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  1. I love the mix and match of that classes with the Disciplines, that really open up the classes to a lot of variation. I made about 5 toons the only one that seemed really weak (or at least confusing/underwhelming) was the Druid, with dryad/pixie. I was having a problem putting Form life on the combat bar and all the cooldowns seemed really long, which left me to use the sickle most of the time, and that didn't seem very strong in its own right. when I was attacking with the sickle there were some odd lightning shots going all over the place, not sure if that was intended. Crafting was very deep, but honestly it put me off. I couldn't sit there for 5min to make 15 bandages, if there could be a "Make 15 and auto loot" I might be more inclined to do it. Looting for combat, kind of the same, aoe loot with auto pickup. Too many thing happening to sit there are hit a bunch of confirmations just to loot 4Gold and poor boots. Targeting with a ranged character was a liitle tuff, as the camera has to be directly behind the character, I like to play ranged with about a 15-20% angle to see a little better Hunger/No regen kicked in at when i had about 3 chicken legs left, I would have assumed that they would all have to be gone before that happened. rate of consumption seemed a but high as well. Animations are look pretty smooth. The horns on my Minotaur myrmidon disappeared with his mail helmet on.
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