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  1. You literally can't see plainly past your self. HTF is this LIMITED TIME OFFER! logging in? Why is logging in an account upgrade in the first place? "paper tiger". I have no more time to state the facts or spend reviewing why it's not ready to play or refund. "They've said" a lot of things... Congrats on the badges!? 🥱 Really you act like some angry person that has to babble on about nothing to persuade/change the subject; to say they are right, and still be wrong. Self-righteous. You can continue to defend "it" all over the forums for whatever personal reason you appare
  2. Until you get to pay for an extra slot in the "store" or buy a bigger badder badge. Break out the Krylon already.
  3. Oh, We got people that feel justified in it. The more I learn the less I'm impressed. After waiting 5years and deciding I had better things to do than wait on this to progress into something.. I found out what I purchased is not even wanted by the "Authorized Reseller"; so I come to see why. The information does explain why so many backers left and why it has no value. Besides the direction.. Now we have those that support it openly feeling entitled to have a bonus over anyone that comes to play. Pay for it even...hmmm isn't there a term for that? That isn't supporting the
  4. So what do they do. Cash grab and give exclusive damage bonus to player accounts!? yeah, this is going nowhere. http://crowfall.com/CEPack They obviously have no comprehension on gameplay and player competition especially for this to be a PvP game. This is a launch item one would think. Which is still a dumb move even if. Cashing out imo.
  5. Sun Temple entry quest. Going to the Build Barracks sign before getting the quest and resources completes it ahead of the quest and you keep the resources.
  6. Let's hear the rest of the story. And that was mostly promoted by the lack of player base and ability to macro said leveling groups. If said enemy managed to catch the looter there would be reward. Also the fact you probably just disrupted some guild rolling out a new spec. I for one did not just level my characters in a macro group and actually took it out and killed MOBs and risked getting into PvP. Often enough a few lower level characters could still defeat a leveled character. Also groups were often rolled by enemy as "Why are these people just sitting here inactive in
  7. Don't agree in a catch up system. Then you are penalizing the players that have put in the time to get to that point. Why do we need all these extra benefits of logging in and playing when we have a crafting system for gear and storage to carryover. Easy enough to consider if a new race or class comes out; players that want to roll it up should have the same advantages, new or existing. Except: stored gear and other game items that can also be given in game to new player (that is a paying customer) If you started a new game... Would you prefer you had to wait and login constantly j
  8. Should I get combat messages for harvesting? Ranger targeting reticle highlight red while out of range?
  9. Fair enough but it kept trying because of the players wanted the game. Several relaunches and even F2P. Then it had players mod'ing WoW to try and get the 'gameplay', creating emulators, and some still pursuing it? It had server, engine, and code issues. Not to mention the UI it came with; later mod'd. It was an early pioneer and first in concept that should be fixed not shelved. Straight from internets "but technical issues plagued the game at launch and failed to retain much of the early fanbase shortly afterward." Either way. I'm just waiting to see what this evolves in
  10. Monthly sub/VIP seems reasonable for character slots. Loot carryover from world to world and availability of some game mechanics. For free? Login, level, participate in some world fights but that's it. And limit character trading to keep the bots out. No crafting and/or maybe just no trading. Something to keep players from abusing the system. They will... Not to get off topic but yeah.
  11. Only thing wrong with Shadowbane was the maps would get stale and need a reset. Nothing else gameplay wise. (Gameplay!' yeah a lost meaning and rewritten to appease your graphics and sounds) If you want to get into the issue with the code and/or engine problems that was the new hope also. A new engine and the reward of new worlds/maps rotating on conquest was the answer. That's why so many followed it. So many from it funded this too. So many still talk about. If you check there may even be some still playing it somewhere. So, I doubt because someone got their pushed in whi
  12. I also don't want this to help translate into auto-leveled and play like it's Team Fortress or some gimmick. I can get those all day long on my phone. The passive I consider to just be some way to make a link we have too much invested to quit. Also, as mentioned gives advantage. If anything make the skills linked to the characters they have to a cap. You craft you learn to craft. You use a shield you gain shield skill level. What happened to the D&D style character optimizations. Min Max to level cap at your own risk / reward. (Believe this is where it has strayed and c
  13. How pompus of a statement. You should lay off the naming everything/one dumb and stupid that doesn't kindly appease your wants. Either way you seem to just want to be able to max or change characters at will and apparently attack any reason not to. Someone may need to apologize to you for your Shadowbane experience 😆.
  14. They made reasonable reasons why the UI will be an item toward the bottom of the list in the interview "6.2 tease - discipline 'Domains' or 'Spheres'" I'm sure it will be much different when it gets to that point. Hopefully accommodating options and mechanics that don't get overly abused..
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