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  1. So I logged in last night and this morning to begin the process of laying the groundwork to get all our crafters blue/purple bodies. To my surprise all the graveyards are missing. So you are telling me that there are people with blue and possible purple bodies out there? But you are preventing others from catching up? Please balance God's reach and re-wipe. Or Please bring up a God's reach where everyone can be equal!
  2. Ideas Bring up 2 more gods reach for the weekend. Or make every zone a copy of the 6-8 zone You can level to around 10 beside the temple and you will be equipped enough to take on level 6-8 mobs People will be going hardcore getting blue bodies for all their crafters and fighters while we wait. That’s a lot of traffic in very small areas. Expect this logjam to happen on launch day of alpha. Beta. Or live!
  3. Make capping outposts fun and rewarding please. As you know every zone currently has 25 outposts, 2 forts and 1 keep! In the war camps there are captains, chiefs and kings (I believe), which also drop loot. (Captain, Boss, and Raid Boss) Instead of a fort going live a region of outposts should go live. (10 outposts per fort) At each outpost add a neutral captain level boss that spawns 1X (Soloable, but takes time). If you kill him, you get the same loot you would from a war camp captain. If you can flip all 10 of the outposts to you faction at any point the fort goes live the following hour. This creates a back and forth reason for taking outposts and will more likely lead to a small scale pvp engagement at all hours of the day. In the fort a neutral Chief spawns after 30 minutes and is vulberable for 30 minutes. It drops chief level loot. This gives time and a reason beyond points for the defenders to take the fort. It also gives a reason to defend the fort, as anyone can kill the chief. If at anytime you don't own the keep, but you own both forts in the zone it will trigger a siege that evening. This forces people to play the game at some point during the day to force a siege, and also prevents sieges from happening every night. When the bane tree spawns during the siege a raid boss should spawn to defend it. Another one should also spawn in the tree room to defend it. Just an easy way to add loot to the pvp cycle. I would prefer some kind of resource mine or something, but you guys might run out of money before you can code that!
  4. Relax, it was a joke. Just like factions! lol
  5. In my personel opinion this game needs to be more solo friendly. When you get a group together it should be to raid or defend something. My guild doesn't want to login to discord and see guildies and say "Hey, let's go hit some motherloads for minerals" That's stupid. They want to login to discord and say. Oh hey there's 3 of us let's go raid Winterblades. Let's go custard with HoA's lands! Because personally I feel if I am the first person to login on a day, everything I do is useless. There is no fun.
  6. My list is shorter. But it ain't just cosmetic fluff! Not that yours is! 1. Tie outposts, forts and keeps together in a territory control system that promotes small and large engagements 2. Rewards for capturing territory 3. Release dregs with the ability to plant trees of life's and build our own cities 4. Remove levels. Every character or vessel should start at level 30 5. Fix the spirit bank and the guild bank 6. Allow solo players to hit motherloads 7. Put a boss at every outpost and make them solo friendly, and have each have a chance to drop a rune Who gives a crap about frostweaver. If they're going to spend money to keep the servers up... give us something fun! It's supossed to be fun!
  7. I'm told, in the dregs there will be free building. (people can build stuff wherever they want) If all these buildings are protected, or if they cost more to destroy than to build, we will have buildings everywhere. This destroys server performance, and can block the people to build new stuffs. So we need a mechanic that allows us to remove the garbage from the landscape. In shadowbane we planted a tree of life(TOL). Anything within the radius was protected. We also had to rank up the TOL to grow our towns. I assume this game will be similar. There was also a limited number of TOL's allowed per zone. Eventually the asians owned every TOL on the map, and thusly the server would grow stagnant and die! Crowfall solves this issue! Building a City in Crowfall You plant a TOL. After 24 hours is grows to rank 1. A 100 meter radius of protection is established. Anything within the 100 meters is protected. (100 meters is a made up number... I'm not sure what appropriate as I'm at work) It should be enough for a small keep and 1 set of walls. This must be more than 700 