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  1. Really dude? Your argument is on such shaky ground you have to resort to personal attacks and imply I'm an exploiter.
  2. This is a community killer, and abolishes social connections and collaborative efforts. Add in the recommended global chat restrictions, and it becomes essentially a single player game.
  3. ren

    Conqueror's Blade

    I haven't seen the lag that badly on just regular nightly siege queues; maybe 1 game in 10 stutters a bit when big armies crash towards the end of a match. The overall server instability during this weekend's territory war window did cause me concern considering there was what most would consider an unfair exchange of territory due to server/login status. Fortunately there will be a territory reset at some point soonish, but they need to fix the technical problems, and have a policy for rollbacks if it persists, to maintain player perceptions of fairness.
  4. ren

    Conqueror's Blade

    I tried it for the first time this weekend, and found the unit control the best part; It adds a sense of scale to the combat so you really feel engaged in a siege battle fighting through the narrow streets. Traditional MMOs have always just scaled of the number of players, who never want to stand in a shield wall for very long, but my NPCs never complain! So the clashes on the 15v15 maps feel much grander due to accompanying armies. Lots of old-school guild tags flying around so I'm looking forward to the open world territory control game heating up in the coming weeks/months. I believe it goes free to play tomorrow, so really no reason not to drop and and check it out, even if just for another point of game system design comparison.
  5. The stonework in the background now looks a bit washed out, but everything else definitely looks better.
  6. Is that fun? Does it add value to the game? What are new players learning, other than everyone else is suddenly max level and they are behind?
  7. But it is expected behavior; there is a reason why all campaign rewards do exactly the same thing.
  8. Actually, that won't necessarily widen the competition; stacking grand alliances will continue but just under a custom alliance tag instead of one of the tri-factions.
  9. At this point, I think when they announce the first sanctioned campaign they should only give out forum badges, 'cause people keep obsessing about these wipes as a solution to a fairness problem.
  10. 7 day notice? I guess that is just for the sanctioned campaign, not the wipe prior... So now we have to ask, Will there be another wipe prior to the sanctioned?
  11. ren

    State of the Knight 5.8

    Tell ya what, one thing a Knight can do uniquely well is chase down people in open world; Chivalry +15% mount speed and chain pull makes for a brutal combo for those targets that would prefer to be somewhere else.
  12. What a change from a week ago when Chaos was getting called out for not stepping up and creating an imbalance in the tri-faction... Now they get called out for off-hours capping and attempting to zerg!
  13. Nope. You? My post was not about specifics of scoring mechanics, rather the scale of granularity of scoring differing between organizations and individuals. While some factions/alliances/guilds may be satisfied with their lot and stop competing, some individuals may no be so inclined.
  14. As mentioned in the live stream, they would need to account for those contributions as well in some manner to be determined.
  15. I liked the concept of rewards based on a leader board mentioned in a recent live stream. That could apply to both guild and individual. 1st place might be locked up, but there could still be incentive for competition further down the board.
  16. This one stuck out to me while listening to the interview. So there are diminishing returns and CC breaks to prevent people from getting stun locked. Good. But... ...WHY are 1/3 of the class promotion trees focused on CC? Most classes have a CC promotion path. That strikes me as vastly out of proportion to the probably distribution of what players will play. Yet there are painfully few healing options. And buffing support in general feels lacking. Is it time to relook at some of those CC promotions and skew them more towards other avenues?
  17. Whatever happened to the updated crafting UI previously teased? https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/crafting-stations-and-recipes/
  18. How has the player concurrency numbers looked so far through 5.8, and what are their expectations and planning (world size, servers, etc) for the "sanctioned" campaign?
  19. We have already been told "soft launch" is the threshold for no more wiping. We aren't there yet.
  20. Since this is the first "sanctioned" campaign with goodies for the winner, it strikes me as the right time for a full wipe. Dial up the training to whatever makes sense to get us through the trees before the next major milestone. I expect many new and returning testers to be showing up and having everyone starting on equal footing would have good optics.
  21. I'm just checking back into Knight since I last played it (and greatly enjoyed it) in HungerDome. This write-up is still very much on point 3 months later. The charge was definitely a change for the worse. And after playing Mym and Champion mitigation, the Knight block comes off as feeling like an inadequate second class citizen. I would love to see a successful block give something such as an instant aoe mitigation buff to allies.
  22. I'm happy enough they still ended up looking like shimmery gates into another world.
  23. Will this added customization be applicable to non-EK (eg CW) castles? Would tiers have a performance improvement (more hitpoints, better resistances) as well as the aesthetic change? The decision to go to a modular building system is still paying dividends; this is all looking fantastic.
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