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  1. Any idea why they wanted them lootable?
  2. Hmm, so I wanted to buy a 30.00 mount, but just read, that it can be stolen from another player. I absolutely will save 30.00 today. No thank you!
  3. thank you, i was using the test client:) updating now!!!
  4. It says we have a current test till Friday, but when i log in, there is no campaign. I have played tests before, but i cant see it going this time.
  5. ok, so i am also downloading live. So im to understand that live isnt functional yet, and we have to download test, for the test on the 25th at 5pm
  6. Hello, I have played all the mmorpgs since ultima online. Looking forward to playing crowfall! So from what i have read, we need to have 2 installs, one live and the other test. Live is not functional yet, and test next will be playable on the 25th?
  7. how did you upgrade? pls post how you solved here, so others can figure it out:)
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