meters from any other TOL. Ranking up a city You may choose to rank up your city by spending gold and resources. Once spent it takes 1 week to upgrade for each rank. Add another 100 meters to your radius for each rank up to a maximum of 700 meters. Sieges A successful siege should derank a TOL 1 level. This is so it takes many days to bring down a clans hardwork, and not just 1 lucky superbowl night siege. Anything built in the new unprotected area becomes unprotected. Players with the salvaging skill can dismantle these buildings and take 50% of the mats. Summary People will build tighter cities to stay within the protected area. Players will purge the unprotected areas of lag inducing buildings. Wars will last longer. Clans wont get scewed as hard by the classic holiday siege. (Asians love taking cities on Christmas, and losing cities on Chinese New Year) The inability to build within 700m of another city will limit the amount of TOL on the map
  8. To expand on Veesh's awesome idea and apply it to server types including factions. Parcels (Excluding POI) All parcels start a campaign at level 1. They can be upgraded to max level 10. All nodes and creatures within that parcel are set to that parcel's level. (They start at level 1) Each parcel has it's own experience bar. (If a parcel is 4 squares it levels up 4x's as slow. If it's 10 squares it level up 10x's as slow.) Upgrading a parcel While standing within a parcel you can create a trade pack. The trade pack will remember which parcel it came from. Trade packs can be crafted using ore, wood, leather, stone or sacrifice parts (100 white, 50 green, 25 blue, 10 purple, 5 orange) Once crafted you must transport the pack to the nearest friendly collector. (In Factions the nearest outpost... In Dregs your capital... In religions, your god's statue... etc...) If an enemy captures the trade pack it can be salvaged for 90% of the mats if it's returned to their friendly collector. POI Parcels (Spider lair, zombie lair, forests) Are not levelable. This will give people a reason to farm ore at zombies. Because there won't be rank 10 parcels day 1 at keeps. But there might be at the spider queen. How will this help PVP? I believe as a server develops pvp hotspots will form. For example, on dregs the lands around an enemy castle will most likely be developed first, as people gather the white ore, wood, stone and leather they need to build their capital. Enemies can watch for these trade packs being brought to the enemy collector. If you know where HoA is building their keep you can patrol their developed parcels, to murder some harvesters. If your harvesters are being murdered alot, you may want to rally your crew! Probably need a scout in the area! Back Pack A back pack is 1 trade pack A player may only carry 1 pack. It visibly appears on his back, so enemies can see it. Player walks at 75% normal speed. If the owner is killed it may be claimed. When turned in the parcel receives 1 xp. A stolen pack can be salvaged for 90% mats. Donkey/Mule Appears when you combine 10 trade packs A player may only lead 1 donkey/mule. It follows behind a player at 50% normal speed. If the owner is killed it may be claimed. When turned in the parcel receives 25 xp. Caravan Appears when you combine 50 trade packs A player may only lead 1 Caravan. It follows behind a player at 25% normal speed. If the owner is killed it may be claimed. When turned in the parcel receives 250 xp. OPTIONS 1. Show the level of each parcel on the map. 2. Different max levels on worlds for a campaign. (Example parcels for 1 of the worlds can be upgraded to 10, while the other worlds are less.) 3. It's minetime from Shadowbane. You capture the ore mine and your clan gets a 100% buff on ore captured in the region around the mine. 4. Biomes - Implement Biomes. All 5 types of ore shouldn't be available on the same parcel. 5. Trade Routes - As your tradepacks are delivered, and your parcel is tied to a certain outpost of castle a trade route is formed. As materials are gathered, a chest is filled that can be collected by friends or plundered by enemies. Enemies can re-route this trade route to their own base by making their own packs and delivering to their base.
  9. I like it! I'm proud of you for coming up with this! I especially like the caravan route mechanic. We need people out using their captured territory, so raiders have a reason to go there. I'm also looking forward to taking all this leftover white stone, wood, leather and ore to build buildings. Might have to remove the vendors, or make the stuff cost more gold! It's also a shame that awesome ideas like this are not bumped and applauded. It's clearly written and would get people asses back in the game. I hope this is the kind of stuff that's already planned to be in game.
