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  1. While playing around on test server I've noticed a potential bug with scim druid being... The final talent on damage druid doesn't seem to be working properly. It says after attacking with electric abilities 8 times a buff titled "lightning shield" should be applied. The buff is supposed to give essence regen at a rate of 25 essence every 2 seconds for 15 seconds. The essence regen rate doesn't seem to be going at 25 every 2 seconds. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. I would like to see a better map indicator showing where your character is at on the map. Just bigger and more visible, current marker is kinda small and blends in. Also would like to see a multi color map marker tool to help organize locations and keep players on track when running to certain areas. I seem to get turned around quite often when trying to get to certain spots.
  3. I definitely agree, but the game in its current state is lacking some features that will help facilitate player driven content.
  4. Glad you’ve decided to check the game out! Most of the negative stuff you’ve heard is probably about the game being boring and having nothing to do. Which at the present time is definitely true, but the game is in a pre-alpha state. So while playing just keep in mind that you’re really only testing game systems, not the game in its entirety.
  5. Playing any sort of mini game will become very repetitive and boring after a while. A crafter's skillfulness will be in the social aspect of the game.
  6. I think I may have worded this wrong, I'm all for dominating players being able to dominate. Players should be rewarded for being good at the game, not put at a disadvantage. But the issue I have regarding the quick winning is that the game will not be able to play out as intended. The crafting and gathering seems to be a huge part of the game, and rushing to win early will really take away from this part of the game. If guilds are able to win within 2 weeks using only tier 1 or 2 gear, a majority of the crafting is deemed pointless. This also would take a lot of the strategy aspect away from the game, because if players are able to win within 2 weeks, they didn't really plan anything. They are just flat out better players. And at that point I don't think the game would be fun for the people doing the stomping or the people getting stomped. This is why I mentioned earlier some sort of rating system for guilds possibly. Guilds of equal skill level won't be able to end the game quickly because they are equally skilled players. This leaves a lot up to potential strategy, who has the better crafters, etc. And Regarding the FFA thing, they really should not have it say FFA because it doesn't make sense in the way this game is being designed. And lastly the friendly fire idea, I do see the value in friendly fire adding another level of difficulty to the game for hardcore players. And it may work in a 5v5 or even a 10v10 small skirmish, but in a giant 50v50 or 100v100 battle over a keep or something, friendly fire just seems like a disaster.
  7. Makes sense. Thanks for the input
  8. Will there be a party system or something in FFA to ensure I can't do damage to my friends in large scale combat scenarios? I doubt anyone will be able to be that precise in a 50v50 battle to not damage their friends accidentally. And if there is a party system, this won't likely end up being a FFA at all, because hardcore guilds are going to join and party up to get the best loot and any players trying to play solo in a "FFA" setting will get crushed by guilds of 100 people.
  9. How would a FFA system work when seemingly a huuuuugggeee part of the game is inter dependency between players? For instance if I've decided to devote a lot of time and skills into the gathering tree, its effectively useless because in FFA I can't give my resources to a crafter friend to make me some good armor or weapons.
  10. please excuse my ignorance, but can you explain what you mean by hardcoded factions
  11. I thinks it's less about quantity of teammates and more about quality of teammates. If a really good, coordinated guild with dedicated crafters and gathers is put up against a much more casual guild it won't even be fair. The good guild won't have fun because they are winning so easily, and the more casual guild won't be having fun because they're are being beaten so bad. which is why I believe a system should be in place to pin hardcore guilds/players vs hardcore guilds/players casual guilds/players vs casual guilds/players
  12. This is also exactly a problem I was thinking of. No one will have fun if some guilds are stomping other guilds in like a week. Maybe there can be some sort of a guild rating system or something in place to have good guilds play against other good guilds, while lesser skilled guilds or more casual players will have fun playing against one and other.
  13. Sliding my face up and down my keyboard until all enemys are eliminated.
  14. I agree, 6 months seems a little too long, I would imagine 2-4 months will be a good range to choose from. Anything too short won't allow the game to played as intended. The game needs time to be able to gather resources build up forts and craft good items etc.
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