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    silverwater got a reaction from JamesGoblin in I managed to equip some high-tier armor on to my new character!   
    I'm trying to imagine how this stick figure must look without the armor. I mean he must have REALLY broad shoulders. ????
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    silverwater got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Very First Piece of Crowfall Fan Art Ever   
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    silverwater got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Fri, January 27 – Mon, January 30 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    just a small thing.  After I died once and was at the temple the large statue was not there and I could not recover my body till I walked around there for a bit then suddenly the statue was there.
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    silverwater reacted to Lynx007 in Login failed. Please try again. Service Unavailable   
    Same here. After Discounect its not able to login again with the client. Have to wait 10 or more minutes...
    And its not possible to use the client directly. its only works if try to start crawfall with the update The login screen of the client is witohout anyfunktion.

    The only way to get back in the game is: close the client. reconect to the isp, start crowfallupdate, login with it...

    There 2 problems.

    Login with the client direktly dont works
    After Loosing the Connection, i have to restart the internatconnection bevor i can rejoin the game
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    silverwater reacted to Pann in About the Testing - News and Announcements forum   
    The News and Announcements forum will be used by members of the Crowfall team to share playtest-related news. Participants who are active in the current round of testing may respond; the forum is read-only for everyone else (including non-backers).

    This is a friendly reminder that the Rules of Conduct are in effect even during the earliest phases of playtesting. Please familiarize yourself with them, particularly the sections pertaining to the forum rules and in-game rules. 

    Please use the designated forum area most suited to your post, particularly if you are reporting a bug or technical issue, so that the appropriate Crowfall team member will see it. 

