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  1. I am the Stratos from the Aftermath led by Veil on Carnage! Hail and well met! I am thinking about bringing it back to Crowfall. We all had a ton of fun.
  2. I posted this before the SB forum was created. Comic(whatever his name is) hates you.
  3. Rajah, Have you come across anyone else from carnage?
  4. Why am I not asleep?

  5. Rajah!!! Good to see you!! Welcome.
  6. Camelot Unchained team is making the claim that because their game will be doing server side prediction, with the Nvidia Physx engine, that traditional client side hacking won't be possible. What say you?
  7. Would be a horrible experience. You will need a good CPU and/or GPU for this game. Chromebooks are all about battery life and low powered tasks.
  8. Also, not everyone who is running OSX is running a Mac with just Intel graphics. There are a lot of us with higher end Macs that have Nvidia graphics and hackintoshs.
  9. Uh, I don't remember most of the people or guilds my crew had grudges with. I think the list was too long, but if I see a familiar name, maybe it will come back to me.
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