  10. I believe we need to be careful suggesting stuff that is only happening because we are testing factions. I'm sure in dregs, friendly fire will be turned on to everyone not in your group. I'm sure in guilds, friendly fire will be turned on to everyone not in your guild. etc etc! For factions, they do everything they can to prevent people from killing same faction members. But since no one I know will be playing factions on live, there's no need to worry about it. (((((((ANOTHER CROWFALLER WAITING FOR THE DREGS JESUS TO SAVE THIS GAME FROM IT'S BAD CHOICES IN L:IFE))))))
  11. I'm actually glad you guys are adding this. I really love that it isn't just prefix and suffix, but a 3rd category. To get all 3 categories to be the exact ones you want could take weeks waiting for a drop in the quality you want. Plus you need 3 good rolls. (Unless you add a craft that can tweek these items later) For example, Say your clan wants to make a centaur spec group and you got 10 guys who need boots with windlords (running speed), Strength and Crit damage. How long will it take to find 10 sets of that to drop in game as a purple item? That's why people will still need a crafter to min/max everything in large quanities. I personally feel you should allow legendary drops from certain mobs. Make the drop 1% chance to be legendary, 10% chance to have all 3 category's, a 1% chance to get the 3 categories you want, plus a 10% chance to get decent rolls. You end up with the drop you want every 1 million drops (I did the math). Plus if it's a pvp item, it's gonna break! If it's for a crafter...lucky you, you dont have to craft 1 small item of 10 you need. But you won't have that item in the next campaign if there's no imports! Examples of drop systems from other games I loved. Asheron's Call - Thousands of random items would drop. You would loot macro all week, and your scanner program would pick up maybe 5 good items. You would than use salvage to tweak those items into an uber item. 90% were low quality, and you wouldnt even waste your time salvaging them. Shadowbane - Magic items would drop. I'd get excited identifying them and hoping for some max rings. Of course your crafters/buildings would be wear 90% of your items would come from. Diablo - Everytime a legendary item dropped Id get so excited. 99% of the time they were garbage. But you could salvage them! Anyways, good job and I look forward to testing.
  12. I cant wait to get a legendary windlords horsey shoes drop! F U Shiner! I don't gotta wait 4 days for gear no more! I'll get it myself!!!
  13. Sometimes our leaders forget our own rules! Dolmar recently recruited a druggie, and also spent hours trying to help him out. A serious breach of protocol! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
  14. Add a crafting skill for Refinement and salvaging. Refining allows you to combine white objects into green objects, green to blue etc... Untrained you can turn a stack of 100 white ore into 1 green ore. As you max it out it would be closer to 100 white ore turns into 25 green ore. You should be able to refine ore, leather, wood, stone, scrolls, gold, trophy drops etc. Refining gold will allow you to turn your gold into eventually legendary gold, which you can sacrifice! Add broken equipment drops to mobs. Leather, Mail, Plate, weapons etc... People can salvage this stuff for raw resources. The refinement and salvage skill trees could have many options on it. Like improving efficiency, to get more salvage or a better result on your refinement. You could also call it transmutation if you like!
  15. Encounter 1. Starting the day. Sloppy logs in, no one is around so he starts the day solo on his level 25 purple body. Balance holds the entire map, so he decides to take something so he can get a harvesting bonus somewhere. He knows that in this campaign, in Halychyna there's 10 outposts, and 2 forts. Telshire fort in bound to the outpost at the spider valley, the zombie valley, and 3 of the wildtribe camps. Sloppy is a miner, and since they removed all the rank 10 nodes from the keeps he knows the best place to find high level ore nodes is where the zombies are. But he wants to get the bonus before he mines. He also hopes that if enough guildmates login he can take that fort for an even greater bonus. He checks the siege schedule and sees that 2 of the wild tribe camps are live now, a wild tribe and zombie camp are live the next hour, and the spiders in 2 hours. He heads to the first wildtribe camp which is rank 9 urgu. He works his way to the group boss which he knows he can solo. (Same as the current group bosses). It takes him about 5 minutes to solo it. He grabs the loot off it, which is equivalent to the current raid bosses. There's also a bane seed that will weaken the shield of protection on Telshire fort. He runs the artifact back to the fort and plants it anywhere in the forts territory. One seed being planted knocks out the ability for balance to use a portal to get to the fort. As he's heading for the rank 10 aracoix camp, dolmar logs in and asks what sloppy is doing. "I'm flipping camps for Telshire", says Sloppy. So they head out together, to the other camp. When they arrive there's a balance druid there. He must have guessed what was happening. But he fears the Sloppy and Dolmar, so he runs off. Sloppy loots the group boss and they run the seed off to plant. 