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  1. After some further discussion it seems like this is a problem specific to around the 6-11 level ranges. And no, it was not caused by the archer line.
  2. Very well put! Sounds like a good idea.
  3. I think this is an interesting idea. Long term I am not worried about faction balance. The sides have nothing inherent to them (as compared to e.g. Empire/Republic in swtor; Alliance/Horde in wow, the 3 factions in ESO, etc.) so the devs just needs to incentivize joining the underdog, and dis-incentivize joining the top dog. They basically have all the tools they need. Big guilds playing Dregs instead of 3v3 should make this easier, not harder. All in all I am very positive lol. There's a lot of good ideas in this game!
  4. They should incentivise joining the smaller faction, and decrease/increase the winner’s rewards in proportion to how much larger/smaller they are. When factions are re-chosen with frequent intervals numbers-balance should be easy. Edit: They are probably focusing on other things at the moment though.
  5. There's packs of rank 4's here and there outside the adventure zones aswell. On the current maps, Stand and Deliver (map) has Rank 4's in the Blight Wood. And you can always sacrifice money, though it's dull.
  6. Yeah sorry forgot to mention, food/hunger was the first thing I checked! Not the cause.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or a to me unknown mechanic, so starting here. Every now and again my Rangers energy will stop regenerating, and stay so for a while. Sometimes fiddling about with the bars gets it starting, sometimes not. On the character sheet I can see that the regen drops to 0 (the one formulated in seconds, cannot recall the exact name). Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  8. Well you can still measure the average increase in damage, all you need is info on the (changing) stats of a character and a combatlog. That said, my calculations were very preliminar and might be off, or specific to the early levels, and so on. But it is far from impossible, it is only a question of what information one needs.
  9. Hi, I've been trying to understand how vessels work now, but given the changes and outdated info I am a bit confused. Are vessels equipped like any other item? Can they be freely equiped in the world, or de they require e.g. an altar? Can vessels be unequipped freely, or not at all? Does that require an altar or similar?
  10. Hehe alright, hopefully and probably they will be tuned in the future! Currently they seem to mostly work as a trap for people who intuitively want to diversify their stats a bit.
  11. I basically leveled an assassin a couple of times and took notes on how the stats changed as I increased the various primary stats. Another example: CON34= 5282 hp, CON28=5264, 1CON=(5282-5264)/(34-28)=18/6=3. So, +1 CON = +3 HP. I also took notes on my AP at various stages and then ran around hitting the same mobs with basic level attacks. Some statistics on the combat logs (OLS regression) gave me +1AP = +3.2 damage , but I was quite tired at that time so not sure. N.b. to readers, I a no expert, just playing around! For one, I do not know if all effects are linear, or if there are undocumented interaction between stats, and so on.
  12. So I was looking at the way primary stats (STR, DEX etc.) effect secondary stats (Attack power, healing modifier, etc.) thinking about future interesting builds. However, testing leveling a new char revealed that the effects are extremely small, am I missing something here? Why have all these interactions if maxAP will always be the best route? Take INT. 1 point in INT increases Healing modifier by 0.05 percentage points and Critical Damage by 0.04. That means that if one spent say all 90 level stats points, it would still only increase these stats by 4.5/3.6 percentage points. Support power looks even worse, remember you need hundreds or thousands of points here, and one statpoint in Spirit increases support power by... 0.5 points. I am mostly wondering whether this is correct, but it also strikes me as a bit dull.
  13. Thank you, much appreciated. One a side note, how long ago was the last wipe?
  14. Player Shops! Are they in the game? Do they work? Where does one find them? Is there any famous EK with lots of shops? What can I (not) buy? Can I buy a vessel? Any info appreciated!
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