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  1. I decided not to get anything because I like the idea that I am a poor knight with his one outlying fort/keep that through strength of arm and power of mind turned into a might y palace.
  2. Add in military/guard patrols and you have a the entire transportation part of the supply line... unless they add sailing after launch
  3. While not a master of the mule I plan to be the guy providing them with their carts and things. That is my part of the chain. Hell I may even run some caravans myself
  4. I like the new layer of tactics that this would provide, and not to mention that this falls in line with the layer of crafting i am planning on following I am very pro anyone who comes up with new use cases.
  5. Love those I have read all of the cosmere that are published except for mistborn the secret history and bands of morning. I also own them all on audio book and have listened to them at least three times.
  6. This tread spun off form the "Tell us your planned starting profession and why!" thread started by IdeaMatrix, because a couple of people were coming up with and debating combining skills to produce a specific product. If you have any combos you are considering put it here with or without a name, and I will update the list. If you want to suggest a name for an unnamed combo go ahead. Bondsmith - blacksmithing + thrall binding Architect - stone mason + skills for fort building Wainwright - woodworking + animal husbandry Scout - tracking + exploration (+ stealth) Cowboy - animal
  7. I do like that name. bondsmith sounds so much better than what I called it, and it would work with many of the combinations that use thralls.
  8. This actually seems likely for me as well. I have been having a good deal of trouble with making this decision so here are my three top picks. Transportation - Combining woodworking and animal husbandry to build carts and train the critters to pull them. Architect - Combining stone mason and whatever else is required to make forts, keeps, castle, etc all by my lonesome. Enchant smith - Blacksmith with enough focus in things that make thrall binding more effective. Those are what I am leaning two right now. I may have to pick up a second account to manage a second one of these s
  9. Yeah I remember them saying something about the updates to the website being a little far behind because of their man power. I would really like to see the FAQs updated soon, but I want the next bit of content more.
  10. Oh Cool I hadn't seen that video. Yeah if we can end up with some of the latter stage animals that would be epic. I think the Autumn gryphon would be great to have. After reading this I am leaning towards being a transport expert crafter (Making wagons, carts, storage, and taming animals), but I don't want to limit myself to that yet. You know because they haven't even release much about the system on any of this. I agree with you on this. It would take away from the fun of the game. Thanks I love seeing this photo over and over.
  11. I am excited and glad to have this list for reference, thanks IdeaMatrix. I do hope that they introduce naval combat post release and we find ship building under some of the existing skills at that time. I would love to download an expansion/dlc and start training to be a shipwright. I am also interested in animal husbandry, especially if it allows me to tame a gryphon to ride. I don’t care that they have expressed distaste for flight mechanics. I would ride a clipped wing gryphon into battle.
  12. I must say that this seem like a cool idea. We could create a massive gathering of allied guild lands into a coalition that stands for a shared ideal or goal. What do we know of EK size restrictions so far?
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