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  1. Not to belabor the point but if you only healed for 20 damage that means you only hit one target, one time. This is an AOE intended to be used against packs. And since it is a channel you can always stop channeling if you know you whiffed and are going to miss to prevent spending a lot of Resources.
  2. AOE's do a base of 70 DPS and this pulses once a second. So it does 70 damage plus 70% weapon damage per pulse on top of whatever other mods. The same damage scale is used for all AOEs. Some AOEs like Noble Blood grant you a barrier. Others will do a Knockdown or apply an AOE DoT. Ghost Army is the largest AOE in the game... and it moves. And it heals you too. If you're using it against a single target, it's really hard to avoid. But against single targets the damage (and healing) will be lackluster compared to both a single target damage ability or an ability that is a proper straight up heal.
  3. Since we can do this now, we're going to spin off a new single target version of Spark. Then you can use whichever you like.
  4. Guinecean Hit Box Advantage?

    Yeah, that was the intention two years ago. There were negative performance implications with having a lot of different types of capsules, so it got back-burnered. There's no immediate plans to revisit this that I'm aware of right now.
  5. Guinecean Hit Box Advantage?

    Everyone's capsule is the same size on the server. So as far as the combat engine is concerned a Guinacean is the same size as a Centaur and both are just as easy to hit. You can argue that the Guinacean has a visual advantage and may hide behind things more easily. But they are no more difficult to hit than anyone else.
  6. Yeah that's not intended to be modified by resource cost stats. We'll fix it!
  7. I see that I actually made that a range, so it's 4% to 6% instead of a flat 5%. I'll update the tooltip, thanks!
  8. Looks like cooldowns are being reset by Punch Drunk but the UI isn't updating for combos specifically. So even though a cooldown is being shown, you can still perform the combo abilities. Thanks for the report!
  9. Thanks for the compilation, very helpful! Runecaster I think used to just be usable by caster types but we widened things out for a lot of these recently, so we may have forgotten part of that for this one. It looks like I missed one of the poison effects in that discipline when I was shearing off zeroes, so it's hitting 10x stronger than it should! Field Surgeon looks likes its hitting you instead of your target. Druid scimitar animations and weapons aren't finished yet, so those will look odd for now.
  10. Mudman is intended to be anti-crush, not slashing, you're right about that. The discipline description typo fix didn't make it into this build though. It looks like the ability lost its stat mods, which would explain why it's not adding anything. I'll staple the stats back onto there, thanks for letting us know!
  11. Hmm, yeah that sounds wrong! Thanks for the information, we'll get that straightened out.
  12. Hmm, we probably need a better word instead of "All" as we consider Bleed Armor to be special and in its own category. What we really mean even though it says "All Mitigations" is "All Mitigations except Bleed". Thanks for the report!
  13. The buff lasts for 15 seconds and if it triggers, the target will get " RECENTLY RESCUED" on them for two minutes. That will prevent further rescuing until that disappears. Do you recall if any of your friends saw that debuff on them?
  14. Yeah if it requires Unobtainium, that means it can't be crafted and it isn't ready quite yet. A lot of the disciplines are functional but don't have animations or FX yet, such as the Master of Pistols basics. That one's a known issue. And you should still see the blue shader when stealthed as a duelist. We'll be revisiting the chronic stealth issues and getting that system back into shape as we continue work on the Assassin.
  15. The orbs spawned by that discipline are usable by yourself only but it sounds like that's not working either. There's a couple wierdnesses with the orbs in this build that we're looking at. Thanks for report!