15 minutes later the zombie camp and the other wild tribe camp goes live. 3 balance are farming the rank 10 zombies at the end of valley and hitting the nodes. They are getting 3x's Xp and also a 25% damage bonus on the ore nodes (2x's for controlling the fort and 3x's because they also own the controlling keep) . The group boss in flagged balance so only chaos or order can kill it. But balance can protect it, and use it as a weapon in the upcoming attack. Sloppy and Dolmar arrive and fight an epic battle against the 3 balance and the group boss. They kill one, and the group boss and grab the seed. They run it towards the fort, but the 2 remaining balance dog them the whole way. They finally get the seed planted and balance runs into the fort for safety. The forces grow again. This time 6 uxa head off to get the 4th camp. It's a 20 minute battle against the 4 balance and the group boss. uxa was able to res at the zombie camp because the 3 seeds on the fort gave them that right, so were finally able to wear the balance out and kill the guard, take the seed and run back to the fort to plant it. The hour turns over and the final piece that Chaos needs is the spider boss. There's 10 chaos now ready to head out, but they know there will be a fight because they sent a scout and saw about 10 balance hanging out killing the rank 10 spiders beside the spider queen. They're also farming the r10 stone nodes there while they wait. Encounter 2a - Chaos loses the big fight, and balance manages to save the spider queen and protect her for the rest of the hour. The next hour one of the original camps spawns a chaos group boss. Balance kills it, and grabs the special poison off the boss. They run back to the fort and pour the poison on the ground killing one of chaos's seeds. Encounter 2b - Chaos wins the fight. They prepare for the fort siege which they just triggered. It starts at the top of the hour. They win the fort siege by killing all the balance and the raid boss. They take the raid boss bane seeds and plant it at the keep. They know if they can flip the other fort in the zone there will be a keep siege that night. Lucky for them some solo dudes in another clan just finished planting the 5th seed on the other fort. So it goes live and they take that one as well and plant the seed at the keep, which triggers a siege that night. The group bosses stop spawning in Halychyna, and the outposts are removed from the vulnerable list until after the siege. The keep siege works exactly as it does now. The bane seeds are planted. Encounter 3 - Chaos has won the keep. They get some perks. 3X XP. 30% extra damage on resource nodes. A portal from the temple to the keep. Solo players can now hit motherloads in chaos controlled territory under that keeps umbrella.
  16. Go one step further and remove motherloads from the game, or allow solo players to hit them. There's enough things that require groups. (PVP, Levelling Toons, Taking forts and keeps) Plus everyone I know who farms motherloads, is just one person using 2 computers.
  17. Some of us aren't privy to what's planned. If we could read these design documents we could offer our years of MMO playing experience to tell you what we think will work and what won't work. Before you waste time developing it. Allowing ressurection at the outposts is a great first step. I'm not sure you read this yet, but I wrote this up yesterday in the feedback section. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUES Capturable points Keep sieges still happen way to often to make them epic. The current fort siege schedule is nice, but each fort should only go live around 1x per day. WTF is the point of an outpost? These are useless. There's been a thousand ideas in the suggestion forums. Territory control, taxes... something. Current state of pvp PVP is supposed to be fun. PK'n people is supposed to be fun. Earning loot from Raid bosses is supposed to be fun. Stealing loot from other players is supposed to be fun. How about you combine and fix these things so people will play???? Currently we be pvp'n against mostly empty stuff. Taking a fort is 95%(made up number) of the time off of only npc's. Than while we run to get one of the other 2 or 3 live forts, the other faction maybe flips it back. Current map Running is a grind. Mounts are so damn slow. This map is really, really, really is painful. Huge worlds are great for newbs, so they can get stuff done. But they can also feel empty, and if people don't find pvp they get bored and logoff. So a proper balance is important. Suggestion for OUTPOSTS!! Tie the group bosses and raid bosses to the new outpost mechanic. Use the current siege schedule to control outposts going live. Each one should go live 2-3 times a day. Move the outposts into the wartribe camps. Whoever gets the final blow on the group boss takes control of the outpost. (In the future replace the final hit mechanic with one in where people must take an artifact off the corpse and run it to the nearest fort) Rewards - Group boss drops an inventory of loot equal to current raid bosses. Players may now ressurect at the outpost. Killing trash mobs in an outpost you own gives double XP and double loot. Suggestion for FORTS!! Each fort is surrounded by 2-5 outposts. Once all the outposts for a fort are flipped to another faction, the siege for the fort begins with one of the current raid bosses spawning in the throne room. If the raid boss is killed than the fort is taken. (Same last hit mechanic as the outposts, to be replaced with transporting an artifact to a keep.) It will take many hours for someone to take enough outposts to make the fort go live again. The raid boss disapears and the fort defended when the current fort holder re-takes an outpost. Rewards - Raid boss drops an inventory of loot equal to 5 current raid bosses. Players may now ressurect at the outpost. Killing trash mobs in an outpost you own tied to the fort gives triple XP and triple loot. A portal from the temple opens up into the fort and stays live until the raid boss spawns. Suggestions for Keeps!! Scale it up so at any point if all the forts tied to a keep are taken by an enemy (faction, guild, religion etc..) it will trigger a keep siege that evening. Options - Toss 1 to 5 raid bosses in the throne room to defend... Force people to hire them... Put even more loot on them... Discussion This system should be pretty easy to implement as everything is pretty much developed. Players affect when the big things in the world happen, and timers only affect smaller scale pvp. It creates hot spots on the map for people to go. Gotta level some newbs, go to an area where you own the fort, or take one. Beware, enemies can probably figure out what you're doing and raid you! With no more spirit bank, there might actually be loot there to take. It gives people rewards for small scale pvp in taking outposes, and promotes larger scale pvp when we get to the fort battle. It can be modified easily for the different server types. You could also tie the loot on the raid bosses to the war camps. 10% of all loot could build up on the boss etc..
