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  1. This is the type of development I love to see! Keep up the great work, 2018 is looking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  2. Well, since you guys are using CTS, you might as well hire Adam Goodrich, the inventor of that and many other tools. You can literally hire this guy for 80 dollars an hour and he will help with any issues you have, so he wouldn't need full-time employment. https://www.gamedevmentors.com/en/adamgoodrich
  3. Woohoo, I wish you all the best for 2018! 2018 will be the best year ever!!!
  4. "Some of you will hate it, because some of you hate everything" - J. Todd Coleman XD
  5. Adding friendly fire would truly make this hardcore. Imagine you can't even trust not getting ganked by your best buddy, let alone your entire guild. Imagine someone playing the spy and stealing from your guild bank, months after masquerading as a guild member, only to be friendly fired when they try to escape with the goods. Haha, that would be cool.
  6. Honestly, take as long as you like. A lot of the changes you implemented which made the development time longer, I would have been fine with if you just kept it the way you planned initially. The most important thing is that you are the boss, and you direct the game to go where you want it to. I've put my faith in you and your team, and I am confident that this is a work of passion. Thanks for everything you do ACE, even if I don't agree with all of it.
  7. I don't think I can get used to the ranged attacks for Clerics. Is there a reason why this has to be?
  8. Dashing left, right, and backward for Centaurs seems kind of hard to pull off, seeing as they are half horses and all. I would really like to see some other option, rather than dodge.
  9. XD. All jokes aside, the thing is... ACE has to compete in a market saturated with games that essentially try to mimic the current most succesful one to make the most money possible. To make things worse, competitors also mimic systems that other MMOs use to make even more money by introducing things where the richest profit most. I recently thought about how I spent 1000 hours playing a video game, where I only spent 50 dollars to purchase it, in the meanwhile, I am spending 50 dollars for another game I only played for 20 hours. You know, I kinda felt bad, knowing that a game was so goo
  10. This game runs with the Unity engine, and Unity is one of the more less demanding and friendly engines out there. Pretty much, anything ever is going to depend the most on your GPU, so you have to figure out what your GPU is, and then google the games it can run that are standard today. I googled that your GPU-->integrated graphics might be intel hd 520 and you should be able to run the game on low settings 30fps. Of course, take into account that the more players and geometry are in your surroundings the lower fps you are going to get. They are working on optimizing lag with many
  11. So, you're saying that there is no visual difference between human and nethari, yet you want to make them seem different by giving them different hair choices? Please ACE, I want to play a human and have the exact same hair choices as nethari. Please, don't add artificial uniqueness to races by limiting their options in character creation. My human druid has already been wiped from existence, please don't wipe my cosmetic choices as well.
  12. I personally love the hunger system. It gives the game more depth in terms of gameplay. Originally I wanted to focus on farming (Huge fan of Harvest Moon), but I guess they scrapped that idea. Would have been cool to be able to provide food for the troops, by having your own farm. I'm a huge fan of those types of mechanics, because it makes my character feel alive and not like some kind of glorified machine. I wish more games implemented those types of mechanics like the Sims, where you even have to take care of your hygiene and social life(Could be cool to have some sort of anti social t
  13. I think this whole VIP thing is being blown out of proportion. This game is for a niche market, and should be considered as well when deciding what VIP should entail. I know they want this game to grow, but let's be honest, it will never reach proportions like a game like Star Citizen. I will support a game, if I enjoy it enough to come back to it and make it "my game". I don't need any fancy things that other people don't have to convince me to give ACE money. P2W or not, and that's what I think is the problem. The community is expecting value for their money, rather than paying for some
  14. The problem is that ACE already jumped the ship when they introduced elf races into the game, that are literally traditional elves. I really loved this game because it originally shied away from all the Tolkien races. In it's current state however they might as well just scrap the idea of Stoneborn and make them Dwarves, and instead of Elken, just get it over with and make them into Orcs. All jokes aside, I really liked the original design of the Stoneborn more than it's current one. I just feel like ACE is pushing it way too hard with the whole "Nope, definitely not a Dwarf" thing, but y
  15. These are kickstarter exclusives. Kinda bummed out that the 1% will prove a huge advantage in the long term, but ArtCraft really needed the funding back then, so I'm fine with it
  16. Thanks, I have officialy wasted half a day writing random text and copying text into google translate for chinese, then back to english XD.
  17. Class and discipline design choices. I still think every race is way too limited in terms of class choices they have. Some classes aren't spread out enough amongst races while others are. Too many races can become Knights, compared to other classes at this point. This is not a bad thing, I just believe that the same should be applied to other classes. Speaking of the Knight: If a guinecean can become a Knight, then there really shouldn't be any limits at all. I mean seriously, a guinecean Knight? I don't even have to explain why this is completely ridiculous, but I'm fine with it if other
  18. I'm probably in the minority here, but I liked the early days of WoW, when they made the holy paladin pass. It was a really nice hybrid I loved. Pretty much everyone who I ended up in a dungeon with flamed me and was sure we would fail, but little did they know... The cool thing is unlike the priest class, the holy paladin actually required skill and was still viable. You had the ability to constantly fight on top of healing, and you weren't limited to cloth armor. This was a major win for me, compared to the more boring and repetetive priest class. WoW however heavily focused on the trinity s
  19. 4K user here. Though I definitely support Crowfall 4K gaming, this justs seems like something that is rather trivial. As someone already stated who works with Unity, as do I, there are various options to cater to certatin aspect ratios rather than specific resolutions, so a solution to this would be ridiculously simple. Aspect ratios are generally universal for most users, and even though there are some more obscure aspect ratios, Unity provides as I said before, ridiculously easy solutions for this. So, while the resolution of the textures get more detailed, the overall UI can remain the same
  20. The best part was the sneak peak of character creation, and the full blown segment of the weather system! I honestly thought I would have to look at that same weather, and landscape we've seen so far for the rest of the games life, but what you showed us was insane! There are mmos with way higher budgets that can't pull off a decent weather and day and night cycle. I would really love for you to make the nights so dark, you need a torch to look around! WoW screwed up so bad, when they made the entire night look like it was early morning, but I believe that's how it should be. One of the m
  21. Well, I guess I'm a cleric now . Thanks for the literal headsup, Tinnis!
  22. I'll be honest, I'm not going to make this game my second profession. I'm mainly combat... The idea behind it is that crafters and explorers have to be online as much as possible to get the most out of their skill, while I will generally only be useful if combat become an issue, which at that point, I will be either handed down or given at a great discount decent gear to participate in a siege, or guarding a caravan.
  23. If they implement this, I will no longer main a Knight. But like everything else in life, it's too good to be true...
  24. Any chance of making other races hair available for races that don't have the hair available? What if I want to play a human female knight with short hair? It's kinda lame that it is only limited to one "race", because they somehow managed to completely monopolize the short hair industry. I'd even be happy if you would allow us to aquire other races hairstyles via payshop. Like, if I'm a human and want a nethari hairstyle. I can understand if you want the elf races to have different hair than humans, I mean, I'd rather not have a limit, this I can understand however, but 2 human races that can
  25. I'm kinda surprised there is no blood in this game if you attack other players. From the Archetypes stories and some of the Artwork, there's quite a bit of blood and gore in them, so why not in-game? It would be cool if you could chop an enemy's head of or limb, after all this game takes huge inspiration from Game of Thrones.
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