    And remember that support@artcraftent.com is your best fallback resource for account-related issues where privacy may be a concern. 
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    silverwater got a reaction from wiseman in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    Looking good. Waiting for pvp info. Game politics. Buildings cities etc
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    silverwater reacted to mork in Shadowbane has ruined MMORPGS for me   
    When sb went down I stopped gaming everything else sucked.
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    silverwater reacted to evald in Forum Moderation and You   
    Guys, she's a lady gamer, than means we have to treat her in a special way from now on, because she told us to.
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    silverwater reacted to umbrasprite in Are we Shadowbane players going to   
    "Lets be honest here for a minutes. We as Shadowbane players are unpleasant people."
    This sums up 95% of SB players.  I personally wouldn't have it any other way.  I might start feeling guilty killing these fools if they were decent human beings.
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    silverwater got a reaction from doc gonzo in Shadowbane-Mourning Vets   
    Good Mourning all. Sorry couldn't resist. I remember a few of ya.
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    silverwater reacted to TullyAckland in Forum Rules of Conduct   
    Be respectful and courteous
    The Crowfall forum is a safe and constructive space to discuss Crowfall video game content and related items. In order to keep this a fun place for all community members, there are a few ground rules that must be followed for all methods of communication.
    It is okay for users to disagree with one another, but opinions must be expressed in a reasonable and polite manner. It is important to maintain an atmosphere of civility and respect, so that all voices may be heard.
    Communicate constructively
    All communication, whether between players, moderators or ArtCraft, must be constructive. Posts without constructive commentary can distract from the topic at hand, reduce the visibility of valuable communication, and discourage others from participating in the conversation.
    Things to avoid:
    Off-Topic Commentary: Don’t post topics or replies unrelated to a thread. Posts like these are unlikely to be seen by the intended audience and can spawn non-productive discussions, as well as split otherwise useful discussions into multiple channels.
    Spam: Do not post communication lacking in meaningful content or posts that do not contribute directly to the conversation. People who spam post links to non-Crowfall products, or repetitive information also fall into this category.
    Images: Posting single images or animated .gifs instead of engaging in discussion is not allowed. Images will be deleted and users may be banned for repeated offenses. Please note that using images to support your discussion is fine, as long as the images follow the forum rules (no adult content, defamation, racism, etc.).
    Cross-posting: Don’t post the same topic or conversation repeatedly and/or across multiple threads in an attempt to gain attention for an issue. If a conversation is relevant to multiple groups, players may post a link to the main conversation in no more than two additional forums. We also discourage posting a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed, as it spreads the conversation out and makes it harder to gather the appropriate feedback.
    Naming/Accusing: Openly accusing another player or group of misbehavior is not permitted. You may discuss the type of behavior at issue, but specifically naming individuals or groups is not appropriate. In cases of exploiting, harassment, or other violations of conduct, please use the report tool instead of engaging with the user.
    Disrupting Official Threads: Do not post about other topics in official threads or use official threads as a platform to advance another agenda. These are created to gather feedback on specific issues or topics relevant to the Crowfall Forum.
    Threatening Legal Action: Any player who feels the need to take legal action with regard to their experiences with Crowfall or its games should contact support@Crowfall.com directly. We do not allow such discussions to take place on the forums.
    Advertising: Openly linking to non-gaming related subjects in threads and signatures is not permitted (with the exception of off-topic discussions). 
    Do not troll or make personal attacks
    Trolling and attacking others, in any form, is not allowed. Trolling is posting with the intent to provoke an emotional response from another user.
    Examples include:
    Non-constructive feedback or comments.
    Personal attacks: Do not insult, degrade or criticize any person or group of people. Personal attacks are hurtful and destroy useful discussion. Examples of personal attacks include calling someone stupid, saying "you suck," "I wish you would die," or "you should be fired."
    Attacks on groups: Attacking groups of people, companies, or user locations, including, but not limited to, home countries, is prohibited.
    Intolerance/Hate: Attacks specifically regarding race, politics, religion, or sexual orientation are grounds for immediate suspension or banning.
    Excessive Reporting of Posts: Using the report tool to draw attention to a specific cause, individual, or to bypass a forum suspension or a ban is considered trolling, particularly if used frequently for this purpose.
    Accusing Others of Trolling: Calling someone a troll to incite someone or falsely accusing them of trolling can also be a form of trolling.
    If you feel someone is behaving in a manner that violates the rules, please use the report tool on the forums. Do not engage the person exhibiting these behaviors, as this is often the very response and attention they are looking for.
    Do not reveal account information when discussing Customer Service interactions
    Due to privacy concerns, Customer Service (CS) interactions should not contain sensitive account information. If discussing CS interactions, comments must be kept constructive, civil, and should not reveal personal or account information. Additionally, if a moderator or ArtCraft representative removes the post, you will be contacted.
    Profanity is not allowed
    The use of profanity is not allowed. Please be respectful of your fellow players, and do not use this sort of language. This includes intentionally working around the word filter or partially masking profanity by substituting characters or words. The intent will still be clear.
    Some actions can result in the immediate suspension of forum privileges
    There are some actions severe enough to result in immediate temporary or permanent suspension of posting privileges without prior notification. Serious or sustained offenses may result in suspension of not only the user's forum account but game account as well.
    Examples include:
    Threats against anyone or any group.
    Viruses, malware, worms, or Trojans.
    Sexually explicit content.
    Sharing personal information about ArtCraft volunteers, employees, or any other individuals.
    Hate speech, including the degrading or vilifying of a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference, or sexual identity, as well as any members of these groups.
    Evading suspension through account hopping.
    Impersonation of an ArtCraft employee or community member.
    Promoting or linking to exploits, cheating programs, piracy, or any sort of illegal activity
    Serious violations of these rules may result in further steps taken with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Law Enforcement, or required authorities or agencies.
    Abide by moderator and ArtCraft employee instructions
    If you disagree with a moderator or employee's actions, do not discuss or challenge the matter in forum posts. Send an e-mail to support@Crowfall.com, and be sure to include your forum handle and game name, but NOT your password, and clearly state your concerns.
    IMPORTANT: Forum content is moderated at ArtCraft’s sole discretion, and content may be modified, removed, or otherwise restricted by ArtCraft employees and/or moderators.
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