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  1. Problems with this game... - The fort timer system needs to go Any Fort OR Keep, should be able to be captured at any time. - The maps generally need to be bigger, (Certain Maps Certain Resources) - The game has no individual loot system for gathering, or PVE farming. - If the game was more like (Dark Fall) was back in the day perhaps it would have a decent chance and staying afloat, but for now my entire guild is pretty much jumping ship because this game is really inactive, and boring, and dregs maybe the only active thing but is dominated by top tier guilds. - Once you join a facton you should not be able to swap factions in the middle of a campaign. - Damage Caps, why would they even be in a game?
  2. Devs can we please get "Quality OF Life" Updates to the storage system, like perhaps a "Custom Tab" to sort between "Building Items" and In- Game Materials, as a backer to the game I got a crap ton of "Mounts" "Building Pieces" "Deeds" "Sigils" which is amazing but have to store all these in my personal bank... The result after every Dregs or FVF I got bank lods of items I have to sort it's really hard going through there t aking out item by item making sure I don't accidently take the wrong sigil out or something, and then putting them in personal chests in a keep with like over 20 chests, and then those chests I have to take everything back out and stack it again because the game doesn't auto stack or the most basic of things...
  3. Doesn't look like it's working as intended if that is the case they need to fix it.
  4. Within 15- 20 minutes of dregs opening?
  5. From what I hear it was an exploit where crafted common vessel could be sold (It's said to have been patched) but not before the top guilds abused it to get ahead in current dregs.
  6. Faction VS Faction could be fun, but aside from needing to add (Personal Loot) drops to Hot Zones at least, there are some other issues i've noticed... - In FVF, you can loot the opposite factions forts and delete the wood from your inventory to slow down another faction from building up a fort. - You can also spy for others and give away away info via discord to other faction such as where players are for pvp / assassins to take them out, or even do it yourself by flipping factions. This is why I recommend dregs, except last dregs I hear people exploited vessels to sell a bunch of commons to get gold then used that gold to buy a castle / fort or whatever, at least in dregs PVP is guild vs guild so you can't really grief there. Though Dregs is pretty hard to get into unless your part of a zerg alliance. Without giving the persons name a perfect example in FVF, I had a person tonight log out wait for me to farm 10k, then come back on an alt PK my character with an assassin while low hp AOE farming and take 10k, it's just in-game gold so whatever but still proves FVF has issues that need to be addressed such as (Game Rules) applied like in Albion Online, You're not allowed to scout with alts, or relay information to others. I'd also recommend making stealth (Stealth to same faction) unless your in the same party.
  7. Likely it's down it says "There was a critical error unloading the zone, please check the log for details, everyones getting it.
  8. Just try it for 10 days and see if you like it first? https://crowfall.com/join/MsTrish Is it worth buying, yes.
  9. So idk what happened but on Dregs Brazil the server appears to be down or something, someone said they were doing world boss perhaps the respawn rates broke the server?
  10. Another suggestion man Can we please increase spawn rates, or give equal drops to players who are actually participating in a hot zone or something because it seems that greed, and two or more guilds fighting for same hot zones is creating toxicity to a certain degree. I try and be fair about it, but sometimes I have to if grouping with people take farm :|...
  11. So far the feedback... Roughly 1 month since launch... - Need to remove having to (Lock Characters) to (Dregs) and (Factions), and make this account based instead, its really annoying having to create new characters specifically for dregs, im not the only one complaining about this talk to others who have the same issue. - No GUI / Advanced Permissions systems for EK, or Chest Logs. - Chests storing items do not stack on right click. - No Default Bank advanced search option to locate specific items without knowing name. - Complaints about Faction vs Faction (No Difference) between resource levels or point thus far. - Guild Bank in keeps can't be accessed by officers in (Dregs)... - No withdraw / deposit logs / banking / chest withdraw permissions.
  12. Yep set to 25600 no issues with that just the game itself haven't encountered many crashes for a bit now but haven't been playing a lot to know.
  13. Crashed two times in less than 20 minutes of playing today for absolutely no reason... So far no response to resolve the issue 😐 or Fix 😕, devs said to be looking at logs... It's getting really tiring, looked at my own logs I see a bunch of random errors and dumps.
  14. Same was fine all day until night time, then randomly the game starts crashing over and over again while farming and losing gold to deaths... Core i9-10850k 32GB DDR4 Think it has something to do with weather effects in game maybe.
  15. Since this entire week Crowfall randomly choose to crash for no reason, and memory usage is at like 10GB... This is awful because in PVP you crash you log back in dead, or even when mob farming lose half or all of your gold / items. Core i9-10850k 32GB DDR4-3600 1080ti
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