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  1. It is time to harvest some souls!
  2. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2018!!
  3. LotD's 2016 guild calendar, wall poster sized, has been put on our guild store. Be sure to grab one so you can count down all the important Crowfall dates for 2016!!!
  4. We've got people playing the newest seasons of Diablo 3, Ark Evolved, Wildstar, Smite, LoL, and even a little Archeage. As our folks get into CF closed testing, we'll be streaming it. You can see live streams, when they are active, from our website.
  5. I don't think there should be any type of aiming assistance, beyond soft targeting, for ranged abilities. Otherwise, you may as well put tab targeting in the game.
  6. Yes, we're doing a little bit of World of Warships as well! It is more fun than I thought!
  7. I don't like auto-hit stuff if the idea is to allow terrain, etc to block you from the target. If you want to keep it realistic, then you can.... 1. Allow range to impact the speed of the cast (the closer you are, the faster you cast). Obviously keep enough range to keep it honest. 2. Make very long range stuff more AOE based, perhaps with a stack limit if some power would be op'd. I don't want to see an /assist feature in the game....ever, and sticky targeting is the same, pretty much, as allowing something to auto hit. There are trade offs to ranged attacks, and they are generally related to time to cast, accuracy, and area of effect. If you are "keeping it real" then those are some downsides that have to come into play while staying true to a commitment for skilled gameplay that doesn't allow /assist /sticktargets /autohits.
  8. Over my 20 years of gaming I've seen closed testing done all sorts of ways, and I think Todd's article is a pretty common sense way to start things off. Small unit PVP/game content should be balanced first. Once that works, you start scaling up until you can test your end game concepts. Shadowbane betas had fully functional nations, and they were able to test city sieges and nation wars successfully. I hope that ACE will bring in functional guilds in the later phases so they can get data on what full guilds do with/to the game environment. Some other recent titles, such as Warhammer, never scaled their end game testing up enough to see full organizational units at play. They just figured that 100 vs 100 (random groups of people) was good enough to tell them how their PVP end game would work, and when full sized guilds got in there we broke the game in retail (sorta like Shadowbane). I praise the intent, and I hope you will scale the testing up to match the level of coordination and organization needed to test end game concepts when it is time.
  9. Armor meta + Skill tree meta + archtype meta + strategic consumables + group balance = maximum flexibility in a group pvp game. 1 vs 1 and a billion skills on a billion hot keys breaks this meta. I am an MMO and MOBA fan, and you don't need 24+ skill slots with multiple skill bars to make an exciting and strategical game. Here's my rule.... If you need 4 hands to play Crowfall to mash all the skill buttons, its probably not going to work out well!
  10. My response to those who want 1 vs 1 skill balance is a NO. You can never balance a game for both 1 v 1 and group PVP without falling into endless traps, super overpowered character types, etc. If you design for 1 vs 1 you need to try to balance a ton of skills, and you need a ton of skill bars to do it. 10 skill bar slots, that change as the next tier ability activates, along with a few passives is plenty. Also remember that the proposed armor system is going to create a whole new gear meta game. Are you the guy who put on his elemental resist gear today, and then ran into a holy warrior dealing divine damage? If you did, that sucks for you! People will be more or less effective due to combat abilities, passives, defense, and their gear configuration. Being able to customize your character to adapt to several situations, ability and gear wise, is more important than adding a billion skillbar hotkey slots.
  11. Good update. Here are some things to keep in mind.... Try to keep us from having to have 45 keybinds, and roll our face across the keyboard to activate additional keybinds. I like having a range of abilities, but too many games give you overkill. My assumption would be that combos would auto-animate as they become available, and allow us to keep the same core hotkey in place for an ability? I do like the potential for a skill "build up" mechanic that generates more offense and/or defense as it builds prior to use. I like the availability of "passive" skills that create wrinkles in the combat system to make combat less predictable. It is good that sprint appears to be limited in duration so my targets can't auto-run to infinity for safety. AOE abilities are fun. The problem is deciding how many are affected, min and max, by a single AOE. No stacking BS to get around AOE's please! Chain pulling sounds good in theory, but how fun will it be if 10 Knights yank someone all over the place while they get nuked to death by others? Some diminishing return should be considered. Shield stun, i.e. stuns in general, are fun, but you'll need to look at diminishing returns so people aren't stunlocked to death. Good update as usual though!
  12. I like the ability to delegate administrative tasks to my minions so I don't have to dirty my hands "maintaining" buildings, and count my money as it rolls into my treasury. We have members who love to do that sort of stuff, and hopefully we will have enough protections so no one can roll off with ill gotten gains (like Shadowbane allowed!). I also like the idea of being able to play around with tax parcels to affect tax rates. Until I can see some actual values it is hard to speculate, but I like that the control is in our hands....and our wallets!
