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  1. The website does not allow me to input my credit card information anywhere when trying to pay with visa, yet it pops up the error " Paywall Failure - Your payment couldn't be completed. Please try another credit card or a different payment method. If you still encounter this error, please get in touch with your bank. " I can't get past it at all either.
  2. Will the building system in EKs be used in campaigns, (excluding terrain parcels)? If so, is there a chance of campaigns coming simultaneously/soon after?
  3. Odd, not sure if something in my browser is screwing up here in that case. For me, it looks like this.
  4. There are two different values shown after the "Total funding" on the top side of the website depending on which page you are at. For example: http://crowfall.com/en/news/ Total Funding: $6,897,530 http://crowfall.com/en/devtracker/ Total Funding: $6,503,466
  5. Specifically guild based campaigns. Do you just get dropped somewhere on the map randomly with all of your friends and start exploring from there like in civs, and how much does it matter where you settle (ex. would it be ideal to scout for further base locations in case you get to start from a weak spot?)
  6. Excluding area restrictions, how much customization will there available for houses (ex. Can players customize the interior of the house tile by tile, such as in UO)? Also regarding furnishing, does it matter where do you place objects in your house (ex. Can enemies destroy your anvil upon a raid if placed in a vulnerable position should it be possible within the campaign ruleset)?
  7. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong here, but I receive the message "Not Authorized - You are not authorized to download the patcher client at this time." even though I am logged in.
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