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    Being a normal girl...pissing people off.
  1. Death Server Represent !

    Scorn was fun too.
  2. Death Server Represent !

    I miss Death server. was fun times
  3. Would love to see

    a Sundancer warrior type from Shadowbane so sundancer rune would be great even a slight possibility?
  4. lol

    sb.exe FTW now just need the death tunnel and life will be complete
  5. lol

    was just saying the more I see, the more it's feeling like a improved Shadowbane. and BAM d/c with error. I love it. I already love it
  6. will there be

    will there be a character that will have the play style of a sundancer from SB? powerblocks, stuns etc with hand-to-hand and so forth?
  7. I'd die a happy girl if only it was Shadowbane 2 but as long as it plays anything like SB I know I'll love it.
  8. Some Shadowbane reminiscing...

    loved death server, was so much fun.
  9. Shadowbane Scorn roll-call

    Played on Scorn and Death (before they deleted it)
  10. SB Sundancer...

    I dreamed of there being a SB2 but alas I think this will be the closest I will find, I'm happy to be getting this but like you would of loved Shadowbane 2. Love your sig lol favorite race and class in any mmo ever
  11. SB Sundancer...

    Am I the only one that misses the Shadowbane Sundancer class? I would love to see a class like it in a game again, hand-to-hand, power blocks, stuns, etc. Was so much fun in fights.