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  1. Sloppy

    Guild Banks

    I love the idea that guild banks can get jacked. I've been wanting to do it for a long time now. I finally convinced my clan to make me one of the bankers! :) I just assumed they would make a tab based system. But that's why I asked to see their design plan, so we could all have this debate. Banking and especially guild banking are HUGE quality of life items, and I think we can all agree they need to be designed correctly. Logs, or not... you can definately track (donations/thefts etc...) if the tabs and access levels are flushed out correctly. For some added danger, it's why I did suggest that the guild banks are only in the temples! Until of course, we can build our own Forts and Keeps, and build a deployable/destroyable guild bank there. So people who want to craft have to run the resources from the temple to the fort/keep. Watch out for highwaymen. You could also add a weight system, a caravan system and more for people to move mass quantities of goods.
  2. Sloppy

    Guild Banks

    It doesn't have to be unlimited tabs, but I'd like to see: A tab for each player so a crafter can dump gear they crafted for pickup. A tab for each crafting type. (so all blacksmiths could share a tab etc..) A tab for each rank so stuff can be dumped for recruits etc. I'm not a fan of tetris banks either, so please remove that! Make it text based if you like!
  3. Addressed to the Dev Team: I have some questions about your design of the guild banks. Can we please see the design document so we can point out any needs before you start coding it? Is there an ETA on when it will be ready? I know you mentioned some Quality of Life changes. The reason I ask this is simple. Many of today's MMO's have terrible banking systems. Especially on the first pass. It's always pulling teeth to fix it, and there's also a duping risk whenever the banks are changed. So let's take care of this now, before you release a sub-par system. Things I feel a proper Guild banking system needs: Unlimited stack sizes Unlimited Multiple areas. (Tabs) The ability to give access rights to those multiple areas by use of access groups. (Eg Recruits, Veterens, Elders, Crafters, Officers, Leaders) The ability to make our own access groups and to add/remove whomever we want from them. (A custom guild rank system) Donate only should be an access right. (Example - Recruits would only be able to donate to or even see ertain tabs) The guildbank should be in the temples only. So people need to run mats to the forts/keeps if they want to craft there. Logs (Thanks Duffy) If the community would also throw their ideas of what they want to see, we can ensure the Dev's don't overlook anything.
  4. Lots of things. As the campaign goes on, people dump to their spirit banks, and craft in the EK's. They take stuff from NA and transfer it to EU. It also will prevent people from sending dust and embers into the campaign from their tree macros.
  5. Exactly Bear. Originally I said take 25% away so as not to unbalance the current economy. But the economy isn't really balanced yet, so they can make more resources instead to ease the tears. The whole point is to give people stuff to fight over. A reason to stay and defend something they took, and to actively use the territory. I suggested last hit mechanic because it was the easiest thing to code. For sure it could be switched to be on the guards inventory. This could could create some free for all fun. You could also force people to drive a caravan with the loot on the back to the nearest fort they own, or a million other things. The idea is the kick-off point for so much action and fun. I'm not sure what the dev's actually had in mind. Maybe they already have some sort of plan for taxes and loot from these pvp hotspots.
  6. As you mentioned you didn't read the whole thing. There's a bunch of words lower down that deal with exactly what you're worried about. You aren't really losing 25% of your stuff. You never see the stuff, as it is spawns in the chest. The economy isn't really balanced yet anyways, so think of it as a 25% bonus to your stuff is in that chest. You can move to a different spot, farther away from the keep or forts and take an outpost that you control. (anti zerg mechanic) What are you going to do to help get that new stuff? As you move up to forts and keeps, the payday gets bigger for the pvp'ers. At it's core the game is about conflict and this drives conflict.
