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  1. Harvesting I also hate the idea of having to level harvesting on each specific type of node. You unlock copper, but than you can go after any other type of ore? Why? I work my way through copper and than go straight to gold? Makes no sense... I do agree we need to see the whole crafting system first before saying anything, but it's definitely not intuitive! Sugoi - Making another thread about Sugoi In response to the Sugoi girl... People like you, with your negative posts, scare people away from posting. It's clear the dev's need differing viewpoints and not a bunch of yes guys! You maam are a detriment to society, and this game! In fact Sugoi as a whole is probably the main reason why the population is so low, with their childish and un-helpful behavior, both in games and on the forums! Conclusion I guess no one should post any more if another person has expressed a similar opinion in a different thread. I guess some people want the game setup so you need a minimum 25 slaves in a clan who are not allowed to pvp, because they are locked behind a paywall (or be forced to run a 2nd account) I guess the goal is to require 5 accounts each so we can burn through our 6 years of VIP ASAP!
  2. Call to Arms (Issues) When a guild leader calls their clan to war crafters and harvesters should be able to participate. Locking them off from the combat tree is very harsh, as generally harvesters are not the best PvP'ers to begin with. There's currently 8 different crafting professions and 5 harvesting professions with many variations of each. A good clan would need at least 13 strictly crafters and gathers to have everything covered. Harvesting Why do harvesters need to be gimped combat wise? Out harvesting a node and getting jumped is bad enough because getting the first licks in is half the battle. But now you got no combat skills to fight back with. But not everyone should be able to harvest everything. Harvesting Solution - Everyone should pick 1 harvesting line. (Eg (Mining, Digging, Skinning, Quarrying or Lumberjacking) When maxed out they can train 50% of a second tree but no more. Once they hit 50% on the second tree the crafting trainer is locked, unless they delete both crafts to 0 and start again. Crafting Why are crafters gimped from combat? Every clan needs 5 accounts that you cant PVP with? Crafting Solution Everyone should be able to choose 1 craft account wide. Only VIP's should be allowed to craft. TLDR Don't group Exploration, Crafting and Combat skills to one training HUD!
  3. Wow that looks like something I may have wrote while drunk! What are the odds something I wrote would encourage someone to join instead of quit, eh Undead/Weps?
  4. Recruitment You must be 21 years old - Our Discord gets pretty intense You must not be a druggie - We're sick of druggies trying to tell a story hogging our valuable discord time You must be a team player - You will be handed a pick-axe and will be asked for gold for whatever project we are working on... we work together for stuff. You must be able to adapt - Our leaders change their mind quite often (Which is why our mascot is a chicken with it's head cut off) We expect you to fail - So there won't be any hand holding or baby sitting, because the 500 failures before you had that treatment and wasted our damned time! No racists or homophobes! We are trying to ween these "Horrible" people from our ranks! Sloppy Decruitment Officer uXa
  5. Less than 4 months to Alpha! Can't wait!
  6. It hasn't been discussed. But if we go anything but dregs I will feel shame.
  7. You're welcome. Developer interaction is awesome. But get back to your desk... *cracks whip* haha
  8. Sloppy


    Congrats guys. Is it August yet? I'm ready to test!
  9. As August approaches a bunch of $500 packages will sell, and 3 months later for alpha 2... watch the $175 fly out the window. Although they will probably be $600 and $250 by than!
  10. It looks ok I guess. I'm disappointed that the only risk/reward involved in an EK is the relic system. 1. No sieges? 2. No incentive to make your kingdom full-loot pvp. You missed an opportunity here IMO.
  11. Ahh a little bit of meaning to the EK. Now tell us about sieging in the EK!
  12. Sorry buddy. No point in making any EK posts. The great defenders of the NO RISK, GREAT REWARD have shown up in your post to shut you down. I hope the dev team comes up with something soon, but they seem to be waiting until after the kickstarter. I believe this is because 25% of the players will pull their money if they find out there will be sieges in the EK. If there are no sieges in the EK 50% of people may pull their money! These are firm stats, I asked a marketing firm that always gives perfect stats with 1.3% so don't try to argue them!
  13. I'm done arguing with the same 2 or 3 people in multiple threads over the same idea. There needs to be a REWARD for creating RISK within your personal kingdoms. I think we all agree that we need to see a design document from the dev's regarding the Eternal Kingdoms. If this document is what I hope it to be, it will be a lot easier for me to convince my guildmates to buy kickstarter packages. They are currently not buying packages until we find out what the Eternal Kingdoms are. Five members bought packages, the other 40-50 members are in limbo!
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