  13. A real time tactical map, and remote access to a guild calendar/roster/MOTD would be cool.
  14. Meaningful monsters have to either drop good loot, which puts an emphasis on PVE, or they have to have an impact on the game world. If they drop good loot they can encourage world PVP, but if the loot is too good it can be balance breaking without a non-pve equivalent. If the PVE has an impact on the game world, say like invasions or such, then that can be fun. However people may not take kindly to random PVE mobs damaging their property. It takes a careful balancing act to make them fun. Some potential uses..... 1. Disrupt supply routes 2. Take over resource areas 3. Random % chance to ambush players transporting and/or protecting a mobile resource 4. Some combination of mob kills triggers a regional event, and enough trigger a global event You can't dice it up too much, or you lower the priority for PVP content.
  15. Any high end gaming pc from 2013+ will probably play it just fine. Hardware has far outpaced software requirements over the last few years. In GPU terms, NVIDA cards shell out a new tier each year, but the upgrades aren't always a significant improvement that is worth the expense.
  16. Here's my post about the Shadowbane mine system when it was first released. One of the reasons we pushed for the mine/resource system to be built was to give people land based resources to fight over, ones emphasized pvp over pve, and allowed more options for map control, politics, and strategy. It worked well enough for the time, but a modern concept should allow for a better capturing system. I've seen pretty much every siege mechanic that has come out, and the truth is that no mechanic will be perfect. Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer, and Guild Wars 2 all had the strategy element required to take keeps, and to enforce strategical map control. Their problem was that keeps and other map assets changed hands so often that they became meaningless. Who wants to slog through hours of planning, execution, and resources only to wake up the next morning to find out that it has all changed hands while you slept. Shadowbane and Age of Conan had Windows of Opportunity (WOO) systems, and yes there were plenty of 3 AM sieges. Shadowbane had plenty of fake out banes that were designed to harass, misdirect, or intimidate opponents. WOO systems have an initiating mechanic, a scheduling mechanic, and a time and victory condition based mechanic for when a siege goes live. The WOO system works best when a siege asset is vulnerable for "X" amount of time after it is placed so that the group being sieged has an opportunity to knock it out, the attacker is able to set a day for the siege, and the defender is able to set a time. Resources around your castle should either help you to reinforce structures, build counter siege equipment, and/or allow for the attackers to build their seige gear. While you wait for the bane to go live, there is a mini game of strategical objective based PVP that can happen in and around the siege area. When you don't have a good WOO system, the result is usually one of those 24/7 situations. There is skill required required, organizational and political, to create a 24/7 army to attack and/or defend. We did plenty of it in GW2 when we took the Blackgate server to NA#1 repeatedly over several months. But 24/7 gets old really fast for defenders, and especially when it takes a lot longer to build something than it does to tear it down. Is 24/7 hardcore? Sure, but so is WOO. They are both contests of skill, strategy, organization, and political mastery. They both have pros and cons, and who is truly hardcore is based on who adapts the best to the rule set the game provides.
  17. Nope, maintain people's privacy please.
  18. You should have used that "1 call, that's all..." Lawyer..lol.
  19. Asheron's Call had a good armor system, much like what is described here, and it created a very dynamic set of variables that you had to consider. People could enchant their armor to "buff" it up temporarily, but then they had to hope they didn't run into someone wielding anti-magic weapons. People who had good physical resistant stuff were more vulnerable to magic attacks, and they had to be able to evaluate their opponents in short order or risk losing the battle. No matter how good you were though, you could never be truly "max protected" against all forms of attack, and you had to incorporate that knowledge into your strategy. I agree with ACE that just having armor that gives across the board resistances that scale with tier is boring, and that is what MMORPG's of the past have given us for over a decade. Switching up armor protections adds a layer of strategy, and it creates a system of character builds vs anti-builds. It is no longer about mage vs warrior vs assassin vs priest because it matters what attacks those classes can bring to bear, and how well you are protected from them.
  20. I know, I'm just pointing out a basic difference between the quality of in game heraldry,with generic options, and something that is customized at a higher quality. I don't want to put our real heraldry in there in case someone steals it!
  21. LotD has been around 20 years, and played tons of games during that time. In the last 10 years, the options in games for guild heraldry have been awful to say the least. There are other benefits to buying the premium guild package beyond the guild emblem that we think are worth the investment for us to play as a competitive guild in Crowfall. I am sure Crowfall will have many features by the time it is done, but do you want this....... Or this..... That's just an example logo we did, but no one would care about our rally around that first cheesy skull above. So having our own customized logo is worth real money, and if each of our members pitches in a few bucks then $700 won't take long to get.
  22. Playing SMITE for the first time in a year was fun, but takes some getting used to since it is so different than an MMO. We went 2-1, and had a grand time!
  23. We're still out pirating every night in Archeage, Wildstar is going well, and we've got a few guys trying out the SMITE Moba game. Drop us a line over at www.lotd.org !
  24. I was trying to get a KS gift account from one of my guild members, at amber level, and something has gone wrong. He ended up sending me his gold package, leaving his account bare, I sent it back to him, and now neither one of us can upgrade to Amber. I'm sitting here at gold level, I don't know what his account status is, and we're both trying to be at Amber before June 30th. Any help?
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