  7. INTRODUCTION I'm looking forward to the upcoming changes to forts and outposts made in the last monthly video. It was mentioned the outposts were for groups of 1-3 players to fight over. Zones currently have about 10-12 mini areas built into them. For example the spider area, the zombie area, the forest with the hellcats etc... Each one of these mini zones should only have 1 outpost associated with them. The outposts should have 1 npc guard protecting them (Something that takes a badly geared player 2 mins or a well geared player 30 seconds to kill). When the guard is killed whoever gets the final hit becomes leader of the outpost. ============================================================================================================== A REASON TO DEFEND Currently people run from outpost to outpost capping, while the enemy faction has a small group across the zone doing the same thing. It's currently almost more incentive to avoid a fight. We should be trying to promote small scale pvp, not avoid it. 25% of everything looted or harvested in the mini zone should go into a chest at the outpost and only the owner of the outpost can loot it. ============================================================================================================== A REASON TO TAKE IT Attackers can take the outpost at any time. (I know timers may be put on outpost but I'd prefer they didn't) If they take it the owner of the outpost has a 5 minute window to get 50% of what's in the chest and the other 50% goes to the chest in the nearest fort. ============================================================================================================== PREVENTING ABUSE OF THE MECHANIC There's people out there that will put a spy in an alternate faction, (This system isn't only for the faction game, but will adapt to all frms) just to keep the loot safe by flipping the point back and forth. So we need to do some stuff to protect against abuse. 1. As mentioned above, send 50% of the loot to the fort. 2. To prevent people from pulling the loot the moment the enemy engages the guard, we lock everyone out of the chest while the guard is damaged. 3. After the chest is looted it should not be accessable for a random amount of time between 30 and 90 minutes. There should be no clock visible, or countdown timer. ============================================================================================================== FORTS NPC fort boss instead of circle. He becomes vulnerable based on the new siege timing mechanic coming soon. The player with the last hit on the Boss owns the keep, and gets a 5 minute window to loot the fort chest. Only 50% of the loot sent to the fort was in the chest, the other 50% was sent to the nearest keep. Remember there are no outposts in the area around the forts, so they also get 25% of all loot/harvestables put in the chest, plus the extra 50% if any nearby outposts flipped. =============================================================================================================== KEEPS Same mechanics as the fort. However whoever plants the tree becomes the owner. 50% of all fort loot and 25% of all resources farmed in the keep zone are in the chest. =============================================================================================================== CAMPAIGN POINTS AND WINNING THE SERVER Campaign points should be based on the sacrifice value of all loot earned. 2x points for outposts, 3x for forts and 4x for keeps. Remove capture bonuses. They aren't really working properly. Wait - There is more loot generated in spring, how do we catch up? 10x points for all hunger shard related loot, or killing winter type mobs etc. Stuff that gets people out into the zones doing stuff. Those outposts with level 10 hunger shards in the mini zone should be fought over extremely hard. =============================================================================================================== IMPORTANT NOTES 1. This gives pvp'ers a way to earn resources without resorting to hitting nodes. 2. This gives people a reason to defend what they take and to actively use and protect the area. 3. This gives pvp'ers a strong reason to defend harvesters in the area they have taken. Why roll that group of newbies farming spiders when they are paying you 25% of their gold. 4. More incentive for people in the same faction but of a different guild to grab a different outpost and stay spread out. Which helps prevent zergs. 5. A giant pyramid scheme to allow the overlords of the server to benefit. Ya the rich get richer, but they deserve to be rich when they put in the hard work. 6. No new resources are being created, harvesters and gold farmers are just getting 25% less, but are being more protected as the pvp pushes away from ganking and more toward outpost fighting. 7. Too many timers suck. So if we can keep the timers off the outposts it could be better. If Darkfall 2, it ended up being called Timerfall because of a similar yet flawed system. 8. This creates hot spots. People will naturally flock to the outposts with the best loot. The hotspots will end up generating most of the campaign points. So he who controls the hotspots will gain a ton of points for themselves, their guild and their faction. 9. This mechanic works for guilds, dregs, factions and gods. All while people do selfish things! =============================================================================================================== TLDR - Take some territory, collect some taxes. Pvp'ers lock down an area, they profit, while they have a reason to protect newbs and harvesters.
  8. I don't get it. Certain unnamed people made it clear through their actions that any talk about PVP or victories, makes the people you killed feel bad. Making people feel bad results in forum/ingame warnings and bans. Some of them lifetime bans with no refunds. Criminal! Ok... back to my self imposed ban on the forums until they fix the rules and the way they are moderated. Sorry if this made anyone cry.
  9. Sloppy

