyers, relying only on durability decay cannot slow down the market saturation too much till they figure out a new recycling way when facing a global auction house.
  11. I don't know what kind of hardware are they expecting, im already using SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2.
  12. Considering the amount of time we are spending on loading screen, I suggest we should have more pictures and may also put a short novel on it. So by the end of the month, we can finish a book.
  13. Their core idea is not to balance out every single classes in 1v1, rather like every single class good at their own aspect. I get you are frustrated, but you are using the wrong tool. Try to make an assassin yourself and see if it is too powerful in everything.
  14. should be EVE. also dominated by big alliance and corp tho. But you have multiple ways to grow, also smaller corp will be hired if those big corp wants war sometimes. Either be mercenary or supply line from higher safety level zone to low zone. Apart from this, you can still be able to step back a little and to be a trader/miner/manufacturor, but of course you can be a super aggressive trader to travel between 0.0 to 1.0 and sell your stuff for a good price. The safest position is to do the trading in Jita, issusing contracts to bring back the stock according its market change. Since EVE exposes there trading system API, you can write a program to analyst data to make use of it. Sometimes the big corp decides to trigger some conflicts and make a profit from the market. Some of the traders are so rich and they don't need any powerful ship, they might just set there and chatting while manipulating the entire market. To them, eve is rather a chatroom with stock market simulator and occasionally a sightseeing theme park. The ships in their dock port are for display only.
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