  18. Sloppy

    Guild Banks

    I love the idea that guild banks can get jacked. I've been wanting to do it for a long time now. I finally convinced my clan to make me one of the bankers! :) I just assumed they would make a tab based system. But that's why I asked to see their design plan, so we could all have this debate. Banking and especially guild banking are HUGE quality of life items, and I think we can all agree they need to be designed correctly. Logs, or not... you can definately track (donations/thefts etc...) if the tabs and access levels are flushed out correctly. For some added danger, it's why I did suggest that the guild banks are only in the temples! Until of course, we can build our own Forts and Keeps, and build a deployable/destroyable guild bank there. So people who want to craft have to run the resources from the temple to the fort/keep. Watch out for highwaymen. You could also add a weight system, a caravan system and more for people to move mass quantities of goods.
  19. Sloppy

    Guild Banks

    It doesn't have to be unlimited tabs, but I'd like to see: A tab for each player so a crafter can dump gear they crafted for pickup. A tab for each crafting type. (so all blacksmiths could share a tab etc..) A tab for each rank so stuff can be dumped for recruits etc. I'm not a fan of tetris banks either, so please remove that! Make it text based if you like!
  20. Addressed to the Dev Team: I have some questions about your design of the guild banks. Can we please see the design document so we can point out any needs before you start coding it? Is there an ETA on when it will be ready? I know you mentioned some Quality of Life changes. The reason I ask this is simple. Many of today's MMO's have terrible banking systems. Especially on the first pass. It's always pulling teeth to fix it, and there's also a duping risk whenever the banks are changed. So let's take care of this now, before you release a sub-par system. Things I feel a proper Guild banking system needs: Unlimited stack sizes Unlimited Multiple areas. (Tabs) The ability to give access rights to those multiple areas by use of access groups. (Eg Recruits, Veterens, Elders, Crafters, Officers, Leaders) The ability to make our own access groups and to add/remove whomever we want from them. (A custom guild rank system) Donate only should be an access right. (Example - Recruits would only be able to donate to or even see ertain tabs) The guildbank should be in the temples only. So people need to run mats to the forts/keeps if they want to craft there. Logs (Thanks Duffy) If the community would also throw their ideas of what they want to see, we can ensure the Dev's don't overlook anything.
  21. Lots of things. As the campaign goes on, people dump to their spirit banks, and craft in the EK's. They take stuff from NA and transfer it to EU. It also will prevent people from sending dust and embers into the campaign from their tree macros.
  22. Exactly Bear. Originally I said take 25% away so as not to unbalance the current economy. But the economy isn't really balanced yet, so they can make more resources instead to ease the tears. The whole point is to give people stuff to fight over. A reason to stay and defend something they took, and to actively use the territory. I suggested last hit mechanic because it was the easiest thing to code. For sure it could be switched to be on the guards inventory. This could could create some free for all fun. You could also force people to drive a caravan with the loot on the back to the nearest fort they own, or a million other things. The idea is the kick-off point for so much action and fun. I'm not sure what the dev's actually had in mind. Maybe they already have some sort of plan for taxes and loot from these pvp hotspots.
  23. As you mentioned you didn't read the whole thing. There's a bunch of words lower down that deal with exactly what you're worried about. You aren't really losing 25% of your stuff. You never see the stuff, as it is spawns in the chest. The economy isn't really balanced yet anyways, so think of it as a 25% bonus to your stuff is in that chest. You can move to a different spot, farther away from the keep or forts and take an outpost that you control. (anti zerg mechanic) What are you going to do to help get that new stuff? As you move up to forts and keeps, the payday gets bigger for the pvp'ers. At it's core the game is about conflict and this drives conflict.
