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  1. I wont lie, the fact that the combat is slow is annoying but then ive seen many alpha where the combat was changed after... Example of this is Archeage, I'm not comparing crowfall to archeage, that not my intention, just saying this is a video of Archeage Alpha...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_2Hy1ga14A And if anyone has seen archeage now, this is a major change from what it is now. So there my hope for combat improvement!
  2. The combat doesn't have to be Unique, the game style can be. It wouldnt be bad to look at other games that do really well in combat, not saying to copy it but look at the speed/pace.
  3. Time will tell how much better it will get. Im not overly asking for total fast pace and everything is over in 10 seconds. I know large scale pvp games where the combat is fast but the fights can go on for quite awhile.
  4. I just feel like a sloth playing it... Idk if that anyone else experience or not. But i honestly feel like it takes me 51 years to do something. And this is a major concern to me, and most likely be the biggest turning point for me. I was talking to my guild in another game about it and they said the same thing, they wont play if the combat is as slow as it is. We just have hope it will change in the coming patches. Thankyou for the reply Treepie
  5. I know its is Alpha and that it is still early stage, but is there any talk of faster combat, or is this the range of speed combat will be? I do understand faster combat is not always the best. Again i know its Alpha so i understand things are basic just thought i ask for future Thanks!
  6. It is working for me as well Still don't have it changed on the forums but it still works so its okay Thankyou everyone!
  7. Fair enough, Just funny it say my account was entitled and took me to the client download. I thought it would stop it before it took me there that all, thats what it did before. Thankyou anyway!, I just wait a few days and see if i get a email about it
  8. I recently upgraded my account to the Alpha 2 group, basicly gold im guessing now which was the upgrade from silver, I went to the link to dl the client and of course u check if ur account is entitled to it... It processed and said it was entitled to it. Click on the exe and start run it and the crowfall patcher comes up, saying "Authenticating Credentials" Please enter your crowfall website urser name and password to continue *if you have 2FA enabled, you will need to enter your code as well" My account does not the code, so i just put the user name in and password and try to click the login button but nothing happens... not even a message or anything. Do you need the code enabled to do anything? Or because i just upgraded and haven't officially got the email the reason it wont accept me on the client yet ? But it said i was entitled to the client exe on the website? Any help would be amazing
  9. What Alpha are they up too? Is it still 1 or just started on 2 yet?
  10. G'day everyone!, Just thought I come check everything out. I backed the game back when the kickstarter was on and just thought i come around and check whats going on. I bought the silver pack and then upgraded it just recently since well why not? I tried to find out what stage of testing this game was at @_@ im guessing its almost into Alpha 2? Basically i am playing Archeage untill Crowfall comes out.... because lets face it i had no hope for blade and soul and no hope for Black desert, so all my hope is on this game and ive invested maybe $200 or so in this game USD and when u convert that to AUD its a killer. I been trying to keep up with the info of the game but its hard when ur balancing work and Rl. If this game is successful in group play and fun to play with groups i will be bringing most of the guild i have with me to it from archeage. We have dedicated our life to archeage and everything it holds from the start, and we are looking to do that again in another game and we look forward to it. (Just need to get a few people over the art style, which they will get over if the game play is fun) Can anyone give me a run down of the community and how the play tests are going? Are developers listening to the community unlike Trion does if anyone knows of archeage lol... That if anyone has time to explain how things are going I will be reading through forums and finding stuff as well! not just making a lazy post here Thanks!
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