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  1. Played MANY mmos, starting with EQ. Been completely disillusioned with them and now have a severe hate-on for WoW after they ditched any semblance of content for a never ending hamsterwheel gear grind. I have a significant amount invested in Star Citizen, over 1k. That game is shaping up to be amazing. But it does not scratch the itch I sometimes get to plow an axe into someone's face and find mountains of gold pieces. Got the Amber package. I don't think I have invested in a game as quickly as I did this one. Within 5-10 minutes of reading and seeing what all was in this game, I absolutely had to toss in my support. I was super disappointed when Daybreak took over SOE and they got rid of Dave Georgeson. That guy was the heart and soul of Landmark. And with this game, I see elements of Landmark, but without all the wacky tools, and much better, more focused gameplay
  2. possibly a dumb question, but I've been trying to find a download link somewhere. Where do I download and install the game?
  3. Just found this game today. Fell in love with the ideas they are doing and had to pledge
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