  24. INTRODUCTION I'm looking forward to the upcoming changes to forts and outposts made in the last monthly video. It was mentioned the outposts were for groups of 1-3 players to fight over. Zones currently have about 10-12 mini areas built into them. For example the spider area, the zombie area, the forest with the hellcats etc... Each one of these mini zones should only have 1 outpost associated with them. The outposts should have 1 npc guard protecting them (Something that takes a badly geared player 2 mins or a well geared player 30 seconds to kill). When the guard is killed whoever gets the final hit becomes leader of the outpost. ============================================================================================================== A REASON TO DEFEND Currently people run from outpost to outpost capping, while the enemy faction has a small group across the zone doing the same thing. It's currently almost more incentive to avoid a fight. We should be trying to promote small scale pvp, not avoid it. 25% of everything looted or harvested in the mini zone should go into a chest at the outpost and only the owner of the outpost can loot it. ============================================================================================================== A REASON TO TAKE IT Attackers can take the outpost at any time. (I know timers may be put on outpost but I'd prefer they didn't) If they take it the owner of the outpost has a 5 minute window to get 50% of what's in the chest and the other 50% goes to the chest in the nearest fort. ============================================================================================================== PREVENTING ABUSE OF THE MECHANIC There's people out there that will put a spy in an alternate faction, (This system isn't only for the faction game, but will adapt to all frms) just to keep the loot safe by flipping the point back and forth. So we need to do some stuff to protect against abuse. 1. As mentioned above, send 50% of the loot to the fort. 2. To prevent people from pulling the loot the moment the enemy engages the guard, we lock everyone out of the chest while the guard is damaged. 3. After the chest is looted it should not be accessable for a random amount of time between 30 and 90 minutes. There should be no clock visible, or countdown timer. ============================================================================================================== FORTS NPC fort boss instead of circle. He becomes vulnerable based on the new siege timing mechanic coming soon. The player with the last hit on the Boss owns the keep, and gets a 5 minute window to loot the fort chest. Only 50% of the loot sent to the fort was in the chest, the other 50% was sent to the nearest keep. Remember there are no outposts in the area around the forts, so they also get 25% of all loot/harvestables put in the chest, plus the extra 50% if any nearby outposts flipped. =============================================================================================================== KEEPS Same mechanics as the fort. However whoever plants the tree becomes the owner. 50% of all fort loot and 25% of all resources farmed in the keep zone are in the chest. =============================================================================================================== CAMPAIGN POINTS AND WINNING THE SERVER Campaign points should be based on the sacrifice value of all loot earned. 2x points for outposts, 3x for forts and 4x for keeps. Remove capture bonuses. They aren't really working properly. Wait - There is more loot generated in spring, how do we catch up? 10x points for all hunger shard related loot, or killing winter type mobs etc. Stuff that gets people out into the zones doing stuff. Those outposts with level 10 hunger shards in the mini zone should be fought over extremely hard. =============================================================================================================== IMPORTANT NOTES 1. This gives pvp'ers a way to earn resources without resorting to hitting nodes. 2. This gives people a reason to defend what they take and to actively use and protect the area. 3. This gives pvp'ers a strong reason to defend harvesters in the area they have taken. Why roll that group of newbies farming spiders when they are paying you 25% of their gold. 4. More incentive for people in the same faction but of a different guild to grab a different outpost and stay spread out. Which helps prevent zergs. 5. A giant pyramid scheme to allow the overlords of the server to benefit. Ya the rich get richer, but they deserve to be rich when they put in the hard work. 6. No new resources are being created, harvesters and gold farmers are just getting 25% less, but are being more protected as the pvp pushes away from ganking and more toward outpost fighting. 7. Too many timers suck. So if we can keep the timers off the outposts it could be better. If Darkfall 2, it ended up being called Timerfall because of a similar yet flawed system. 8. This creates hot spots. People will naturally flock to the outposts with the best loot. The hotspots will end up generating most of the campaign points. So he who controls the hotspots will gain a ton of points for themselves, their guild and their faction. 9. This mechanic works for guilds, dregs, factions and gods. All while people do selfish things! =============================================================================================================== TLDR - Take some territory, collect some taxes. Pvp'ers lock down an area, they profit, while they have a reason to protect newbs and harvesters.
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