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  1. @ClockworkOrange nice that you found that extract that's what I was reading when I backed CW I agree that VIP 2/2/2 is not P2W at its worst stage (if it can even be described as Pw2) like buying best equip or having a better drop rate... but regardless how you define P2W players automatically want to have the same chances as the others so they will feel forced to buy VIP. I share your worry about people quitting the game. My opinion is that some players might feel fooled since it says "buy to play" and no subscription fee. I think we can talk about that topic for months. Everyone has a different opinion, Eve players think it will work with buying VIP ingame, others might just not care at all because they were planning to buy 10 accs anyway. Whether it was the right or wrong decision heavily depends on the outcome of the development and only when it is realeased you can with some certainty escertain whether double dipping, tomes, selling VIP ingame was a good decision or not. It is up to ACE to make a decision that is best for the game (including financing, playerbase, durabilitiy).
  2. @Verot You are right there is an advantage. That's what people should realise and personally speaking I am bit disappointed about this change. I also deem the argument "you can buy VIP ingame" not very strong. Anyhow, we will see what ACE makes of the game and, obviously, if the game is fascinating I will pay 15 Dollars per month and I think others will too. It is a good business idea because it makes ppl kind of dependent on VIP, which is either bought by the person using it or by another player selling it. But this is one thing I would like to stress "selling VIP" is a potential risk that player investing a lot of money will have a big advantage (by getting more resources and other stuff that can be traded). Of course it depends on supply and demand (more VIP offered --> lesser price). That's my main argument for a subscirption based game. @virt is obviously right that you may be able to attract more people if the game is F2P but in my opinion: 1. The game is "Buy to play" so most of the ppl are scared away by this already since someone who does not want to invest 15 Dollars per month in a good game will not invest 50 Dollars to buy the game 2. If a game is good it will sell well (regardless of F2P or subscription based). For me subscrption based would be more honest than promoting "buy once" and then you are kind of forced to pay VIP to be at the same level as others (or grind 1 week for materials to buy it) or F2P from the beginning. I do not know if the middle ground with "buy once" is really a good decision if they want to attract ppl. so that these people buy VIP or cause sb. to buy VIP for them (by trading ingame). We will see hwo the endversion will look like, we are still in pre-alpha and I believe our comments encouraged them to thing about that stuff like VIP and tomes. That's our job and the rest is up to ACE to create a game that will fill the void in the MMOPRG sector.
  3. Yeah of course there are always ways, gold sellers e.g. But in my opinion if you have a montly subscirption fee there are not as much loopholes and I deeply hope AC will proceed keenly against gold sellers, hackers and other ppl who want to get such advantages.
  4. Now we have reached the point I am a little bit upset about. To be honest I backed the game because AC created the intention from my point of view that VIP and NON-VIP are supposded to be equal and there will be no direct advantages for VIP (That was the reason e.g. I did not back Camelot Unchained). And now I read this line of your text and I am only left open with the options to either pay 15 dollars a month or play more time than I want (e.g. more than 20 hours a week) so I can collect stuff which I may be able to trade for VIP since we all don't know yet how much VIP will cost when payed with ingame resources (and still have some resources left for my character). For me it was "buy to play" and no subscription fee. Of course 15 dollars is no the end of the world but still it is not only about VIP against NON-VIP in direct comparison, okay lets have VIP 2/2/2 and NON VIP 1/1/1, I will probably be able to live with that (depending on how big the advantage will eventually be, what we can only ascertain in the future and, if I am willing to pay 15 $ depends heavily on the outcome of development) but also the aspect that people investing enough money may first sell VIP accounts and second buy tomes is a little bit too much for me. This leads to a big advantage for ppl investing lets say 100 dollars per month instead of 15. Skill and int. speed, stuff like that is also important I know that, but it still leaves a sour taste that people who do not want to pay monthly must invest probably a big amount of time to have the same skill level at a certain point in time like a VIP player. I do not know how it works in Eve but for me there seems to be a door wide open for ppl investing more money having a lot more resources (and maybe skillpoints, depending on how tomes are managed) resulting in a big advantage. Maybe I am exaggerating, we will see whether balancing between ppl investing a big amount of money and ppl investing a small amount is successful. I just want to raise the question why not make a monthly subscirption?
  5. @Verot I don't know why they are doing this all of a sudden. Before it was just that you had to go online to click your skills and I understood that VIP had an advantage there because non-vip were forced to stand up at night and train their skills but right now they are giving VIPs a direct advantage. Before VIP was only making the game play more comfortable. I cannot really understand the reason behind this sudden change (Good game will sell anyhow and you do not need to give certain ppl an advantage so they feel better and will play the game because they can dominate it; I mean it is not that far in CW right now but if AC is changing so much stuff with VIP ppl might thinkg they are intending to make VIP even stronger in the future). For me its seems they want to advertise "buy and play" but most people will most likely feel needing VIP so its kind of a subscription fee. In the end they don't want to advertise "subscription fee" needed because they hope to draw people to game since it is only "buy and play". I just hope most ppl don't feel disappointed after buying the game and will inform them before they do about VIP and Non-VIP.
