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  1. Reading over the short term goals, and after reading about how you will launch without even achieving them all... it seems like launch is eminent. Just wanted to predict the launch will be in April or early May! 😁 Good luck. We’ll see if they’ve done enough to bring all the quitters back! If they do come back, hopefully they will stay longer than a few months! Once the money starts coming in, I really hope you will reinvest it into getting parcel to parcel territory control up and running ASAP, as I believe it’s required for the main game loop to be fun, and to help prevent z
  2. <Question> Why do you guys have a suggestion forum if you guys refuse to acknowledge any ideas there? <Question> Unless you play at primetime there is only Grindy things to do. How will you fix territory control to rectify this? <Question> You finally removed Blenden from God’s reach only to make 4 uber giant Blendens in infected. Why would you do this? <Question> There’s usually around 150 people in game, and most spawns are cramped already. How big do you intend the world to be? What’s your expected cap for each zone to be?
  3. Still not fun outside of primetime. you’ve basically took the fort at Blendon and made a full zone of carebearness for each faction. The actually game loop is so boring, and needs a turbo charge. Thousands of suggestions in the forums, maybe read and acknowledge them! played Shadowbane in steam last night, and it is in a much better state than Crowfall. I think you hoodwinked us and kept your original vision vague, so as to have an excuse to remake Trammel. quit the excuses and redesign territory control!
  4. Ya. So now we need 30 gears sets each. So we need more bank space!
  5. Remove the ability to sell timber, ingots and boulders from forts to a vender. that way there will be more of a player market to sell them in game to players. currently people take the forts so they can sell the timber to venders for gold, and you removed the gold forts for a reason.
  6. I’m not gonna lie. I took a gut punch at the last QA. Todd promising a change to fix territory control had me very excited. But to find out he’s just tweaking the current points system... which I hate... The actual game needs to be worked on. The economy needs to be bigger and more balanced. There needs to be the ability for small guilds and big guilds to compete. There needs to be a reason for the 3 biggest NA guilds to stop nut cupping. There needs to be incentive to have a skilled 20 man guild and not a 100 man Zerg. I don’t even remember what the origin
  7. This is basically additional content that helps remove rng from the game, and puts more people out into the world, because it revolves around killing in warcamps!
  8. Gathering skills Salvager - recovers special resources from old gear or drops from mobs Extractor - extracts souls from dead mobs . Crafting Skills Enhancer - uses special salvage to tweak prefixes and suffixes on mob dropped gear Enchanter - uses souls to change any poor rng rolls to bring up to max using souls.
  9. Likes Whatever. dislikes you are doing nothing for the actual game loop. I literally play my games from when I get home from work until 7:30pm est. or all day on weekends from 6am until 7:30 pm. than I hang out with my wife. but you have designed the game to only be worth logging in from 7:30pm est until 11:30pm est! We thought we were getting a big announcement about territory control today, but the only announcement was about a stupid conquest point update. It’s rare for more than 1 or 2 keeps to be taken and built now. please give us a game th
  10. <FEEDBACK> I am disappointed. At the start of the last live stream you mentioned the new territory control system was not quite ready and you would have an update at the next live stream. We were really counting on this as players to bring the game loop alive for more than 2 or 3 hours a night. But not one word about it. I am really hoping that special live stream you spoke about will be for this! There have been a lot of threads with many different ideas on how you can fix the main game loop of territory control. It’s very important to a lot of us, as you can see
  11. Please implement this. We need to make the game alive. We need a reason to throw down siege equipment at all hours of the day! we need to be able to raid cities during non siege times and actually benefit from it. (But not completely take said city). Maybe break the walls, steal some taxes etc... we want to be able to build things. Even a brand new player on his first day should be able to build a hut to live in and bind too! it’s a throne war simulator. We should be able to build walls for miles! It should just cost us more to maintain them!
  12. <question>. Can you please not put the patch onto live until territory control is done? We don’t want other guilds to get ahead of us, while we don’t play until there is an actual game! And we don’t want another wipe before territory control is implemented! <question>. What are some different ideas for capture mechanics you guys have, besides just standing in a circle or killing a tree? <question>. What are your plans to make is harder for giant Zerg alliances to form? What are you adding to assist smaller guild fighting back? <question>. Who’s idea
  13. All I care about is fixing territory control to make the game more fun and interesting! My whole guild is looking forward to what you came up with!
  14. yay for reducing lag on my map! It works almost instantly now!
  15. As per the live stream JTodd will be looking into a more permanent Dregs with a super giant map. It is intended as a place where people can bring their hard won resources from campaigns back to. We’ll live in a world with Walls (and rules). But what will those rules be? It’s hard to say because we have no idea what the new territory control system will be. Should the resource nodes only be level 8? Should the mobs only drop up to blue? Should you be able to progress a body to gold? What would be the reason to go to the campaigns? Will the new territory control
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