    Item bloat

    I missed some of the earlier rounds of testing so I don't know what happened. But we need to be able to get rid of stuff. At a siege last week there was a bunch of balance guys, that literally filled their inventories with stacks of wilted scraps. I don't know if this was a protest, an internal joke or some trick to lag out the server during the siege. But just the fact that some dudes were willing to lose 50 stacks of this crap shows the need for that item to create value. So I really enjoy Noric's idea of sacrificing for a buff! I even more enjoyed the original idea of trashing stuff for XP! But eventually everyone will be maxxed out!
  10. Thanks Bear. Looking forward to driving through a foot of fresh snow to get home and experience my first Crowfall spring!
  11. Points and circles is boring! This game is about economy and gear. It's a territory capture game so we need to enable taxes! Outposts These are meant to be quick solo to 5 man pvp games to pass the time A small Tree of Life is defeated, the outpost is captured and owned by the single player who made the last hit on the TOL. A level 1 Tree of Life, a level 10 guard, and a level 1 harvester spawn. The outpost has borders, and when people farm within the borders taxes are taken. All players pay taxes in the area, including the owner of the outpost. 25% of all gold farmed goes into a chest near the campfire (The enemy farming only gets 90% so no loot is created in this system) 25% of all white harvestables goes into the chest. 1x per hour the owner of the outpost can empty the chest. After certain loot thresholds are hit, the tree upgrades to level 2, an extra guard pops and the harvester becomes level 2 and starts taking whites and greens. The outposts can eventually be upgraded to level 7. TOL level 7, 7 level 10 guards, and a level 7 harvester that can leach up to legendary harvestables If the owner is gone for 24 hours, and someone takes the outpost... enjoy the free loot! Forts These are meant to be 5-25 man battles during the day while no sieges are live. Same mechanics as an outpost, but it's meant to be taken by a guild. It takes 25% in taxes from every outpost that gets hit. Change the circle to a TOL. The chest can only be emptied by a member of the clan once every 4 hours. Watch those recruits lol! Keeps The sieges will stay the same as they currently are. 25% of all taxes in the forts feeds the keeps. The chest is emptied right when the siege ends. The loot is split up to all who participated in the siege. Feel free to come up wth some sort of formula here or split it all evenly to those in the zone on the winning team I feel like this will make the game better, and the implementation shouldn't be to much different than what we have now. Depending on the type of server (Dregs, gods, faction... etc...) different things can happen to the winnings!
  12. Can we not have 1 server with half the zones hosted in NA and the other half hosted in EU? The NA zones go live at NA times and the EU zones go live at EU times? They did it in Albion. People lived closer to their favorite siege times. One zerg to rule them all!!!! Does that scare people? The zerg will fall! Of course, a new zerg usual forms in it's wake lol!
  13. Where I live we have a demerit system for driving. I believe it applies to how these forums are run. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Full Driving License Demerit Points As a fully licensed driver, you can accumulate up to 15 demerit points before your driver’s license is suspended. Here is a breakdown of the penalties for demerit points for fully licensed drivers in Ontario : 2 to 8 points : You will receive a letter of warning. 9 to 14 points: Your driver’s license could be suspended, and you may have to attend a meeting to discuss your driving record and why your license should not be suspended at this time. A $50 fee for the demerit point meeting applies. 15 or more points : You will receive an automatic 30-day license suspension. You will be required to surrender your driver’s license. You can do this in person at any Service Ontario Centre. Failure to surrender your driver’s license could result in a 2-year suspension. Once the suspension is over, you may need to take a vision, written, and road test again. If you pass, your license will be reinstated and the demerit points on your record will be reduced to 7. Demerit points stay on your record for two years from the date of the offence. Once the two years has passed, they are removed from your driving record. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stupid little warnings and slap on the wrists should net you a point or 2 and roll off your record. Major issues can give you 10-14 points. But eventually they need to roll off. You can't force people to play a game with a knife to their throats. I think the community relations team needs to take a step back and remember some of what MMO forums are for: 1. A place to blow off steam after intense action 2. A place to complain when things aren't going their way in game 3. A place to get under the enemies skin to drive in game action 4. A place potential customers go to see if the game is alive, to help decide if they wish to purchase. I believe point #4 is the most important. Some of the first questions everyone always asks when joining a game late: Is there population? Is there conflict? Is it a grind to catch up? If the forums are dead because you drove them offsite. You're killing your own game! For me a week back from playing Atlas. I feel that you guys are missing the mark when it comes to customer relations. Please fix some of your systems. Also we're mostly pvp'ers and not sheep. We do remember when a company screws us or screws over friends. In a hypothectical situation if you banned a 70$ account of some guy using aimbot 99% of the people would have no issues. But if you banned accounts worth upwards of $10,000 for a guy running his mouth on the forums I'd almost guarentee less than 25% of people would agree with that. Obviously everybody does not know the entire story for specifics bans that have already happened. TLDR FREE THE INOCENTS THAT YOU HAVE BANNED!
  14. Not fixing a poor design because lots of time went into it drives me insane.(It happens alot at work, where my job is to fix designs done by M&E engineers) Nowhere did I mention altering in game crow and vessel training. I just said people shouldnt be able to use maxed out ones on day 1 of a fresh server. Anyways, it was just a suggestion for the devs, and in my experience of the 1000 ideas I've sent Devs across multiple games only the DND devs have ever responded. Their game failed anyway! (Probably because they listened to some other idiot instead of me)
  15. New servers are suppossed to be a race where everyone starts equal. It's the entire basis for the seperate campaigns. The system is designed to bring new people back to the game, who have left or to aquire fresh blood. Most MMO's die after a few months as people bleed away, and major updates and fresh servers are what bring them back to the game. It's what makes this MMO different, a built in loop that keeps bringing people back and preventing the game from eventually dieing like so many before it. Stop giving people advantages other than their pvp skill and knowledge of the game. It will be enough to dominate. In regards to time sink hurdles you mentioned. What is the real game play? For you it may be combat. For some it may be skilling up. If I love grinding character levels? If I love harvesting? If I love farming mobs for gold? Why is your real gameplay more important than mine? Regardless you are correct in the philosphy, that if you get to skip the grind... the newbies should get to skip the grind. Good luck to you.
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