  6. @why_meyou are right. It is basically the same with guilds. Guild with 20 VIPS vs. guild with 20 NON-VIPS. @zolaz P2W is not 100% win chance but probably there are different definitions out there. Maybe we could ask Oxford to include a definition in their dictionary Even if it is not P2W but P2 have advantage in Battle for a PVP based game that is not a really good decision in my opinion, especially if you are publicly offering a game without subscription but in the end subscription gives you a battle advantage.
  7. It is an advantage. Yes of course you arble to do that later if you do not pay but for the first months you are not at the same level and after a year there will be new skills and so on so non vip will never be at the same level. Of course you may be better with skill but still there is a difference between non-vip and vip. Honestly in my opinion they should make it monthly and not being able to trade VIP ingame. The idea of buying VIP ingame is that they do not lose the money of ppl who do not want to pay. Someone who wants to invest more cash buys it and sells it ingame. Problem is: They are saying buying it ingame kind of evens the advantages out but that is not true because they will get a lot of ingame resources for that. And resources are everything in CF. In the end someone investing more money than VIP is making his life a lot easier by investing lets say 75 dollars a month than somone investing 15 dollars (one VIP). So why not make it monthly from the beginning --> of course they want to attract ppl at the beginning by saying it is "pay once". In my opinion if it will become a good game ppl will pay the monthly like WOW or FF. I mean we will see it after launch how the price is developing for VIP on the market how high the demand is (if there is any), how big the advantage of ppl will be who are able to sell 4 VIPs per month, and we will see the general advantage of VIP against Non-VIP in battle, crafting etc. @Surgemaster PTW is not 100% win all the time by comparing the amounts invested. P2W for me is having a "huge advantage over others". Example: VIP gives you 3 times a day access to raid --> you get items approx. in month NOn -VIp gives you 1 time access a day --> you get items approx 3 months After 4 months there is a new raid. CF is PVP and for PVP it is even more important that everyone has the same basis. Try play MOBA and someone can max his skill 5 seconds earlier than you because he has paid for that. You have two ppl with same skill the one with the advantage wins. So why not make it monthly from the beginning?
  8. I completey agree with @Svenn . I think VIP turned out be like a non-mandatory mandatory monthly payment and yes it is a "business-model" but my understanding from Kickstarter was that it will be a game in which NON-VIP and VIP are basically the same. I probably understood that wrong but then they should be honest and say VIP gives you a big advantage. The advantage is others farm/grind 100hours to get someone else gets by paying. I always thought it is possible to create a game where people buy VIP because they want to help the developers and have some fancy extra stuff (Mount, extra char slot, stuff like that). Sorry but VIP is on the way to becoming OP and if that is the case I will have learned my lesson = "either read between the lines" or "don't trust AC". It is not that I cannot afford it to pay 15 Dollar or Euro a month but it was still an impression that I do not need to and everyone needs the same time for accomplishing the same goals in the game. If I like the game I will pay for it. Thats how it works with WOW and for me it is more honest everyone who wants to play pays 15 Dollars per month and then there is no extra stuffe beside cosmetics etc. Right now for me it is kind of like okay pay enough money and it will be a lot easier for you in the game and you will be a lot faster than others in reaching certain goals. We will see how it turns out eventually I am just raising concerns that it will be like ROM or other games I have played where the advantage of ppl investing 50 dollars a month are too huge,so eventually someone without that kind of cash couldn't compete with ppl buying the achievements.
  9. Thanks for the answer I did not thought of the skilling time You are right the deeper you get in the skill tree the longer it takes. I am still not convinced by the tomes only really usable for VIP Players. Sorry the reason I backed this game is because it said it won't be "pay to win" it will be "pay once". Okay it is not pay to win yet but AC is implementing more and more stuff and VIP gets more and more pushed each month. At least that is my impression, correct me if I am wrong. Regarding the tomes....First it is only useful for VIPs, second: you answer to my "who will trade with new players" was: guildmembers. So again I don't really like it because your guild development/finding new players after 3/6Month (whatever time tomes getting in the game) may be depending on your VIP status. Honestly I thought VIP was meant something else in this game but it is getting more and more like a VIP in a FTP (or a monthly payment)
  10. First of all I think the the 24h time bank accumulation for NON-VIP ist too low compared to a month for VIP. If they implement this feature even for NOn-VIP users it should be possible at least to go on a one week or two weeks holiday without losing time. Just buying VIP so you don't lose time on skills and don't have to "worry" on the beach about losing skill time is too much to ask in my opinion. Regardint the tomes: If I had understood it correctly it actually only makes real sense for VIP Players because they accumulate for a longer time than 24 hours. (So VIP is getting pushed here too, I mean isn't enough they can train two different skills in each sphere and have 30 days time bank...) Second, these Tomes are supposed to be traded to players who will join the game later to push their skill tree development; however, I cannot see how a new player may have something interesting for a player who is in the game since the beginning to trade for the Tomes. Don't you have concerns regarding these aspects?
  11. The launcher for the testing download is smaller, the one for 24/7 is too big at least for my resolution 1360*768. You are getting used to changng resolution and changing it back;) But you are right, changing the size of window would be nice but that's only a minor issue and if you are being scared away by this little flaw you probably wouldn't test the game anyway since it is still in prealpha.
  12. It will probably be my main when game starts, depending on cleric. I really love supporting character. But I gotta say I have to try the other classes as well....some day Hope we will see us ingame and you can give me some tips Thanks again Xarrayne!
  13. Sounds pretty awesome, can't wait to see the half-giant in action!
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