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  1. With the progress they've been making so far, does a 2017 release window seem realistic?
  2. My brother had the same problem, and he tried all the available option to try to unblock it. It turns out he just turned off Norton completely and pretty much said he'll never use Norton again. Personally, I'm running windows 10 and have been using windows defender, and have had no problems with viruses or anything.
  3. The developers said that mounts can attack and get killed, so woul it be worth the risk to take mounts out with you to harvest? It would suck if someone ganked you and killed your mount
  4. Ah, indeed. My english isn't that good. I thought condone meant the exact opposite. "We do not condone the use of bots or macros in Crowfall." from the FAQ Could you elaborate on the Shadowbane politics?
  5. Imagine like a hundred dwarves, all laying down turrets at the same time during sieges. The horror
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Maybe they should have a system that shows how much a character is contributing for his team? Like they will be able to see that character B has been in the campaign world x hours, but has gathered x resources or participated in x battles?? Then again they said they are not against the use of bots...
  7. What's to stop players from having multiple accounts, or guilds requiring you to have multiple accounts, log on to the same campaign and occupying space? What I mean by is this: Guild 1's requirement to join is to have 2 computers and 2 accounts. Your main character on one account is on the same campaign as your other character on the other account on the opposing faction, who's sole purpose is just to stand around and do nothing and thus not contribute to his team. In a guild vs guild, or order vs chaos scenario this could be potentially game breaking. What's to stop people from abusing this?
  8. Here's from the FAQ 6. WHAT IS INSIDE A CELL BEFORE I DROP THE PARCEL? EMPTY SPACE? OCEAN FLOOR? Kingdoms start with raw land filled with wilderness. We call an empty cell “wild”; it’s basically untamed (and unusable) forest. You cannot build assets on land that is wild – and, without buildings, the land has very little utility/function. To develop one or more “wild” cells into useable land, you buy parcels (using in-game resources or from our web store) and drop them using the Kingdom Builder tool.
  9. +1 for Hobo class! Instead of contributing to your team, you just stand outside city walls and beg for food and money. The Hobo who can survive the Hunger longest will be considered the champion and can take back a card board box to his EK.
  10. TBH I would probably quit this game if they put in that Diablo mechanic. I'm a supporter of this game because they promised a first come first serve basis of this game. Am I mad that people who pledged on Kickstarter get WAY more goodies than those who pledged later? No, because they were first to support the vision. Do I feel envious that I won't be getting as good as rewards as the people who pledged at Kickstarter? A little to be honest, but I deal with it. Those who pledged 2017 got less than I did. So should it be that people who start the game later should get less benefits than those who started earlier. On the side note, I've been trying to convince my friends to join early so they can reap the benefits, but to no alas. If they do decide to join at a later date, then all I can say is I told you so.
  11. They said that maining the combat skill tree wouldn't give you a substantial power benefit over the other skill trees, which I think is ridiculous. If you're going to invest into a universal skill that gives you bonuses in one field, it should be felt... hard. As of right now it is much better, power-scaling-, and money-return-wise to invest in exploiring and/or crafting skills. Furthermore, having 3 skills to invest into archetypes, it feels as if the combat tree is too specialized. I mean by that, that only one archetype will really benefit from the combat tree. Yes, the armor one might be truly universal (If you want to limit yourself on what armors to wear), but the shear amount of options (I believe the skill tree extends 3 times or something like that), just makes it seem less attractive than the less complicated ones in the tree, If I want to specialize in farming, I want to feel dependent on others as much as they are dependent on my goods and really paranoid, that I might be jumped by a group of mercenaries who specialize in combat and guerillea tactics. So, I feel really negative about the current combat tree.
  12. According to the promotion tree in-game, the specializations so far are tied to weapon. Sentinel = Axe Crusader = Mace Swordsman = Sword I know these are placeholders, but just a thought. Also, those saying that a ranged Knight wouldn't work should check out GW2's warrior class. I mained a warrior using a rifle, and it was the most fun. Personally, I really want my character to wield a mace and shield, so what ever spec fits that best, otherwise I'd just go for the tank build, with full plate mail. Won't be able to chase down people, but will be great for defending/sieging castles.
  13. I would personally like to see the human classes share hairstyles. Like a confessor using a druid hairstyle. The more options, the better!
  14. It is indeed the year. It's really strange you don't get the 17 option. If you just bought it you might just have to wait a while til it gets processed.
  15. As far as I'm aware unbundling it in your case would simply mean you can't upgrade anymore. Which is a bummer if you decide to
  16. I'm planning on upgrading to Sapphire before they scrap the 2016 bundles, anyone know what cottages are used for?
  17. Oh, I haven't completely purchased Gold yet, meaybe that's why I can't see the Prange upgrade button Edit: Just purchased Gold, ad I see the upgrade button now, thanks. No layaway option though -.-
  18. Is there a way to upgrade? When I go to the shop to buy Amber it charges me the full price for it.
  19. Greetings everyone, I'm new here. I'm in love with the graphics. They are stylized the way I like it, but the world background graphics look pretty bad. I know it is alpha, but are they planning on pushing the graphics to the limit, or have graphics so a mid range computer could run it well. Also, I'm planning on dumping a bunch of money into this game's development, since it will be my new home. I currently started with the Gold bundle, and would like to know if I can exceed the pledge amount, or whether the pledge amount is fixed and then having to upgrade. Thanks in advance : )
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