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  1. I vote for CC immunity + Life Steal + Damage Mitigations + old mechanic of increasing attack power from incoming damage, but healing back mechanic (and therefore crash damage) should be removed, duration should be ~10 seconds and cooldown ~20-25 seconds.
  2. Friend, there is so much caps lock in your post that I'm worried if you have taken your pills today. If they only want us TESTING harvesting and crafting why do they even bother: turning pvp on? trying to make any balance changes? making new servers with different pvp mechanics? doing wipes getting rid of op weapons/stuff? If they only want us TESTING harvesting and crafting why don't they just: leave HD/SP for PvPers and make one pve sandbox for these who only want to TEST? give crafters unlimited resources so they could TEST the poorly made socks of it much faster than now? give harvesters unlimited tools and closely situated harvest nodes so they could (see above)? make harvesting/crafting potions last a bit longer? make harvesting/crafting passive skills learn a little bit faster? Concluding everything I said above, if they want us to TEST, why don't they make a convenient TESTING environment for us, but instead they make us suffer in pvp, searching for nodes, crafting potions and tools? I've got an answer for all these questions. It's simple. They DON'T want us to just be TESTING harvesting and crafting. They want the GAME to come TOGETHER. They want to be implementing new features and finally construct their masterpiece. And we are just saying that the current stage of TESTING isn't interesting for us to TEST, because it's boring without pvp.
  3. People moved to PvE servers for several reasons, one of them is that all monsters are there. Also, harvesting became too frustrating on PvP servers, it's slow, complicated because of endless need in tools/potions and buggy. What other motivation did we have? Chests. They are gone. POIs are meaningless. And, finally, already low pvp online is divided by 3 by faction system.
  4. I understand that this is test and so on, but the longer the game is evolving, the further it is heading towards softcore grinding pve zerg-oriented RNG Korean game. All these spirit bank, crafting rng, minerals/gems, archetypes balance and pve servers features are speaking so loudly about this, that I really really really hope this is just for the test. But it sounds so naive...
  5. Happy to hear about Disciplines, but please, Mass Production/POIs next, please please please!
  6. They didn't want Druid to be firehose healer so now it's not a healer and not a damage dealer. Actually, it's now just a Nature's Avatar-bot for Templar or Confessor or whoever is OP right now
  7. This chance drop items from regular nodes... I don't like it how Crowfall is heading towards Korean grinding game, to be honest.
  8. Can't watch the video atm, could you please say how did you do it? Good tools?
  9. Thorns deal 1500 damage? God damnit, such an imbalanced stuff, let's tune it down a little bit.
  10. AoE deals 5k damage with basic weapon (up to 10k with good advanced weapon) and its cooldown = its duration, which means it requires no skill to use, you don't have to choose the right time, just use it by cd. Despite of heavy damage it also heals, gives pips and removes sin as a nice bonus (so even Confessors are annoyed killing these guys). Druid and Confessor can of course jump out of it, but others? And how are melee archetypes supposed to kill Templar, if all they have to do is running from his 4? Vast majority of them can't heal themselves and none of them have 125k+ HP. Add RMB heavy damage, stun, knockdown, blind, gapcloser, if you still think it's not enough.
  11. I've noticed that sometimes my tray switched back, but I thought it was because of my twisted hands. Well, probably it's really a bug, since I didn't have this issue before, and my hands are still the same
  12. It seems like Gordon never sleeps. I usually write to support in the afternoon (so it's a deep night in US, I guess), and sometimes I receive a reply within a couple of minutes.
  13. It's very cool idea. Crafting big items really would become much more interesting with such system. However, it can become a little bit annoying for small items craft like metal bars. Maybe I'm wrong. But I totally would vote for this anyway.
  14. Forgemaster, Templar, Frostweaver and probably Assassin.
  15. Could you specify these basic principles? Just curious
  16. I'm confused about this C changes too. But need to see it ingame.
  17. So, if Soul Power is the only thing needed to use C power then it seems like another buff to Myrmidon and another nerf to Druid Myrmidon deals and takes damage all the time, and Druid doesn't even have a damaging LMB attack. My group always fights outnumbered and I barely have time to deal damage, I have to heal all the time to let my teammates deal damage, and they do it much better than me. So now I have to hope someone will be hitting me well enough in order to 1) not to kill me, 2) charge my SP up. In this case I will be able to at least use my ult more often then once in 4 minutes. I'm confused and a little frustrated. Let's see how it works in game tho.
  18. What exact type of crows is meant in Crowfall? This one or this one?
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