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  1. I think a balance between that "Big Business Mentality" and genuine interest or a decent level of understanding of all echelons within the development would contribute to a successful name. Capital is something that will always be needed to progress / maintenance on the current project, fund future projects or to get those involved to where they are trying to go. Everything is a stepping stone leading somewhere else. While some groups really can be ruthless with money earning tactics, like Black Ops 3 taking advantage of the "Chance Lottery" causing millions of underaged people across the globe to take part in this "Legal Gambling". Spending money in order to earn Tokens that are then spent on a virtual lottery of items that will help them customize their character. A feature that is not new to the gaming community. Can we say they are right or wrong. Maybe, it would depend on the point of view. You could say they are betraying the trust of the fanbase, by taking advantage of them, but in the end it will always be the consumers fault for falling for such easy money grabbing tactics. [Myself being guilty of spending hundreds of dollars on Black Ops 3]. "Yes the game might be cheap or even free, But when you see something you like and you want it you spend for it" That was a quote from a good friend of mine, and he is right. When you put certain things in front of the consumer they will buy it. They want it, and they will try to get it. I can't really see myself blaming "Greedy CEOs" or anything of the sort, I can only blame the consumers for it. Only problem I do have with these tactics, is when they have the audacity to request such large sums of money for almost menial and worthless virtual goods and do not "Give back to the consumers". For example Elder Scrolls Online. $20 for a horse. Yipee. Even worse, those past typical mmorpgs I don't feel like even listing. $60 For pretty costume. Double yipee. As an aspiring game developer, I believe in a balance of that big business mentality to keep the ambition, and drive going. While staying an active participant in the development, and understanding the various moving parts from the player and developer point of view.
  2. Reno


    Reno is my real name. I have been tracking Crowfall for awhile now, but my hands got tied up before I could decide on organizing the purchase of a Bloodstone package! We are going to settle for Ruby, the Guild Premium Package, and buying the Large Castle separately soon, though. By we I mean myself and my guild that I plan on starting! My friends have persuaded me to start a guild here; Which is currently in the works and our website under construction, but I am sure you will hear about us eventually! I love playing Video Games, I have been an enthusiast for a long time and have only recently become an addict. I started my own personal game development career on the side which is now starting to sprout its wings. I currently serve in the military, but afterwards, I plan on working towards my goal as being a video game designer. If I had to say one thing to any it would be that confidence builds cities and power keeps them standing. I was born and raised in New York. I am passionate, but I do a great job at leaving things half done. I think food is one of the most powerful things in the world, second only to one other thing. My main focus while playing would be the creation, management, and maintenance of my guild. As we strive to become one of the leading Empires. Hope I get to know all of you in the coming years!
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