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  1. So Rangers got the Elkin racial +range buff nerfed... Great. Thanks. Way to go. Signed, a disgruntled Elkin Cleric.
  2. "Death of a Game - Shadowbane"

    This is exactly true for a great many of us who left early on. I had 15 months of Alpha/Beta play, but only 2 months after release due to those two reasons (sb.exe and duping/teleport hacks).
  3. Hm, Interesting point. Isn't the whole concept of limited duration Campaign Worlds a perpetual comeback mechanic? Comeback next time, and figure out a way to do better.
  4. Yar, when first announced I thought CF was going to be more "hardcore" like that. All these kiddies gaming these days have different expectations thou, so I'm willing to see how it plays out.
  5. Since the guild details tab goes away, its also not possible to adjust guild motto or MOTD at a later date.
  6. Guild List Bugs

    I am the guild leader - my only options in guild settings are "Leave Guild" and "Disband Guild" and nothing about MOTD. Tried with both Firefox and Chrome. Bug?
  7. Guild List Bugs

    How do you update the MOTD? "Message of the Day" implies it can be changed... daily.
  8. Forum Issues

    And thus the revolution began.
  9. Shoutout to Support

    Gordon just fixed an issue for me early Sunday morning. ACE's approach to timely personal service is refreshing. *thumbs up*
  10. This is a carryover from the conversation with the Wood Elf change so they no longer start with Dex. It's difficult to understand the logic behind these stat choices for some of the racial runes.
  11. Then since every race has a skill tree, why give them attributes on the racial rune at all? I assume one possible answer is flavor at character creation. Which makes sense. ...Well, it makes sense with some races such as Half Giants getting Strength and Constitution. I know immediately that is a beefcake. So when I make a Wood Elf at character creation, it should feel "dexy." Don't hide it 12 months into a passive skill tree. (And I don't even like Elves!)
  12. Seems a bit odd that the Half Elf gets 120 stat points, and the Human and Elf are both at 30 points. Also, what about the lack of Dex on the Wood Elves? Seems counter intuitive from a fantasy genre perspective (and from which genes did the Half Elf draw their +60 Dex from?!).
  13. I'm digging the art concept - feels much more interesting than the typical fantasy genre dwarf. The stats and racials aren't too shabby either, and I see Stoneborn having a role where durability and cc resistance is important such as in (or healing from immediately behind) a main battle line.
  14. OOC regen and run speed could also be on a cooldown from a change out of combat, effectively removing the benefit from stance dancing while fighting an opponent.